Fitbit Won t Sync

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” m tom from do it yourself home automation. And this is a look at how how to solve problems. With your fitbit syncing to your phone. So i ve used lot of different fit bits over the last several years and i ve found that the last few.

I ve had kind of intermittent issues with the fitbit syncing data to the phone where it sometimes wouldn t sink and we get stuck in this pattern. Where it couldn t sing for even up to a couple of days it makes it really challenging to get your stats and also to download updates for the watch. And use the smart features so one thing that i found there s a couple of solutions you can try firstly the first thing is just to go into the device itself and to enable all day sync. Which you can see in the middle of the screen.

There so that it s constantly trying to connect and then if that doesn t work to go down to the bottom and turn on always connected which actually brings up a background app on your phone that stays connected to the watch and that can reduce the battery life. But it does tend to result in better kind of more reliable syncing..

But if you press the sync now button and it just hangs there for a long time or it says unable to find bluetooth or any kind of other error message with with the watch. The thing that i actually found was the fix for that for me. Anyway was that i had a bunch of extra devices on my screen. Here.

So i had used probably five different fitbit s over the years and you can see. I joined in 2011. So i ve had fitbit for a while now and i had i think about five different devices here on the screen. And it was still trying to sync to all of those different devices.

So when i would try to do that and fail. I think it would mess up the syncing..

With my versa. Which is my current fitbit that i m using and testing. So. What i found helped a lot was to go through and delete those devices.

And what what actually did it for me was deleting. Some of the older fitbit s that i had in there. But i ll show you what it s like to deleted device. So this is an aria smart scale.

I haven t actually synced to it in a long time it s right below my vs. I m going to click on that and then i m gonna click on the little trash can in the upper right and then it s gonna tell me any unsink data will be lost..

I ll say remove and there we go so that gets rid of that extra device that i wasn t using and again for me the scale actually didn t cause a problem. But it was about the five other devices. It was trying to sync with on a day to day basis that we re causing the issue and once i went through and used that process to delete all of them. So that it s only the versa there in my account.

Then all of these syncing issues went away and now i can go in and sync. And it s you know the smart features work and everything is nice and consistent and again you know i think. It s worth noting this happened with me even on a brand new versa wash. So it wasn t the watch.

And this is a relatively new phone. So it wasn t the phone either..

I think it really was the fact that it was trying to sync with those other devices and then when that would fail. It would sort of shut the whole process down so again the first steps to take just change those settings to all day sync and always connect it and then check. If you have old devices go through try to remove them see. If that solves your syncing issues with the fitbit versa yanik.

I mean any of the fitbit devices may have that challenge and again i found that was a good solution for me if you found this helpful in any way please. ” ..

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