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“Guys me francis here and i know a lot of people are going to expect expect in a rage video here but i want to let you know i m gonna rage. I just have a message for the people at zenimax online. The guys who made the latest mmo elder scrolls online and i just want to let you guys know today i canceled my rebilling i disconnected my credit card and i m not gonna let you rebuild me. And i have several reasons for that but the first just fuck you let me explain how i arrived at that okay um.

I bought elder scrolls online after playing the beta. Because the beta was okay. It was okay the newbie areas were pretty well done and there it was okay i got an idea that the game might be good. I always fuckin wrong the game.

It s not good it s not bad..

It s not the worst mmo. I ve ever played you know i made slightly slightly better than some but slightly worse. You know there s this new world warcraft which i might be going back to by the way because i need to cleanse my fucking palate after tasting your piece of shit and i m sure i bought the 80 copy because if you don t you re a fucking moron because you guys suck so much content from the game that you ripped out and put behind a twenty dollar pay wall like the ability to create any character combination. Why is that not a basic part of your fucking game the 10th class is in behind a back.

I m not going to get mad. And i continue to play even after 10 days in you guys wouldn t let me place my free months unless. I went ahead and attached a credit card. So that you could bill me at the end of the month.

Oh are you afraid that when you reminded me at the end of the bus..

I wouldn t want you to rebuild you were fucking right ya caught me red. But i digress it s not that your game is boring. It it is boring. I don t understand how a game with a 200 million dollar budget could be so fucking boring to play.

It might have something to do with the fact that everything in the game is fucking voice acted and that even a random fucking squirrel or a random. Fucking tree has a fucking voice acting budget bigger than most fucking indie games half of the lifecycle. But i am. But how did you create a game that was so massive with so much shit that is so fucking unfun to go and unfuckin finished that it ruins the fucking game.

I d rather watch paint dry..

I would rather. Watch flies fuck. I would rather job chopsticks and my fucking eye than a playthrough that shit not to mention the game is pretty much unfuckin playable. Because you ve crashed bugs because of quest bugs.

Because of bank bunch of the conscience bugs bugs. Bugs. Bugs bugs bugs bugs. Fucking.

Elder scrolls online..

Buggy mcburger tunes bug house that s what you fucking call. A piece of shit jesus fucking christ. Not another day that would buy out another fucking game crashing bug fuck you run the economy on day 12. But all that is forgivable unfortunately all of that is the status quo forever bows these days we know it but what you forgive unforgivable it s the name of the game.

The elder scrolls skyrim not everybody loves skyrim but oblivion mara wig. Daggerfall innovation. Beauty perfection these are the things you have and i m not mad that it s a kiddie mmo. I m mad that it s the worst elder scrolls game ever made and for that you are sons of bitches and that s ” .


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