Fitbit Charge 2 Unboxing + Setup! Rose Gold Series

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“Everyone so today. I have a completely different video than i would normally film today. Today. I have an unboxing yes.

I am in my christmas lounge. Where jumper. Thing is the season to be jolly you can t see. But it is snowing outside and it has done flagged past two days.

Which is great like i love the snow a lot of people like say socially inconvenience by sunday. So i m staying in the christmas jumper hot war bottles over there christmas pillow. And me having calendar. Behind you.

And i think um. I think i m a day behind so that means double treat tonight and but anyway. I m gonna get straight into the video for christmas from myself to myself. I have purchased a fitbit.

So this is the fitbit charge 2. In the rose gold series. Very quickly this it measures steps distance calories burned for floors climbed and it can measure not measure. It has different modes such as running bike weights or the modes for me i got it for the weights part of that don t really run and don t buy as often.

It has a smart track and auto exercise. Recognition and you can change the bands as well. Which i think is pretty cool as a long battery life. And it has a continuous heartrate measure.

Thing. So measuring as your heartrate. Constantly or to sleep. Tracking and silent alarm for that i don t think i ll be wearing.

It. Because you have to sleep with it and i m no good with stuff like that so that s the only thing that probably wouldn t use it with. But also has cool text and calendar alerts and even better it works with ios android windows mac pc. The law and as well there s an app that you can download and all links together i don t know whether you have to download the app.

Anyway so yeah. This is rose gold in the small. So here..


We go oh. I m dead excited. I shouldn t like is it normal to be this excited okay so i have already like out some tape. And i have actually already don t mark just because i m one of them people that i have to make sure that like what they re doing like what they giving me is what they say they gave me like i m dead.

Weird like that so box is off. And it says. A fitbit here okay so let me show you how showing you what if i can get it. So.

I was like a little is it on this side. This is bit of a fun help it has a little ah there we go little magnetic. Thing here and there it is so inside you get the watch. And what s this you get.

Like oh. Oh pack. Oh. This is a setup pack.

Actually. It must have some information. In there and then underneath that oh come on get out it is a box. I m guessing this is what the charger comes in milk for the best fit go watch don t get out this has been a bit of a fail for my start to finish.

Okay. I m going like just unravel. It just so you can see so this is what it looks like it still has a cellophane on it which is why it has that little display looking thing. I ve got the you can see with the rose gold.

A special edition earth it was also black one like it s kind of diamond embedded straps so overall this is what it looks like these are interchangeable i haven t looked at how you change them just slam got any shops yet anyway the most rooms rose gold part of it i suppose is actually like the sides of the screen. And the buckle. I would actually say that the bracelet itself is lavender um. However is like i suppose very similar to where in a rose gold watch.

Which i do have a rose gold. I don t wear as often um. But yeah. This is the watch now this is for the most exciting bit and that is removing the cellophane.

Oh. My goodness this is harder to do than what though. I m coming you know okay that also came off a lot quicker than one of them so there is doesn t it look just beautiful um..


I m actually really looking forward to using this i have a funny feeling though that him it s gonna be dad isn t it yeah. It s dad. But that s okay that s okay so i m going to have a very quick look into what you get within these two little packages. So in the first like a little envelope.

It says on the back. Fitbit comm. A setup. Which is how i know.

It s probably in the setup. Stop and so to set up going to and then yeah. It s basically listed the website that i ve just mentioned there and well you know what that s actually like a really lazy way of going about it i don t think it s going to focus. But basically that is all that s come in there other than the safety instructions and limited warranty liable or baccala thing.

So i will be going on in fact. What i m gonna do is whilst. I m on the y. Some filming.

I m actually going to go on to that website now okay so i on my laptop. So i m actually just about to set it with dead quickly laptops on 4. So i m saying like don t know if i m gonna get so we ll see so just come to the website. This might make it easy for like for like for like anyone.

That s like planning on getting one of these already has about set it up okay. So basically i don t know whether you re gonna be able see. But it literally just says get the fitbit app. To set up your device so that is literally as far as it gets it does say like a little bit further down if you don t have a mobile device available then you can download it for mac.

Its use on your laptop. But obviously i won t be doing that i will be doing that on my phone. So turns out we can put the laptop away. And i m gonna be doing it on my phone.

Okay so i ve got the app up on my phone. I m about to download it and it s currently installing if you couldn t see there you probably couldn t i don t know why i m trying to show you so literally i m just gonna open it up now you can either. Join fitbit or you can log in so. Obviously.

I haven t already had a fitbit in the past. So i won t have anything i won t have an account set up so basically just asks you what fitbit tracker you re sitting on so. I ve got the charge..


Too. And i ve funny feeling that it s going to ask me to like link. The two together eventually someone goun goun. Just before i start filling in the apple everything like that or say not on the app.

Should i say i m just going to put the device on charge. So whilst. I m doing that i m going to show you what comes in this box. Oh okay.

That s definitely. It s different so basically within. Here. Or you actually get is the part that goes on your fitbit.

And it just goes to a usb. So you re you have to have like some kind of lock or phone or whatever where you can already plug it into you know into a mains charger. Mean support wherever you want call it that is actually also a really short like little cable line. If you can fit cable on the actual camera screen normal and you know it s sure like wow.

So it s currently like it has come on now i ve hooked it on and it says. It s basically just giving me the website that you go to set it off. But in the meantime. I m gonna do is i m just going to plug this on charge and behind me down.

There so just so that it can start charge. You re not what i set up the app and i ll tell you briefly like the kind of stuff that it s asking you to fill in and the minute. It s just asking me to put in my email address and set up a password. So i m just gonna do that now okay so now.

It s asking me for my name my date of birth. We just i don t know why i m trying to show you so point my date of birth. It s now asking for my height weight and gender okay so now it s just introducing my introducing my introducing me to my charge to what s happening right. Now is because i put it on charge had actually turned on the device.

Which is good to connect the app and the fitbit together. I to just pair them up basically so a number popped up on the fitbit screen. Which i had to enter into the app. And it s also gone straight on to another page where it says that there is an update available for the fitbit.

I believe it is so it s said to keep the phone close to the actual fitbit. It sounds so at the moment i have them both behind me just so that. We can update it also says here that it s water resistant and it contains nickel contains nickel so just me order a lie not get it down also something else that i want to mention just whilst..


The update is taking place where i said you can get small or a large that is a fib. I actually forgot to say you can get extra large online. But what month was there s no small medium large you ve got small or large in the shops. Generally in the uk that is but you can get an extra large online.

Okay so it does actually say that the updates complete so i ve just gone ahead and clicked next collect where i come from like why can t i speak and i ve just clicked next. And it says now for the phone walk through the basics to learn how to make the most of your fitbit charge to the navigation button on the side use the button to wake or track. It and page through the menu e to enlighten the display you can even go like that and it should should do it for you on your side until you check that yet or you just double tap on the display. And it comes up and yes.

That s something i wanted to bring up and i m always someone that watch where s my hand where s my watch is on my left bris i have heard and i ve read online that you should wear your fitbit or activity tracker or whatever on your non dominant hand just because it s more accurate. I suppose if you re right under you doing more stuff with you right and and it s all over the show it might pick up on some stuff. That s not actually happening. So it completely makes sense.

And it works best for me as well because i am a righty and they always wear my watch on the left wrist. Anyway and now it just says i m all set get moving and train smart with the charge. One thing that i do like about this device that i haven t quickly noticed is you can actually change the clock. That was careful you can change the clock display on how it shows on the front of your fitbit and i m going try and show you very briefly.

Now obviously. I m not sure how well it s going to focus. But basically i think that s how it is at the moment. But then there are so many more that you can choose from and which i actually really like as well so i m just gonna let it charge off and that ll be all good to go ready to wear that is the fitbit charge all in all so i really hope you enjoyed this video.

And i hope. It was been well it hasn t really been informative. It s not something a review. It s just an unboxing and a setup.

Really and my thoughts on the core ish. I m worn it with anything yet so i may do a review in a few weeks or month time maybe in the new year just so that you can see how i m getting on with it um. So yeah. If any of you have the fitbit or any of the fitbit.

It s actually not necessarily charge to just comment below let me know how you get on with it if there s any tips and tricks anything you d like to share with myself. And everyone else in the community that d be great mc flights video give it a thumbs up don t forget to comment down below and subscribe as well so you can see that ” ..

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