Full Manual Mode Nikon Coolpix P1000 B700 P900 Tutorial 2018

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“Manual mode. Nick and cole. Bixby 700 p. 900 b.

500. In this video first first i introduction cameras icon second description them first select manual mode. This is aperture. This is shudder icon in s.

Focus area icon. This is exposure indicator. It s coal pics picture control icon. It s battery level indicator its flash mode icon.

This is shooting mode icon its movie options its image quality and image size icon this is command dial button rotate. The command dial to set the shutter speed this is function to button playback button menu button it s multi selector button a button is flash mode right button is exposure compensation rotate. The multi selector to set the f number. Okay is apply selection button down button is focus mode.

Af macro infinite mf af means autofocus mf means manual focus left button is self timer slash. Smile timer expose your compensation d is p button for shooting its show information movie frame hide information for playback. It s show information. Tone level information image comment.

Copyright. Information for example. Start. Video shooting.


Display. The range of a movie in a frame its video shooting area go to menu. It s image quality find normal bra etc. It s image size it s picture control you can edit it stranded neutral vivid monochrome quick adjust image sharpening contrast saturation you can manually change shutter speed using command dial button.

Very simple shutter speed 400 look exposure indicator. Exposure level low change shutter speed and balance. Exposure. Shutter speed 25.

Exposure level normal. Using multi selector. You can change. Aperture.

Number. When you change. Aperture. Number exposure level change automatically.

When you change. Shutter. Speed. Exposure level.

Changed. Automatically. Low shutter. Speed.


High exposure. Hi. Shadow speed. Low.

Exposure. Shutter speed. 100. Exposure level.

Low clicking image dark image. See. This image. This is histogram shutter speed 100 aperture.

8. Iso 100 histogram graph. Again. I change shutter speed shutter speed 20 shutter speed 15 exposure level normal clicking image in this picture.

Exposure balance good nice histogram graph shutter speed 15 aperture. 8 iso 100 images zoom out when you use m mode. Keep. An eye on exposure indicator.

Look carefully you can balance camera s exposure. Changing. Shutter. Speed and aperture.


See this image image quality good. See histogram you can improve your picture color using picture control function you can customize picture control in this function. This is white balance function you can change picture quality using this options. This is metering function.

This is shooting options single continues etc. This is iso function you can chance iso. Number auto range fixed range. It s a f area.

Mode manual spot manual normal manual wide subject tracking target. Finding af. You can change your focus area. Using.

This function. Manual normal subject tracking target finding af. It s autofocus mode. It s noise reduction filter.

It s d lightning when you use it in your picture. Using this function. You can enhancing brightness and contrast in cameras. Picture.

Quick. Retouch. D. Lightning.


You can using it after clicking picture. Normal hi. Low. It s skin softening.

This option. Only you use face included image its filter effects you can use it after click picture selective color press the multi selector down button select mf you can manually change focus using this options. Very simple. X2.

Next. 4 x. 1. X.

2. X. 4. X.

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