Fix We Couldn t Install Windows 10

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“Ever wonder what it would look like if the gamecube controller and a keyboard had had a baby you ever wonder how men annemun objects would even reproduce in the place. I would really hope not that s pretty freakin weird. And you need to get that checked out boys and girls have i got the item for you today introducing this this thing yeah the asc iii keyboard controller why was this thing made i have no clue but i m glad i was so i can make videos like this on the box. You could see it has a logo for what i assume is a game phantasy star online.

So what whatever whatever that might be i assume. This is what it s for can my camera focus can you can you operate yes. Hi. Sweetie.

Thank. You okay. We ve been doing dallying for enough time. Let s go ahead and get to the unboxing of whatever the frick this thing is so i m unboxing this at a really weird angle.

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I ll type it up message. Oh snap h. e. And it s gonna cause an error and you re gonna end up saying.

It can t install at the update you run out of space and stuff liars and make sure you got plenty of space available before you try to do any sort of windows update. Okay before it rolls that update out and the way you can do that is take a look at your drive. Now if your drive looks something like this then you have got no space. And you will be running into problems.

So you need to start backing up your drive and make sure that that is in the blue and that you have a free space available of at least 30 gigabytes. I would say some sometimes you can get away with 20. But it s really sort of pushing it give yourself plenty of space. And that way you won t run into any issues.

Okay okay next up. What we re gonna do here is open up our command. Prompt. We ve admin so we can t get it from there so i m just gonna go cmd and we re going to right click and run this as administrator now from here what you want to do is go knit stop w.

You a us and then our v push that let out stop let s not speed this process up all you need to do is type. In the commands you can see in the purple box down below and brush enter. After each time you add one of those in and that will stop those services from running temporarily. And that should then stop those services from running okay next what we re going to do is rename our software distribution folder.

This is where your downloads for your updates will go and it s listed inside your c directory windows and inside. Here you ll see software distribution in here. And this is where all your updates are going to go inside here and you can see it here so it s a fair sized. But we re going to that make it corrupted in some way shape or form so we re just now we ve stopped all those we re gonna rename that software distribution to old that s now done okay so next up we need to rename the cats root to folder.

Which is in your system 32 directory. So i m just gonna quickly paste in the path. There i will leave the links for these in a video description. So you just copy and paste like i m doing here and the cat route to old you can see we ve got access denied here.

And i ve been talking a fair bit so then services have probably restarted so you need to make sure that the services are stocked now to get rid of that access denied just go through the motions and re stop those services. Here like i m doing i ll try again then you can see i ll get access denied and i want to do here is try it one more service here to stop because obviously. It s restarted itself. And i will try this one and you can see it s now stopping so it did restart.

And we should now be okay to run the command to rename the cat route to folder to old so now that should go through nicely. There we go there s now renamed. There so all we need to do now is restart those services and we can do that by just typing in a few commands here and these will be the stomach start command. So it will be knit start this time instead a net stop okay so we ll just go through and do those commands i ll post them on the screen.

So you can see them let s go ahead and clear the screen by type in cls and we can now go ahead and restart all these services. One by one and push enter okay you should also quickly speed this process up here not to bore you to tears. But basically you just have to do net stop the commands that i showed you below. And you should be okay okay so they re all restarted now and nobody can close this off.

And we need to reboot our system. And this will then recreate those folders for us. So let s go ahead and do that and there we go and you can try your windows update and see whether that works hopefully that rectify is your problem now if it doesn t then we could try another thing here. So what we re gonna do here is go to the registry editor by typing reg edit inside the search box here and open up the registry editor.

So we want to do here. Is go to h. Key local machine. Then we go to software microsoft windows come down.


Kerra version here so you can see that then we just pulled. It open so you can see that current version and in windows updates. Come down a bit more here. There we go.

And now. What we re looking for here is a folder called os upgrade. So we need to create that folder because it s not here so we re going to do here is right click on here and go new and key and in that new key. We re going to call this os upgrade and hit enter now on the right hand.

Pane here. What we want to do is type. A new d word. 32.

Bit value and inside here. We want to go allow os upgrade just like so double click on this one. And make this one and click ok. And then what we can do here.

Now now we ve got that one in there what we can do is close this off and we can then try to our windows updates ok yes just try one last thing here now if you re still having issues. And you can t get this to work. And it s still having problems. Then you want to try to run sfc scan.

Now and also you can also do the other command. Which is the restore health that this and i ll show you that quickly now so all you want to do if you re still having issues. You want to open up command. Prompt.

So we re gonna go to cmd here right click. And run this as administrator inside here what you want to do is do sfc space scannow and let that run ok and this will hopefully try to fix any sort of problems with your windows files and stuff like that and if you have got problems from this will rectify. It and then you can try to update. Windows.

And if that didn t work and and it fixed. All your problems. Then you want to try the disome online. Clean up image restore health command.

As you can see here try them run there and hopefully this will fix any problems and then try your windows update and hopefully that should be fixing your problems ok now there is also some other things that you can try. But i think at this stage. You should back up and running and you should be able to update to the latest version of windows 10 and hope this one helps you out just let this run. This will take a bit of time.

But just let this run okay and then you can always try to update windows again anyway. I think this has been a quite a long video. So i m going to wrap this one up i hope this one helps you out my name is brian from bright eight computers. Codori.

Kay thanks again for watching guys in face. We continue support have a great bank holiday weekend. And i ll she ll see again for another video real soon bye for now now. If you haven t subscribed.

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