[FIXED Rainbow Six Siege Won t Launch

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” s going on guys say i may be showing you a couple of possible fixes fixes for the problem of rainbow. Six siege now working and unfortunately. These solutions wo work for everyone because i ve had this from myself. And i understand that it s pretty much an individual issue.

Nothing will work for everyone. It s there s no solid fix that will cure it every single time. But we there are some common things that might success you guys and i hope it does but if it doesn t i m sorry just keep trying to find something you ll probably get it eventually quick. Me why so the first two relatively easy.

Things that you can try are verifying the integrity for game cache and completely uninstalling and reinstalling games. I have a video on verifying the integrity of game cache and check that out. But if these two things don t work then i wouldn t on the more complex stuff. The first thing.


I will try is to run it in compatibility mode and administrator. So to do this you want to right click on ring succeed go to properties local files and then browse local files. This little tab will be your best friend and try to fix this problem. Because it includes all the file search um.

So when you get into the folder. You want to scroll down to until you find rainbow six that exe. I right click on that and go to properties and then compatibility check the compatibility box. And check.

The administration pump and then for the compatibility box. It just depends on your computer. Really i tried a bunch of different one. Only when i got a lot of people say that windows vista service and two works.


But it works for me. But like i said everything is different for each person. So you just find one that try them all out on the network. It doesn t work and then you want to go to apply don t aprama.

This is when you do with these two things you can only start the game from this folder by clicking how much you can t fit it into you or you can t decide so to show you this i mean nothing will happen what if i open up a tab. I double click on this it will take a little bit. But yeah um. So you can try that out if that works great.

If it doesn t there s a few more things you can still try one of these is updating your drivers. If you don t have geforce then g froze on video. Then you just have to figure it on your own. I have them head and you thing other than geforce.


So i won really but as you can see the team open so um that doesn t work for you updating your drivers and work had billy mode doesn t work then last thing can do is try your steam api i ll have like for the single description where you can download city may pl folder or yellow and what you re going to do is you want to place this inside of your game folder. So as you can see is um api yellow and cbs. I only put in 15 api. I m not sure if it creates the 64 version after you are stored the game.

But i have a 64 bit computer. And i didn t put this in there. So i don t know in there or created. It but either way.

This is one that i m operating from i put my steam api dll in this folder. I put it in the steam folder in general and then i also put it in my windows. Which is windows system. This is located in different spots for different people.


But i found here you ll mindsets look around for a little bit. And you can notice that by it has all different dll s in it so you want to add the same deal. I m so this is the one that ended up working out for me so if this works great if it doesn t i m sorry i tried my hardest to include as many different solutions as possible. There s five some other ones that i didn t cover.

I might try to even annotation or comment. Telling you about those ones. But other than that if this video did help you please like subscribe comments anything like that and see you guys in the next. ” .


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