FitBit Ionic vs VivoActive 3 – Opinion (NOT a review)

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“So i basically got the exact opposite reaction than what i thought was gonna happen happen with my be factor. 3. Opinion pieces and apparently y all. Actually do want hear my opinion on some unreleased.

But newly announced fitness. Wearables. I think that s pretty awesome. I really appreciate it really so i do a lot of research into fitness.

Wearables and i actually use them a lot so i hope through all that usage and research. I can not only help you get more on your fitness technology. But actually help you achieve your fitness goals. I m not just a reviewer and i think that s what s still a little bit different about my channel.

So a very popular follow up question to the vivoactive. 3. Opinion piece was how does the bb octave. 3.

Compare with a new fitbit ionic. Now these two devices are actually really exciting because i think they could actually become some of the most popular smartwatches activity trackers ever they both offer features that appeal to the masses. Without the overkill of higher end. Options.

While still offering a broad enough feature set that s probably gonna work for almost everyone so again i m not gonna waste your time by just reading off an entire list of features but to summarize both of these devices actually have quite similar feature sets and i really want to get both devices in hand to compare them side by side. It s gonna be interesting to see how well fitbit does in garmin s territory as well as how well. It s gonna do against the apple. Watch as the ionic is clearly taking aim at both those juggernauts.


But instead i want to talk about the few big differences between the vivoactive. 3. And the ionic and that s going to be the design and usability as well as the music storage in terms of design. As you may know i m not necessarily a fan of rectangular designs.

But i have to say that this thing is really attractive fitbit. Did a really good job with that aluminum unibody hardware. And that interface looks slick. However.

A couple concerns did stand out to me first are these squared off edges as well as the protruding buttons. It seems as though that the edges as well as the buttons could get caught on some wrist cuffs or other clothing. The ionic comes with a pretty standard 3 button interface along with that touch screen. But with the vivoactive 3.

They only have one button along with that cool new side slide. Feature. Which not only provides a pretty smart alternative to physical up and down buttons. But also remove the actual buttons.

Which makes it a little bit more stealthy second is going to be the size of the device. If you look at these images from fitbit s marketing video. It looks kind of big on this woman s wrist. Although this could be a 90 pound supermodel.

The dimensions seem reasonable at least on paper. But the images at least far make it appear to be a little bit large for smaller risks. Second is going to be music storage. Which is basically what this video is about it is a very hot topic of a discussion.


And why some people are to quote about to jump off the garmon bandwagon. So fitbit beat garmin to the punch with music storage and playback. But hold on a second and don t just start ripping your entire. Michael bolton catalogue.

Just yet with small devices is always going to be a fine balance between on board storage and battery life. Now. Garmin is known for a phenomenal battery life. And they certainly deliver the phoenix 5 x.

s which is my daily driver is absolutely amazing. I only have to charge it every five to six days while using it in gps mode. Two to three hours each day. Mainly for cycling.

But also for running the forerunner 935 is just pretty much plain silly at how long it lasts in gps mode. And they definitely continue that trend with the vblock. 3. Which has up to 7 days or a week in smartwatch mode.

And up to 13 hours in gps and heart rate mode. The fitbit ionic on the other hand claims to have four plus days of battery life. But that s most certainly just in smartwatch mode not as good as garmin been a gorgeous display is definitely gonna suck up some juice but still four plus days sounds pretty good right of course there s going to be some fine print battery life varies with use and other factors now on fitbit zone website. They say it ll have up to 10 hours when using gps or a music playback.

So that s kind of interesting let s just say for argument s sake and i m gonna give it a lot of leeway here that if you re gonna be using gps and music playback. And currently you would maybe net six to seven hours of use. But realistically. I think it s actually going to chop that 10 hour number in half.


So that would mean if you re going to be using gps and music playback. And currently for let s say. An hour per day. You d probably be only getting two at the maximum three days between charges here s the math behind that if you were wondering so two to three days is pretty short in my opinion.

However if you weren t using music playback. The ioniq is actually fairly respectable in pure gps mode and can hold a candle against the vivoactive. 3. With 10 hours versus 13 hours.

If the claims hold up. But i m all about looking at every perspective. So let s look at the other side of the argument. If you look at the actual intended audience of these devices.

Both the fitbit ionic as well as the vivo actor. 3. Are a more so at jim gore s than really serious outdoor athlete. So with that being said you could make the argument that people would be using them more so inside the gym.

So using gps and music playback. And currently would be a less likely scenario. However. The gym.

Most people at least from what i see carry their phones around with them. Anyway so i think that s probably a poor argument. So with that being said the only realistic use of scenario of using gps and music playback. Concurrently is gonna be outdoor running with cycling.


It s easy enough to carry around your phone in your pocket. So that s kind of a moot point. So if you re more so of an outdoor runner that runs less than an hour per day this could definitely work for you if you re okay with charging your watch every two to three days. Unfortunately.

There s a glaring lack of spotify. And it only has pandora support at this point or your own music. So. I think.

The choice is actually going to be pretty easy between these two in terms of design. That s all personal preference and both have drastically different designs. So that s going to be based on your taste. However if music storage is an absolute must have just consider your actual usage and if you re more so.

The gym core. I could reconsider whether or not music storage is an actual deal breaker. If you re primarily an outdoor runner that loves your music and doesn t log more than an hour or two per day. I think.

This is actually could be a compelling option. If you own your music or have a pandora plus. Account so thanks again for watching. And listen.

My opinion as always i d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below definitely look forward to pitting these both head to head and seeing what they ” ..

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