Fusilai Build 2018 (Guide) – Gara s Silent Touch (Warframe Gameplay)

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“Right today. We re pitting two heavyweights. The roomba 980 and the powerbot r9 350. 350.

These are the two top of the line robot vacuums out from roomba and so we re gonna go through a lot of different things in this review. I would recommend staying for the end. The review section. Where i go over all the different reviews of these whatever is good or bad.

There are some things to note with that so let s get started first round is list price. The roomba 980 is eight hundred and ninety nine dollars the actual sale price is about eight hundred and seventy. Seven the powerbot is 1199 lists and sells for about 899. So pretty much the same they both have a one year limited warranty with the roomba.

It s important to buy from a verified vendor. The links in the description are to the official amazon listings for both of these vacuums alright. Moving on to features and starting with navigation. Both the roomba 980 and the power bot.

9. 350. Are using cameras to map out your house. This is opposed to the previous generations robot vacuums that were more or less random in their approach to cleaning so both of these vacuums take a more or less systematic approach and basically straight lines to clean your house once they have it mapped as far as the sensor technology.

The samsung is using what they call a full view sensor. So it has cameras on the front of the unit that are basically detecting obstacles ahead of time and avoiding running into them. Although it does have some trouble with objects that are black and running into those. Whereas.

The roomba 980 uses the traditional physical sensors. Where it needs to kind of bump into an object to know that it s there with the cleaning system itself. The roomba 980 is using the air force cleaning system with power boost. So it s got a dual brush design in the middle of the unit.

A brush roll and then also an edge sweeping brush which basically sweeps debris from corners to the brush roll. It s a very powerful vacuum they claim it is ten times. More powerful than the early generations such as the 600 or 700 series. And it s five times.

More powerful than even the previous generation of roomba. So they ve put a lot of effort into giving it a lot of suction. The power boost idea is that it can sense when it s going into carpet. So it ramps up the suction power.

Doesn t get a little bit louder when it does that but it can sense when it s going over carpet on the samsung side. It s using a combo brush roll. This is a twelve point two inch brush roll. That s designed to be particularly good for pet hair.

Though. I assume it would be good on just about anything. It also has a ton of suction. It s got 70 times more suction than the early generations of the samsung powerbot.

It s hard to compare apples and oranges. About which has more suction because they don t compare against one another. But it would seem because of the samsung s new digital. Inverter technology that it probably has a little bit more suction.

But i can t be absolutely sure that in terms of the edge cleaning the samsung power bot does not need an edge brush because it s kind of shaped to get into corners with the brush roll. It also has an edge cleaning technology which we ll talk about in a minute the samsung power bot has a few other cool features they have the point cleaning technology where if you point a laser near a particular mess. It will follow that laser and clean that area in addition. It has a really unique edge cleaning system where this little plank comes down and pulls dirt from the very corners of a room it has what they call 22.


Ez pass. Which is a higher profile and different kind of wheels in order to do better with dealing with cords both of these vacuums have wi fi capability. They have an app. Where you can schedule cleanings or get updates remotely with your phone.

They both can be connected to either alexa or google assistant devices with the samsung powerbot. I should note that a lot of people had trouble if they had iphones or ios devices. Particularly with setup. And some other issues also a lot of people reported that the function with the power bots that you could kind of schedule.

The vacuum to vacuum. Only particular rooms in your house that that function wasn t doing very well those are all software issues that samsung may or may not get figured out in the future. As far as barricades. Keeping the roomba out of certain areas.

The roomba 980. Does it really well with virtual wall barriers you get two of these little battery powered units that basically send a signal for the room but not to enter certain areas with a powerbot you get basically magnetic tape and review seem to suggest this is has dubious effectiveness at best so if you re concerned about the roomba going into certain places. Where you just can t shut a door or whatever that might be a concern finishing up with features are a lot of things they have in common they both automatically recharge and then resume their tasks when they are when their battery runs low. They both have some kind of edge sweeping technology.

They both have some kind of detangling technology. They both have cliff detection. So they re not just going to jump off your stairs. You don t have to put up the barricades for that they both have a bin full indicator and some kind of dirt spotting technology.

Where they claim to be able to see particularly messy areas of the floor. So i think you have to give this round to the samsung. Although they are pretty close in terms of navigation and cleaning system. The samsung seems to have a little bit better sensor technology.

Maybe just a little bit of edge on cleaning and a ton of extra features that seem pretty useful moving on to specifications the roomba is a little lighter at eight point seven pounds than the samsung. Which weighs in at ten point eight pounds. The cleaning time or battery. Life for the roomba is also a little bit better at 120 minutes than the samsung which comes in at 90 minutes.

Both of those times. Vary greatly depending on the level that you have the vacuum set at so for example. With the samsung you can actually set low medium or high in terms of its power. If you have it on high that 90 minutes drops to 30 minutes of cleaning time similarly with the roomba.

If you have a lot of carpet. So it s in carpet. Boost mode that 120 minutes will be reduced greatly as well the height. The roomba has a much lower profile at three point six inches than the samsung which comes in at five point three inches.

So if it s important for you for the vacuum to get under things and have a lower profile than the roomba is definitely smaller. The bin size. Which is pretty important is not that much. Difference the samsung does have a bigger ban at.

07. Liters the. Roomba which is 06. Litres.

Most people seem to think the bin size on these are kind of small you do have to empty them out quite frequently so if your have a big house and you schedule cleaning while you re away it probably won t get much done because eventually we ll have to have the bin emptied out so that s it for specifications. I think you have to give this one to the roomba 980. It s lighter. It is has more battery life and a lower profile alright.

The final round is reviews. I went through a ton of reviews on a lot of different sites to try to find common issues that came up that were probably actual issues whether they be good or bad. So first with the pros both of these vacuums were praised for the new navigation ability with the cameras and mapping out your house once they got it figured out once they actually mapped out the house. Most people were very pleased with that also with the cleaning power and the suction ability of both of these vacuums.


They re both top of the line from roomba. And and samsung. And are meant to be very good at cleaning and they did that for the most part people were generally pleased with the way that they cleaned the negatives. There were a few negatives that they both had and they re pretty typical of robot vacuums for example they had trouble getting back to the dock.

Now you read this negative r augur pact on a whole lot more but keep in mind that elemental mods such as jolt and pistol pestilence get the damage increase their damage increased by damage mods such as ogre pact and hornet strike also by multi shot. So bird that one in mind auger pack. Doesn t get increased 90 percent extra damage might seem like a lot. But honestly this mod is only to be used when you don t have any other better option and there s one more which i want to recommend and it s my personal favorite is called hydraulic crosshairs.

This one on headshot would give you a hundred and thirty five percent critical chance when aiming for nine seconds. We already got a critical chance of about fifty percent. What this one we re gonna be going to something like seventy percent critical chance with the multi of 27. X.

If you already have a hundred percent critical chance or at least ninety eight. Something like that on your fuzzy light. Then it might be a smarter idea know for sure. It s a smarter idea to increase your critical damage with sharp from bullets 75.

Percent. Critical damage. This is a non kill effect ballentine s and purposes. If you re feeling up for.

It you can use sharpen bullets over target cracker keep in mind. Though. That this is a non kill effect. So it s not gonna be as reliable as target cracker.

This is the initial build. I m going to be recommending to you guys so let s test it and see if it s got any kick on it we re gonna be spawning in corrupted. Heavy gun are these will be level. A hundred and twenty above sortie free.

The reason why i test. Corrupted heavy gun are level 120 is not because i can spawn higher level enemies. But i do believe this a good testing point and most of weapon reviews are done on this level. So you guys get a good reference point on a weapon.

So let s go to town and see what this one can do i love little torrington. This one the weapon is no longer sluggish and it took about three clips that is 18 daggers in a targets head in order to fully kill it i m getting a lot of corrosive proc on my target. See the problem is that corrosive in order to be viable in order to be fantastic it needs multiple application so your subsequent shots will be dealing more and more damage and the fossil. I well it doesn t feel that many hits.

But if you pay attention you will see that i m getting a lot of slashes on the target look at that hmm what if i would cater the weapon as a slasher as you can see as it is now it s not bad definitely as far as throwing weapons are concerned that is definitely respectable. But we can do better with a slash focus build so we re gonna forget about jolt. Altogether and instead. We re gonna be building viral.

Which is the elemental combo between toxin and cold. We re still gonna be keeping the 60 60 miles over the 90. More simply because our slashes will be coming through the weapons. Innate a slash value as well as that high status chain.

So higher status chance in this case will get me a lot of slash values. But wait aren t you pro king viral. More than slash look. It s a higher number.

No ips impact puncturing slash has a four times greater chance of cracking over elemental types. Such as viral or corrosive and so on and so forth so when you re looking at a weapon and trying to determine exactly what is the proc priority. Look at ips x. For simply visually.


So in fact my slash is around 1600. Something like that and we re gonna be testing. The weapon out like this what a slash build the fusilli. I feel shines a little bit more and this is the build.

I will be recommending to you guys wholeheartedly and you know what it doesn t include jolt. Which was the only expensive mod on the list. So we re gonna be unloading about i think that is enough as you can see i got a barrel proc on the target and the slashes are taking away the reason. The primary reason.

Most slash builds not all of them include viral damages. Simply because viral anaesthetise proc will be reducing the maximum health of a target to 50 for the duration of the viral proc. So in a way your slashes will be dealing double damage for that duration just keep in mind that viral. Bills.

Do have some negatives to them. If the viral proc slips off the target before it dies. Then the health will be popping back up and let me give you a clear example of that okay let s see here this shouldn t kill the target the viral will expire and then the health would be gone back up in a second boom look at that so you have to really shoot the target. So there goes your fantastic dps from my point of view a viral slash build on the foo see light works better.

And that s kind of hurtful to me. Because i m a big fan of corrosive setups. Now. We do have one more set up this will be a riven setup.

And i have the fucile ivc satya whatever. It is damaged and multi shot that s the important part here and i also got damage to infested boohoo. If that was a negative that would have been absolutely bloody. Fantastic.

More damage is gonna mean well more damage higher slashing and so on and so forth more multi shot will mean more status elves. Theoretically more potential status apps on the target. So therefore more slashes as well. I do have another riven take a look at this one.

And you might be tempted to believe that hey that one clearly is better critical chance critical damage and a whole lot of puncture. But for a slash build it s not simply because that added punctured air will make it so that puncture will become my number one proc priority over slash. So if i want to build it for slash. This one is actually not helping me all that much this one will give you better results for a slash build if you simply want to build damage.

However and go for a corrosive setup. Then this is the way to go keep in mind. That puncture does have 50 damage bonus. When it comes to heavily armored targets.

But for a slash build this will work better now let s test. The weapon. One more time this is a this pole for riven. The roll on it i would call decent at best fuzzy light ribbons are not expensive you re looking at 10 to 15 platen roll head on over to pool buff.

And see. If you get lucky and take a look at that yes. This pole for riven will make quite a difference. If i m a little lucky.

I can kill one of these high level targets in a single clip. If not a clip and a half something like that look at the values on that now the difference between slash values will be determined. If it s a slash crit or not a slash crit the two thousand something s those are quit slashes. The fusilli as a throwing weapon well among throwing weapons.

Let s say like that is a pretty good contender as a secondary weapon. In general. It s decent at best and this kind of goes for most throwing weapons. I still have to test the spear of prime however everybody s telling me that i m gonna love that one it s not that i don t like the fusilli again as a throwing weapon.


It s pretty good among throwing weapons. But as a secondary weapon. This over something like the dick spurious or the exo mati or the so on and so forth. No not really.

But we will pump up everything with warframe buffs. With my favorite weapon specialist. Lady mirage. One you what i was gonna search for lady.

Didn t you haha not this time let s check out what kind of buff. She s got rifle lamp won t help me at all so we re gonna be using pistol lamp. If i manage to find it there it is there we go 27 extra damage two pistols and while the fuji lie is not exactly a pistol the damage will apply pistol lamp is an aura so everybody in your party will be receiving this benefit and it is stackable times free. However if you know you re gonna go up against grenier.

Then your safest bet will be to go with something like corrosive rejection corrosive rejection is guaranteed to give you better results. But pistol lamp will grant its benefit regardless of the target next. Let s have a look at our kings. Our kings are a lot more impactful and you can farm em down on citas.

I know that eidolon hunts may seem a bit intimidating. But by all means just go for it guys. It s really not that complicated. The best one you can have is called precision and this one on headshot 80 chance for plus.

A hundred and twenty percent damage to pistols for eight seconds as for your secondary. Arcane you can use something like avenger 40 critical chance for eight seconds this is an undamaged effect and more importantly. This is a bonus additive after and that s a pretty big deal simply. Because it adds freddy on top of what you already had it doesn t increase the base amount by 30 that s an option but i m gonna propose another 101 which is very cheap arcane awakening as you can see i can t get rid of this stuff.

It s so cheap. I think it s like twenty plat for free on reload. Which you will be doing quite a lot with the fuzzy logic got a 40 chance at 100 damage to pistols for 16 seconds. I ll be honest here is not entirely reliable that 40 chance on reload.

But this one is cheap is affordable and it s a lot easier to form from these second idle on donna s heaters. We re gonna be testing the weapon like this one more time. The sinker up that have beginner level 120. Once upon a time falls di targets would take extra damage when hit with range.

The text that is no longer. The case and hasn t been the case for months. However keep in mind that if you were to strike pause. The i targets with melee attacks.

A then a finisher multiplier would still apply activate marriages further ability and her first ability and here we go take a look at that the fucile. I can shred through these high level targets in a matter of seconds take a look at the values of those slashes and i don t even have viral proc on the target simply because i don t need it absolutely bloody. Glorious isn t it again among throwing weapons the pussy light can pack one hell of a punch amongst secondary weapons not really but then again this is silent yes so you do have the added benefit that it s a silent weapon. And not everybody likes to use harsh them visibility for example.

Perhaps you enjoy the fantasy of playing a ninja and you want to be super stealthy and pro kunai like weapons then the pussy light will get you there and you can see it does pack one hell of a punch and i do recommend the weapon with the condition that you enjoyed this type of weapon thrown. Weapons dagger like weapons as you can see sometimes they re not exactly ideal. I mean if it comes a choice between something like this and the becks furious there s no real competition there. But that s gonna do it for the review as always my name is vanessa.

Thank you guys so much for watching like favorite share and subscribe if you enjoyed the content. If you have any feedback for me or would like to request a specific weapon review. Then by all means leave it in the comment section down below. Now.

I can t realistically promise you that it will be done by next time or even a winter. A week because these reviews do take quite a bit of time. But i will be reading for each and every comment you can also find me on twitch facebook twitter all the usual places until next time guys bye bye ” ..


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