FUGOO Style XL – Best Bluetooth Speaker?

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“Is going on everybody its mark here with another video and our twitter mission is is becoming a huge success is if 18 followers. I believe we re at 24 a week s makes my knees weak. You know what i mean anyways this week. I have another bluetooth speaker for you god i know you guys like that.

And i know i like that so the foogoo style xl so looking at the front of the box. We have the name of the speaker style xl. And i guess a picture of the market that they re trying to achieve hipster look ish. So i guess in the box.

What we re going to have is the style xl speaker itself. And i guess the protection that it comes with the core xl. Which allows you to drop it and stuff like that bottom right corner ip67 waterproofing on the other side of the box..


We have the style and a few key features to this speaker. 100 waterproof 35 hour battery life and true 360 sound. That s pretty standard with today s speakers and 120 feet bluetooth. That s pretty far another key feature that comes with this is the fast charge your phone or tablet.

So i guess if your phone has a fast charge. This is a speaker for you so i mean what i m expecting out of this speaker is something very good looking. I mean i mean they have all these great features. But i mean the picture on the front is worth a thousand words.

You know what i mean so we are greeted by another box phone speaker itself comes in a plastic bag. This is nice core xl is in another box. So moving on some flat micro usb and auxiliary cables..


The charger back wow. This is actually a pretty big power brick put a little speaker. Takes up a lot of juice. I am twisting things oh that s all right i get this thing so i think.

This is the case. The xl i have no idea those are instructions so i mean theoretically. According to removing the style xl jacket release latch push the core out of the jacket in a week. Okay.

This is getting ridiculous there we go then so i take back what i said about there being no core xl. This is the core xl and this is the style jacket that s why it s called the style xl. So so from my understanding..


This part is already waterproof shockproof. Everything proof and all this does age is about extra little protection and some style. So let s get my phone connect it up and see how she sounds please have power please have power please have power please have power please have power speaker is on pairing mode use the bluetooth settings on your device to connect okay pairing successful connected music all right let s make sure we got the rights to these bad boys times time. So.

Dear you can t buy decided like a shining your highness performing the catalana lies. What happened to makes it timeless. That s what happening represents behind is what do we take the video lesson like nas is no i got a right to be a little bit snobbish. I didn t college semesters.

It took to like robbie let me figure out within my place a deep slow do you listen to my pace cuz. I ve been killing every day. But i expected it this class it s gone left forever and i may be but you never been a better than i ever been that was unreal okay guys for anybody who s in the market for a wireless speaker..


This one s a little bit more expensive. It costed me a little bit over 300 canadian dollars. But this sound let me tell you it s unreal for something. That s a hundred percent waterproof it looks this good this thing sounds incredible.

It was sweet on the low end. It still had enough high end to actually make the song sound full this all i have to say all right guys. Thanks a lot for watching if you guys feel like being super. Awesome please hit the like and share button down below and for more content like this please hit the subscribe button alright guys thank you very much for watching and have a good one doing of actually being there while not being there and with the jovi now i can ” .


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