Fixing eBay Junk – Super Nintendo Part 1 – Broken Power Jack

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“Youtube. How s going. This is adam here with retro repairs and today. I got got another repair video for you so.

As you can see i have a super and i ve done a little bit testing on this and aside from not really being a very good physical condition color wise you see it s nice and yellow. It s also got a bad train get a picture here bad power plug right there so i m gonna show you how to replace that so this just is to give you an idea of what it should look like on the right here. We ve got a working one on left. We have the broken one now this one actually does still work.

But obviously we want to replace this so that it will be more reliable. So i ve got this handy test. Cartridge and what it does when i turn this on it will actually run a test program to make sure that various functions of the system are working. So this is what i ve got here and we re gonna go to this test called a burnin test.

And this will actually run a test on all the hardware components of this so those are all passes and then it runs a couple different tests of the various cpu modes. But i m content seeing that so i m just going to kind of focus on this power plug. And see if i can t find some better looking shell parts to replace that with so this the super nintendo has quite a few screws in it so i m going to show you how to disassemble it pretty quickly or take the case screws off you need this special security. Bit.

Which has some ridges on the outside of it nut grips into these security screws and i ll show you what they look like when they re out here. If you re wondering why. The tapes there there were some rubber feet on this particular. One.

And i guess they melted or something so they re super sticky and grab on to this i m working on so i just want to cover them up so they keep sticking. And that top will come just right up like that so we can put that off to the side now and then we ve just got to get to work on removing all the components. So there s a whole bunch of screws everywhere is so just get to work taking them out. I like to use a little metal dish to keep my screws in one place.

So that way. It s easy to make sure that you re not missing any screw holes. So we re gonna take all these out i m gonna skip that and show you the next step alright so all the screws have been removed some of the earlier models in a super nintendo have this sound card on it here and well actually say it s kind of difficult to read on this one. But s.


Hvc sound. So you can lift that straight up and it will reveal another screw that s right there if your model doesn t have that then obviously you don t have to remove it so there we can lift this clean up out of the case and here we have the board. So this board has couple components attached to it there s this controller. Port.

Which is connected by a ribbon connector that will lift off there s a bunch of rf shielding. Which will reveal the chips on the bottom rf shielding on the bottom. As well the this sometimes comes off the cartridge connector good idea to clean that while you got it off so that it will create games reliably. But what we re most interested in is yeah.

This guy right here so we need to take this screw off from the bottom side. And that should be it i think yep so the power plug is connected by two points. Right here. These will have to be d soldered and we re going to do the same thing on a donor board.

So i do have a board that i m getting no graphics out of but i mean the charging port is still good so we re gonna steal the charging port off of that and try and just put it in place here. So desoldering does not have to be hard or intimidating. It s pretty simple actually helps if you have the right tools and the right stuff. So.

What i like to do first and foremost put a little bit of flux on there then i actually add additional solder to the points. I want to desolder so in this case. What i m desoldering is these two points here in the top corner so i ll get my cleaning off my tip and heat these up add some more solder cool so now if you have a a d soldering gun. I find that s easier for doing some through hole desoldering than using soldering brain.

But i don t have one i like to use just soldering braid myself usually have pretty good success with it so what you do grab your soldering braid. Hold it down there heat it up and let the solder wick right up into that braid since this is a pretty big soldering point. You might have to go out at a couple of times. Sometimes it can also be helpful just go on it from the other side as well that helps just to make sure that you re giving up any solder that might be kind of hiding right there all right so oops that was off camera.

There my apologies. So now what i like to do is kind of wiggle this a bit so that it s detached from the board. And then the tricky part is getting it up kind of got a lift it out and pull all at the same time there we go so we ve lifted that or clean off. So.


This actually looks like it lifted a bit of the pad up so we have to make sure to put extra solder on the on the inside. One here just to make sure that it s going all the way through. But so that s up time to take a look at the board overall. So i do see that there is a zoom out i do see a lot of markings on the board.

Here. So it looks like there was some previous corrosion especially here under here here. So i want to give that all a good clean. So that it will help inhibit.

Some of that corrosion from continuing that also probably contributes to that pad lifting up a bit. So again. We just want to make sure that since the pad. Did come up that we re going to put enough solder in there to make it all the way through that hole so let s just try and give this a good thorough clean just use some rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush also doesn t hurt to hit that cartridge connector as well so get in there with the toothbrush give it a bit of a clean all right so now i got to harvest.

A part off a dead board. So now we re going to remove the power jack from a donor board. That i have here you can also buy these jacks by themselves i found a supplier that actually sells these called console fivecom. I think they cost about seven or eight bucks.

So you can also go that route. If you don t have a donor board. So once again just going to reflow. What s already here add some additional solder and dry that off a bit now grab.

My soldering wick actually going to turn this board around here you can go should still. See that so this should be focused enough. I think he ll be able to see how the solder will actually wick right into this wick here. So i mean see it kind of just suck right up there.

Which is pretty cool just one thing to be careful of is you don t want to hold this too close to the solder wick. It does absorb heat. Very well so you could burn yourself and still a fair bit of solder in there we might do it this top. One here still has quite a bit might do it let s see if those can break loose.


There s one this one is still kind of attached nope. No it s off. I think so should be able to wiggle this a bit if it gives me too much resistance yeah. That s good you want to let go.

But now as i mentioned before the tricky part is to kind of get this out and i forgot to take a scrote so i m gonna do that but it s tricky because the rf modulator sits on top of this plastic bit. But you have to pull it down and then slide it out so kind of pull down just like that and then slide out there we have it so that s that part there i m gonna clean up these legs but otherwise this parts good to go and also going to clean up this side of the board in case. I decide to try and use it for something. So you can use some rubbing alcohol.

Get that kind of wiped up flux on off here. And same thing on the other side. And there you go so this again was my parts board. So i m gonna put that to the side and start reinstalling the charging port or sorry power port on to the other board.

So this is the original board that i was working on and i do need to clean the location that i m going to solder to so again grab some more alcohol and get this flux just try and get as much of it up as you can we re gonna put down new flux when you go to solder back all right so same kind of trick as before we need to actually clean this side as well we need to get it underneath. The rf modulator and then pull it up slide. It down the board here and it should sit inside just like that when we look here on this side. It should be flush.

You should have access to this switch. And sometimes. It s not a bad idea to run that screw into here just to make sure that it s sitting the way you need it to that s this one right here alright. So as we mentioned earlier this pad.

It looks like it came off a little bit here when we pulled it out so. There s not much to solder to so that also means that i m gonna have to go through on the underside here to solder just to make sure that that connection is solid. So i m going to start off put some flux on a fair bit in here just to really clean that contact on both sides try and get it in that hole as well as on the flip side right there now grab the soldering iron. And some solder and time to install it now flip it over here you can see i got actually a fair bit of solder down on this side already so i m just gonna heat this up so it can spread out and really connect on to that pad that does mean that this will be a pain to remove should it ever need to come off again guys take care of your stuff.

And you really don t have to make these types of repairs. So now i guess best thing to do just try and power this on and make sure it works. So i m gonna get this roughly put together and we can give it a test all right so. We ve got that power plug installed.


Now it s time to give this a test. And see that that s working properly so got everything plugged in one thing. I do want to note. It s very important when you unplug this that you turn the power on just before you work on it sometimes you ll actually see that light flicker.

But that helps to discharge the capacitors that are in here. I think i didn t do that at one point here and i wound up blowing the fuse. Which is down here. So i have to replace that fuse and i m actually going to illustrate that in a second video here as well.

But let s let s turn this on and reinforce that this works properly so here we have the support or the burnin test. And let s run it test all the hardware and we ve got all passes. So that looks good second thing. I d like to do is just try it with an actual game because sometimes the super nintendo will do it into that service cartridge.

But it won t boot into a game. So here we have super mario world. And it looks fine so seems to be running properly. It s accepting controller input.

So we have ourselves a working system here. What i am also gonna do i m not going to put this on video to try and shorten this and i ve also done a bunch of them already. But give this case a good clean and then try and find a bunch of great looking parts just to make this system look better this one. I m actually selling off to a buddy of mine.

So he knows what s gonna go into getting this running for him. So it s gonna be a pretty probably pretty good deal for him. But but yeah try and make it look nice for him with all great console shell if i can but otherwise that s it for this video hopefully. I was able to help show you how to make a relatively easy repair on a pretty common console.

And get your old super nintendo. Up and running so that s it for day thanks a lot for watching be sure to hit that like button down below subscribe to my channel leave me a comment. Let me know what you think and ” ..


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