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en if they do keep the same four millimeters of travel distance as the cherry switches. It s hard to convey. But the switches. Just don t feel as satisfying and clicky.

It as even mxr eggs and they have more of a mushy feeling in many way these are an everyman switch. One that will appeal to a wide audience since they re relatively quiet and quite accurate and don t require extensive knowledge of key caps. Before buying like various cherry amick switches do if we compare these mechanical switches to the krueger 450k switches. Which are a similar design then there s still a noticeable difference.

The 450k switches have a much more clicker profile losing that machinist that is present in the devastator these mem kanaka switches that the cougar is opted for do feel much more satisfying than cool and masters offerings. Now here s a sound sample to get an idea of the volume of these switches. However it twice the price of the kouga keyboard alone the devastator offers much of that feel at a lower price and the last important comparison is to membrane switches as that s what the devastator is really competing against this is where the devastator shows up with a better travel distance more satisfying. Actuation and overall better switch experience compared to the membrane switches on my logitech g.

15. The membrane switches feel far moisture again and the devastator feels much better overall. The switches aren t mechanical for sure. And you ll be able to tell.

However they re much better than typical membrane switches and they make for a nice middle ground and for those who aren t as picky. They could make a good alternative to mechanical switches over all the switches in the board of her great value at 30 for the bundle. But of course. We can t simply look at the keyboard as it is a two in one package here we have cooler masters devastator mouse.

Which is also incredibly inexpensive now we just finished our budget mice under 25 roundup which you can check out here. So. I ve got some solid. Comparison and testing for this mouse.

First up is the building design materials here are certainly not premium..

But a well chosen the plastic isn t as nice as a soft touch finish. But it s well executed. I m not a huge fan of the sharp angles. But they haven t been uncomfortable and the soft rubber on the sides is nice the sensor is some rattle.

But it s nothing too major either if we look at the primary clicks. This mouse is using cooler masters in house switch. Which makes it fairly good. But nothing great.

And the side browser buttons are a bit mushy scrolling has defined scroll steps. But the mouse wheel has some squeak. Which could get annoying over time on the top yard. Three illuminated areas with this really nice scroll wheel.

Illumination. Dpi. Toggle and line motif. The blue lighting looks good and matches the keyboard.

But unfortunately. There isn t a way to toggle it on or off like the keyboard. Now let s take a look at the sensor. It s using an optical sensor with 1000.

1600 and 2000. Dpi levels. I m not a big fan of this. As i d like to have seen a 400 or 500.

Dpi mode for those who use low sensitivities in game. But optical. There s a nice touch over a simple laser based design first up is the straight line test. And it shows a fair bit of prediction.

Which is something to keep in mind. And the mouse doesn t have any added acceleration. Coolermaster advertises low lift off distance. Which is great and overall sensor performance has been pretty good in testing.

It has some slight issues with extremely fast movements. But for 95 of use the devastator mouse holds up well and i can flick away in csgo with it registering for everything. But the most extreme of turns. This actually beats out many mice in the 25 to 30 dollar category.

The devastator. 2 mouse isn t as exceptional as the keyboard. But it performs well and makes a solid bundle for the keyboard overall this combo seems to offer some exceptional value with a very competitive keyboard with unique and overall satisfying switches great lighting and custom key cap compatibility and a solid accompanying mouse without any major flaws for the 30 price point. The devestated combo is a solid refresh to an already popular lineup and it s well deserving of the hardware canucks damn good value award so thank you for watching everyone if you enjoyed this review make sure to leave a like and comment.

If you have any questions or feedback. I m aiden with hardware canucks make sure to subscribe for more videos. ” ..


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