Freelancer Online 2020 GAME UPDATE! Free to Play!

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“Everybody this is gonna hear thanks for stopping by yeah. I like the video title title says freelancers back baby after what like 14 years after release. Well. I do know if any of you remember or if any of you do or ever played it or whatever.

But freelancer was a space trading and combat game that was announced by chris roberts. The guy that s coming out with star citizen. Did all the wing commanders and stuff and freelancer was a cool because it was multiplayer online. They could play his friends and whatnot and it s kind of like many are saying it s like the first like open world type of space game in the genre that kind of like set the pace for other online space trading in combat games.

So yeah. It s pretty old but the microsoft pull just pulled the plug on it a while ago..

But people have continued to support it through mods and updates and stuff. And you can play it today now for free basically. It s abandonware or whatnot people still have playing multiplayer servers. And where she can still play the single player campaign and stuff all the way through.

But we have a multiplayer server set up for you guys to use and we just created it s on the vanilla 10. Version of freelancer. There s some other moderate versions out but we re just keeping it plain vanilla cuz. We don t want a lot of crazy mods and stuff.

People running around with max level ships as soon as we login and whatnot. But anyways so yeah we set up a free multiplayer server for you guys to join if you want to check it out and multiplayer..

It is going to be a pvp server and i ll put a link to the the server address and the description and everything below. I ll just take a quick peek here and what s like and you see there s our server right. There called empyrion galaxy named in honor of empyrion galactic survival. There s the direct ip address.

If for some reason you can t see the server in the list. You can use the direct ip program from the folder from the freelancer program folder. In there. And just punch in this ip.

Address and port 2302. That s going to be in the description below too..

And it ll connect right up and the password is survival. So it s empyrion galaxy and the passwords of survival and once you find it or whatnot is it connect enter the password survival. Create your character my face already got one from some show and load them up. I just barely started them.

He s not actually has done anything yet a brand new reset server. That i give you a little face to face. So yeah feel free to check it out no link to the page where you can download the program all the tools passes geneva when i get on 19 planet my dad requesting to an warrior 2 no firing when you get the cruise engines on yeah. But damn liberty police bio at 18 extremely loosely based all cash on i m scanning your grave my underside of here therefore based training in combat games.

By chris roberts. It was kind of like a a leap off the wing commander series into the freelancer series or genre..

And it was really cool back then i gotta admit. I played the hell that game the hell out of that game that s a pretty old game and the basic graphics don t support widescreen that time there are some mods that you can add that will allow you to go into widescreen support within there s other things that become affected like the hud and font sizes and stuff on the display elements of the hud and other things to get a deal with i just kind of leave it an old school graphics resolution for now and i don t have any missions or anything i m just like cruising around space looks like but yeah download the game if you like and join our server. We re going to be in the description below and if you have any problems feel free to ask good questions down below. And tell your friends to join up to we ll have a big old multiplayer sesh alright.

Everybody go ahead and sign out now but check it out and don t forget to like and comment. Subscribe and all that good stuff down below alright man thanks for stopping by and you all have a great ” ..

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