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“There my name is michael phillips. I m a computer technician. And i ve been been fixing computers for about ten years as you can probably imagine i ve seen kind of computer error imaginable if you ve landed on this page. I bet you have the winnie net dot dl error.

So give me a minute and i m going to explain to you what in my opinion is the best and quickest way to fix this kind of error hands down. What i recommend is a piece of software called registry. Easy. The software is probably the easiest and most effective tool on the market like i said.


I ve been fixing computers for over 10 years and i ve seen all kinds of tools and this one you know quite simply i love it just because it works in three simple mouse clicks. You can have your computer fixed in a couple minutes. So what what does the software actually do so here. A couple screenshots in the first screenshot you ll notice.

What the software is going to do it s going to scan your computer for some common types of errors that are associated with windows based computers it s going to look at your registry keys. It s going to look at missing dll files. It s going to look at invalid file associations and when you start your scan. It s going to give you a status bar.


And then it s going to highlight all the different errors. That it s found once the scan is complete there s going to be a little button. There that says repair errors. The only thing you need to do is hit that button hit that repair button it repair error button.

And within a few short seconds. All those errors are going to be fixed including your winning. A dll error. The software also has some built in system optimization tools.


Which you know same concept you hit a few buttons and you know over time. What you re going to notice is that these optimization tools are definitely going to speed up your pc also there are some system fix tools again. Click click a button. It will do a scan and click another button and it s going to fix.

It and then finally the software also has some built in file recovery password recovery windows startup manager tools which is really going to make a big improvement in your overall computer performance so like i said you can now get a free system scan with the registry as you software on my blog. It s completely free to download just go to winnie net. Dll net. And you re going to see a link like i said you know through all my years of experience registry.


Easy is probably the easiest way to fix any kind of dl problem. So i encourage you to check it out so once again my name is michael phillips. I hope you found this video useful and i thank ” ..


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