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“John here ubisoft created an innovative combat system. In for honor and attempted to balance balance out each class to make it fair across the board for whatever class you doesn t mean that every class is perfectly balanced. However they didn t fail on balancing the available classes per se. But some classes and for honor have slightly better mechanics speed or remove sense mastering.

These classes should give you the best chances at winning consistently first up is the peacekeeper. The peacekeeper is considered to be the most overpowered class right now tournament. Organisers have even gone so far as to outright. Banning her usage.

Her light attack. Spam is nearly uncountable by many of the mid to heavy characters such as the warden conqueror inch agoge tk s can abuse this mechanic. Quite a bit until they re out of stamina..


However. The class can be taken to even greater heights. When played properly. She can dodge in and out of attacks easily and can apply a bleed effect on her second hit.

During an attack. Chain next is the valkyrie after four honours. Patch. 120.

3. The valkyrie became a dominant class. And maintains a powerful move set to adapt to her opponent..


When you re up against a valkyrie. You ll likely get tossed to the ground a few times. While you re down. There you re going to get slammed by a heavy the only way to truly counter the valkyrie is to stay fast on your dodges.

Oliver crowd control moves have a delayed charge up so there s an ample time to side dodge order back dodge third is the warden. If there was a class that was almost completely dependent on personal skills. It would be the warden. However that means that they have the best potential to be the literal best class.

In for honor. The warden has guaranteed attacks after guard bring. Sons on his shoulder charge..


And a fairly strong zone attack. Warden is great at the mix up. But fails to hit the mark. When moves are to telegraph great wardens will attempt to catch you trying to parry.

Only for them to fake the heavy attack into quick light attacks. Once the class gets a little bit of momentum. They have even more options and last is the noguchi nobu fees are fairly easy to pick up. But difficult to master early on you can stay at range and poke an enemy to death with variously angled attacks.

However once you start facing better opponents you ll need to focus on your footwork. Much more other classes can easily side dodge your attacks and close the distance. If you find a pattern in the way they fight the noguchi s large moves that allows you to adapt fairly easily you can choose to dodge sideways or backwards..


If that s what you re used to but the hidden stance should also allow you to dodge incoming attacks while setting up a strong combo chains. So there you have it in my book. The best of the best at least until the next four on our patch. Who do you regard as the best costume for honor.

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