Fixing the Bose SoundLink Mini flashing red light and battery problems

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“Guys now this is mr. Bo s mini link and i tried to remove the the remove the battery. Which is very straightforward. If you if you can focus here.

The camera. Please. So those are those are the little those are little screws. And it s working with a torx t8.

So you just remove the screws and i have tried to i have tried to look inside and maybe replace the battery. But of course. This is not that straightforward because these people are not stupid so they re gonna the build things the way that you can t fix it cuz..


I thought just i m gonna get a couple of batteries like that and i m going to replace it. But it s not not possible because you ve got some some nasty electronics inside so potentially for for overcharging for temperature control and all this so these are the terminals and and when you remove the battery it ripped up a little bit little bits and pieces from the pcb. Which is another painting also now don t try to fix it don t try to replace it because it s just really really difficult i put all the tools in the description. Which you can purchase on amazon.

I chopped off that that lid chopped off that lid here. As you can see then i removed the battery. Number one that was on the bottom and they can see there is another little temperature temperature sensor. Which is which you can t really see so it s all it s all a pain in the neck.

So basically what i m gonna do i was a red red light for special flashing and this could be one of the one of the reasons. So i ve got another one let s remove the battery and let s check if if it if with the normal the original battery. Which is still alright hopefully..


It s gonna work so it s pretty pretty straightforward those batteries cost around 35 for dolus. I linked everything in description. You just ordered them from amazon and then they work then the gear should work straight away. I mean not all the time.

The red flashing light is the is the battery. But it can be so let s it can be a reason that your boss is flashing now. I have tried everything i even tried to kind of a vague this old battery that means i use the higher voltage to kind of kick start it. But it never actually never actually picked it up so.

I suppose i have to just purchase. A new set. Let s pop that in and then let s see what s happening here right absolutely nothing so that s not necessary problem yet because i ve got the charger..


But the charger here let s see maybe that s completely empty right so couple of lights came up yeah. It s already charging. Which is which is nice and i think we have to wait a little bit longer because it s completely empty and then it should should come on straight away. Oh not who knows doesn t doesn t really look good so.

Let me let me remove it because that that is that s not ideal. I think let me remove it and put it back to the to the damaged food for the one which are purchased with with a bad battery. Let s see how that behaves because that that one is definitely working. So that s the original one.

I bought so let s see how it behaves this way with the charger. That s interesting right that s the same okay yeah okay in this case. I think the battery is so empty completely empty..


So i need to wait for a little for a little while till. The charges. Somewhat and then then it will come on it s quite quite weird because i i kind of remember that if you plant it in it should it should really come on straight away. But it done that s quite old anyway.

I hope i hope this tutorial helped a little bit. What i want to say here don t even try to fix it because you re gonna waste your time just purchase a new battery and you should be alright but since it didn t come on now both of the both of the equipment. I will not be able to tell you for sure that the red light flashing is a battery issue or not but to 99. I believe it is so thank you share like ” .


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