Fitbit One Unboxing, Setup, & Overview

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“Guys we got a new device for you today. It s called the fitbit. One one this is a new exercise of ice by fitbit. I believe it s the generation device.

They announced. I got this at my best buy it retails for 99. So we ll go ahead and open up the packaging. So right away we have the fitbit.

One wireless activity and sleep tracker it s pretty small this is my index finger right here about the same size and on the bottom here. We have a owner s manual just a quickstart guide. We have the sleep wristband. We have the usb charging dongle this plugs in right here goes into a usb plug.

What this seems to be is a wireless transmitter transmit the data from your computer to your fitbit. One and finally we have the fitbit..

One case that you can clip on to your body or your clothes. So that s it for the fitbit. One unboxing subscribe to the channel for more videos. Welcome back guys we re setting up the fitbit right now so according to the instruction manuals.

The first thing you do is charge. Your fitbit 1 for about 5 minutes. We ve gone already and done that for you guys so here s the fitbit. One now the next step on the instruction manual is to go to the fitbit comm website and find setup instructions there so here we are on the website step one right here says press and hold the trackers button until it turns on so we re going to go.

Ahead and do that. So it s. Saying. Fitbit.

618. Step..

Two is to plug in the wireless. Sync. Dongle. It s right here.

So we have gone ahead and plug that in and step. Three is finally to download the software. So here. I have the software downloaded and setup ready just going to hit continue at this screen.

It s going to ask you if you re new to fitbit or existing user go ahead and click new if you re new. I m going to take a second here to put in my email and everything alright guys. So after you putting our email address. It s going to ask you for your name your weight your height stuff.

Like that your birthday and after all that it s going to tell you to choose a device. The fitbit..

One or the fitbit zip. So we re going to choose a fitbit. One now. It s searching for a device now it asked us for the code on the fitbit.

So that s zero four nine three now we re going to hit next now. It s connecting. So the fitbit sighs. What s up it asked you what your name would like to be i ll go ahead and use my first name now.

It says you re all finished one here. Twenty feats within your computer. It will automatically sync sorry about the video guys on the camera cut off because it ran out of battery. But basically i clicked go to dashboard and we re at the dashboard here.

Where you can log your food your activity your weight. You can also check out your activity right here scroll down it gives you some more information so on the fitbit device itself..

If you want to figure out how many steps and stuff you take and you just press the button and right now. It s bring up the miles. I ve walked this is the calories. I ve burned my activity score the time these steps the floors.

I ve walked and again. How many miles i ve walked today another thing to note is to keep track of your time. You have to press and hold down the button right here and basically that starts. The timer and you just wear this on your risk with the wrist strap.

And when you wake up you press. The device and hold it down again. And that is how it keeps track of your sleep anyways. That was a overview of the fitbit.

One device subscribe to the channel for more ” ..

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