Full tutorial on how to play local multiplayer on DS to 3DS 3DS to 3DS with and without games

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“See em here welcome back to another video today. I m gonna be showing you you how you can play multiplayer or local multiplayer on on three ds s to acid and their slight flush 3ds hey guys daizy s here so guys let s start first of all which is the best thing you don t need two game cartridges as you can see on this 3ds. I m swedish i have mario kart ronnie i have mario kart 7. Running here i don t have any game so all you need to do is go to the game.

You want to play two player or multiplayer. Okay. I mean higher the volume okay everything good and what what do you want to do here is go to download play okay what a double play. And if you want to play locally like if the 3d essence beside you or something within your local area.


But a local multiplayer will create a room and since this game is a 3ds game you just wanna go to into nuke videos and now just wait until seven. Okay please wait if i i can accept my phone okay so i m gonna accept them stars no just let them load and you re good you re good to go you can also play local multiplayer. If you it s both of you it s both 3d assets have a game have a game cartridge. It s gonna be better because as you can see he can t do nothing only i m the i have the game.

I can do whatever i want 50 cc and he s only shiloh and you can t change okay so i can pick i can do whatever i might okay you can pick a car wherever you want but each county she s gonna be stuck in the ugly try guys okay guys and that s how you can play local multiplayer on 3d answers and now let s move on to the ideas okay guys playing local multiplayer on yes like sweet it s super easy all you need to do we re gonna play you re my you bros okay this video you want to go to mari versatile each or you just need to find this little logo here can you see it this thing. Okay. I m gonna go do that since we both have the games as i said before you can play local multiplayer. If someone has the game cartridge or you can play it with if you both of the ideas that have game consoles.


So now computers another super mario bros on there okay. Mario and luigi. Okay. I found mario and i found the leak.

So it super is and now you can fit whatever settings. You want and each time someone wins. He gets to pick the settings okay so this ds1 it picks the settings this ds1. It picks.


The settings super easy. And yeah. There you go know you can play whatever you want okay guys and finally now i m gonna show you how you can play local multiplayer. But this deers doesn t have the game part reduced in this case is super mario bros and by this des has it s simple a problem really kind of the same thing go to my base luigi.

But play with a person who doesn t have a have a new super mario balls okay you want to build mario. No it s gonna be searching for a point all you need to do on your 3ds or d s. Go to the download double play settings. Okay and since the game is a ds game.


It s not a 3ds game. So you know for nintendo ds. Because it s super my my father further gear up svg is but it can also be played i know look news for my buddies. Join yes.

You accepted and now the bad thing of this little weight will be downloaded. So this the s is downloading the software of the stairs or the game sorry now i just need to wait ok guys as you can see it worked it finally downloaded so i cut that cuz it took it took a bit long a bit longer than i thought but anyways thanks guys for watching if this video was helpful please leave a like subscribe and peace out guys stay tuned for more videos. ” ..


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