Fitbit Charge HR Set Up

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“Guys is steven from tech steve hd comm in this video. We re going to to talk about a wearable device called the fitbit charge hr. I would like to my friends. Over 18 t.

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Today. I m going to show you the charge hr by fitbit. The cool thing about it has a real time heart rate meter. That actually monitor your heart rate.

Anytime you want to check it out it also has an application that comes with it where you can actually see your fitness and track your food water intake and your activity during the day including sleeping. The charge hr comes with a five day battery with a single charge with a maximum the two hour charging time with the smart tracking it reports to the app automatically it also has a pc software and a smart phone software here in the box. You can see that it comes with a usb cable. A bluetooth dongle for your computer.

Instruction. Book. And a quick set up guide. The fitbit has really nice construction.

And it s really great the fact that it is splash resistant so you can sweat on it with no problems on the back side of it you can see there s a heartrate monitor..

It actually goes off to your wrist. And it actually collects a information at a really good rate it s available in five different colors black plum blue tangerine and till so you can actually find one that meets your needs forrest s sizes. It comes in three different sizes. A small a large and an extra large so see the website to get more details on it it has seven days of memory.

So it actually will remember everything up to that amount of time. And it has a 20 foot syncing range. So whenever you come home and you have the computer configured then you re ready to go so. Charging is easy just plug it into the back of the unit and plug on any usb cable on a pc or mac.

Or if you have a little charger. That s used for your cell. Phone. You can simply plug that as well like so and you can see when it s charging.

It has a little thunderbolt that pulls up on the screen. Now here s the dongle that you use for your bluetooth. And this is how you can sync. It.

With your pc or mac. Whenever you come home just simply plug that in and i m going to show you now how to configure the software all right so you want to go to fitbit com4 slash setup and here you can see you can download for your pc your mac all your different versions and you can also do it for windows google and apple. So go ahead and get that installed on your computer and then i ll show you how to do the mobile device in just a moment. Now here s going to ask you a little bit a couple of questions about yourself.

I m just going to make up some information..

I can go change it later here you re going to choose which model you have today where you have the charge hr. I m going to click on that this will show you which cables that s supposed to be in it hit next. And this is where it used a dongle that i showed you on the side of computer is sending a signal over to the fitbit. And that s how you synchronize your software.

Now if you have a smart phone. You re going to use the bluetooth and that bluetooth connection will allow the same thing. So we re going to go your phone will actually get the information from the bluetooth and when you re whenever you want to check out everything on the computer. You re going to use a dongle and plug into your usb cable and you can see now is connecting to the fitbit device.

Okay now i found the charge hr and it s updating the software because it hasn t been online for a while so i m gonna let it do its thing and we will be right back okay. Now. The update is complete let s hit next. And there s my dashboard right there and as stuff like how many steps.

I ve taken today gps from my phone hours. I ve slept. I don t know how you can tell if you re sleeping and then up here you can get premium services and i didn t verify my email when i set this up so let me show you how to install it on the smart phone. All right have a i touch here let s go to the app store let s click on search at the top here type in fitbit click okay you have the fitbit application hit kit and install and now click on the app to open it up since i set up a count on the computer you re going to hit login.

But if you actually knew and you don t have the computer software hit joint. So i m going to go and login alright. After login. It s going to say is ok for a fitbit to send you notification.

I m hit ok..

And this actually shows out that popped up let me close it up this will show how many calories are burned. So. What i m going to do now is i m just going to go walk around where i live at and just see how many steps. It says.

I ve taken right now it says. 24. And i ll be back and see what it does so anything s like it s awesome anyway so this will actually look for in your fitbit from time to time and update. The settings before i took it downstairs.

I only had a few steps on it and you can see now is actually at 320 steps. Now let me go ahead and show you quick little things about the fitbit. So you have a little button here if you tap it one time it will show you the time you tap it again real fast. They ll show you how many steps you re taking press.

It again it shows you your heart rate press again. I mean miles that you have walked and this is how many calories you have burned by doing that this strictly goes off the settings inside of your app or your computer settings so keep in mind. There now to get into what they call workout mode. The side button just press and hold it down it vibrates a timer start and this timer will not stop until you press and hold that down again to see the information just rock it back and forth and bring it back.

And i ll show you a quick review of where you re at so rock back and forth shows you a quick review. So. Let me show you the app itself at the top here. It will show you which device that is gone periodically check your steps pretty much a lot of stuff.

I just showed you this is your settings like how much you weigh how many..

Minutes you slept and you can start a food plan. Where you can actually go in there. And tell it what you re eating and what you re drinking so i can keep up with that you have a challenge here and basically these are where you can go in and set a daily goal. What you want to do on the weekend and have a showdown and you can also report this to social networks as well so if you have friends there on social networks hit add friends you can add them and you can share your data back and forth then over here you have accounts.

This is where you can change your device. It shows you which name is set up so you can put a picture on there. As well you can shop for more fitbit accessories. And this will actually show you like a rundown of your activities.

So you have exercise tracking rape zones and compatible apps and this will show you like a list of apps. That are intergrate through api codes. So you can actually use those different application to track yourself. So you can see here is a whole list of apps.

That will work with fitbit. There s my video on the charge hr smartwatch. If you re interested in looking at some more of the smartwatches please go to the at t link below in the meantime. Thank you for watching my video give me a thumbs up and i ll see you in the next one peace.

So there s my video on the fitbit. Pretty ” ..

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