Flare Boost Drifblim [Pokemon Custom Movesets

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“Guys godzilla from hell here and we are back with another move set this time. Time. We re gonna be focusing on drifblim. This is a ghost flying type that pretty good in the pu tier.

I wouldn t really try and use it too much and you re like oh you it s gonna get 0 code even with that monstrous hp stat. No base 150 you re hitting over 500 with max investment p. You re gonna live a lot of things. But its base.

You know 44 and 54 defenses aren t going to be you know it s it s frailer than chancy on the physical side well maybe about the same and we all know how deadly a physical attack is on the chancy so keep that in mind when using this guy. He really does not like to get hit. Very hard especially super effective attacks. Don t let them take them that base hp is kind of alive.

But for the first set. We re gonna be focusing on a pattaya. Very set with unburden the main goal this set is to substitute down to the activation. Very increase your special attack and the unburned boost you re hitting pretty hard you re moving very fast hex benefits from any status conditions.


So you can run toxic on this guy you can run t wave you can run toxic spikes support on your team whatever you need to do to take advantage of the hex. The last move is just t boult. He really doesn t get any good stab moves other than hex and shadow ball on the special side. He does get air cutter.

Which it s alright. It s like base 60 with high crit chance. It s up to you i like tebow better. I think they hit the same number.

Though so it s not really worth it the next step. We re going with is a flame or upset. He gets flare boost and it s a pretty good ability max it um. Increases the special attack by 15.

When burned and that also takes care of status effects. You cannot get status. So what i went with is i went with that standard set clear smog to get rid of any kind of status boosters on the enemy team really put that in the front of mine. That if they boost up this guy come in hit them decently hard and then clear their stats t bolt.


Like i said is pretty much his only cuff good stab move and i went with shadow ball good stats t ball. Good coverage and protect to get the easy activation of the flame orb if you if you don t care about that he does have a couple other moves you can run air cutter. You can i mean you could solve it does have a ridiculous amount of hp. This said.

I went with max hp max special attack you could run max. Speed it s. Fine he does hit a decent number 4 pu. But it s nowhere near the fastest thing.

There are a couple pokemon that to hit well over a hundred speed base so he will be left in the dust and some things. But he does a have a decent speed for this tier pretty straightforward set hits pretty hard after all that for me after all is said and done the last that was my absolute. I m using this set. This is a let you bury.

Which is the same thing as a pattaya berry. But for your physical attack. So your goal is to substitute down. Activate your lucky.


Barry unburned. Boost you have a very high physical attack. And now a very high speed your goal is then to acrobatics everything to death acrobatics is a 165 power move after the unburden gets rid of your item. And you get the stat bonus.

It is doing a lot of damage based hideous physical attack isn t great for you to remember that is now boosted 15. So it s hitting a pretty good number. We re gonna go over the next movement emit a substitute obvious knock off he gets knock off if you re hitting something physical side use knock off he gets body slammed try and go for paralyzes but i m gonna go knock off just good it s just a better move utility even if it s not doing too much damage you knock off an item you ve done your job. The left s move on this set.

Though explosion fast hard hitting explosion. It s great. I think it oko is everything non resisted up to like base 90 95. Full defense investment.

No hp investment. So anything about that or resistance. You re gonna want to weaken a little bit first. But it s so much fun just to like end.


Imagine an explosion. So keep that in mind when you using this it does hit really hard especially with acrobatics. I think a stab super effective acrobatics does more than explosion. I was testing that number on it blossom for explosion and i ended up doing like 80 something 210 something so it was had a chance to ohko.

But it was it was like only a forty percent chance so it was like not liking that number um. So yeah. I will be using this definitely if those i remember i will be streaming every wednesday. So this video is going up just a few hours before i stream.

So if you watch this i ll leave the link in the description to my twitch. I ll be streaming around six thirty seven o clock eastern time eastern us so thank you for watching remember to leave a like comment subscribe. If you have not and i will see you guys next time thanks for watching. ” .


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