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“Everyone today i wanted to take a look at the issue of iphones and not not connecting to itunes so in other words you plug in your iphone to your and nothing happens you don t see your iphone show up in itunes. You can t back it up you can t sync in other words your computer may or may not detect the phone. But itunes definitely doesn t so here i m just gonna go through a list of known troubleshooting techniques that will resolve the problem for you first and foremost you want to make sure that you re using an authentic. Lightning cable.

You might pick one up at a gas station for like five bucks. But the problem is that it s most likely counterfeit and doesn t have the microchips on the inside of that connector for the iphone to identify it as authentic the other thing is if you have one of the newer macbook pros you ll obviously know that you have to use an adapter that goes from usb c. To the lightning cable now a lot of the ones on amazon aren t mfi certified. So you ll find that the cables and the adapters look good but they re not actually licensed by apple.

So before you re buying any cables or any adapters. Just make sure that they re licensed by apple. Which is mfi certified made for iphone ok and you know if you re gonna use a third party cable. One that i recommend is the amazon basics cable just a white cable.

They are mfi certified. I ve had this one here for about i d say maybe. It s going on two years now. And it s holding strong hasn t frayed or kind of started looking crazy.

So once you ve got you know the kind of hardware parts down. You know there s nothing wrong with your usb ports. You know that your cable is an authentic one you ve tried multiple cables. The next thing you want to move on to is of course make sure that you have all updates installed on your mac and on your iphone.

So on your mac you can obviously go to the apple logo go to the app store and check to make sure that all the updates have been installed so these are app updates. Let s go into system preferences. If you re in mohave it actually changed you used to get os updates here. But now they move them so now you want to go into system preferences.

And then you ll have the software update button here and that s where you d want to address that one and it ll check and you ll know that you have all your updates installed all right. I ll let that run anyway..

And let s take a quick look at the iphone in the meantime. So you ll obviously go into settings. Here and you can go into general and software update. And you ll see hey are your updates installed it ll give you any that are available.

So that s pretty simple and straightforward. But important you ll be surprised. How many times. An update resolves.

An issue all right let s close out of this also quit out of the app store. So you won t be needing that alright once updates are installed restart your devices so restart your mac and restart your iphone you can hold down the power button on your iphone slide to power off and then turn it back on after you know whatever 30 seconds or so same goes for your mac click on the apple logo or restart. Ok. Once the devices have been restarted you can and you re still having these issues.

Let s go into the iphone and reset. Location services privacy and location services. Because sometimes. If you tell your iphone not to trust the computer.

You won t be able to trust it again so you want to go into general scroll down all the way to the bottom to where it says reset and reset. Location and privacy. Okay and this way. The next time.

That you plug your phone back into the computer. You ll get a notification. Saying. Hey.

Do you want to trust this. Make..

Sure that you tap trust otherwise you ll run into that same problem again. And if that still hasn t worked alright. So you know these problems can get a little tricky and kind of they re different for everyone. So you can start taking more invasive methods and start by uninstalling itunes.

So itunes the application fun fact actually cannot be deleted. So if you take let s say itunes in here or whereas. It should be here with an i somewhere okay itunes. If you say right click move to trash.

It won t let you it doesn t even give the option. If you try to drag it to the trash you ll get a notification itunes can t be moved it s an item that can t be deleted okay now if you try to google delete itunes or reinstall itunes. There there options are very limited and they take you down corridors that really shouldn t be traveled. Sometimes.

It s a third party site. That has a cracked version of itunes stay away from that apple does have a kb article. I will have that in the description here so you ll be able to just a copy and paste this link. But essentially.

It s a how to article that brings you to a download page of itunes. Once you download. It double click on the installer and it will reinstall a new version of itunes. And most of the time i if that right there.

It will fix your problem just by getting a new version of itunes installed okay if installing a new itunes doesn t fix it then you have to dive even a little bit deeper in which case. You d have to change preference files that might be corrupted and causing these issues for you i will also have these in the description. So you can just copy and paste. And you don t have to worry about you know kind of going through all this typing in and out.

But essentially any file here that ends in this dot plist we re gonna rename to dot old so that the computer or the operating system rather creates a new version of this file. That s clean and without any quote..

Unquote corruption and at this point. You ll usually you know find the resolution. Because there s there s not much else that can go wrong with itunes aside from these plist files and the app itself alright so just for demo purposes. Let s do one of these together and then you can just reproduce this for each one of these plist files below so let s go for instance here okay.

I m gonna right click copy. And then we re gonna go to finder go to folder. Okay and i m going to actually let me cancel here. Because i don t want this window.

And now. We re gonna do that again go to folder every go you should just get this little window that pops up here right click and paste. I want you to notice something here. We re going to the directory forward slash users.

Mk net now m. kay net. That is my username your username is gonna be different and here s a quick way of how to find your username. We re go to macintosh hd.

Okay you go to users and then you ll see the little folder that has the home icon. That s your username. So that s where that s the folder that it s gonna be going to alright. So let s click go.

And there we are it immediately brings us in this plist file. What you want to do now is just click on that plist file and we re going to rename it plist dot o ld alright and essentially what will happen is the next time you launch. I tunes that file will get automatically recreated so reproduce this step with all of the files below here okay. And i have the directories and the names of the files that you want to rename and then you know you can always try to do each one and then start itunes and see if that solves your problem also after renaming these files.

Not really necessary. But may be a good idea just to restart your computer to make sure that those updates are confirmed..

Alright. And this pretty much will cover 99 of the issues that you have with itunes the final and most kind of invasive step that you can take is reinstalling. The operating system meaning you can reinstall the os without deleting. Any of your data.

Just kind of installing a fresh copy of mac os on top of all your documents and files. And that s kind of kind of like a kill all if that still doesn t work. Then you have to essentially go back to factory default. A clean fresh slate.

Without any data or anything on it in which case. You d want to save your stuff to either. Google. Drive or you know.

Dropbox or maybe. Like an external hard drive or even. A flash drive. If you don t have much data.

But at that point you ve pretty much covered all bases as far as figuring out. Why your itunes isn t working. And if you re still having issues after this i m actually very curious to know what you might be experiencing so drop. A comment.

Let me know what you ve got going on. And i ll be more than happy to troubleshoot. It with you thank you for watching and we ” ..


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