Galaxy Note 8/9: Connect to Any TV/Computer Monitor/Projector via HDMI Cable

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“What is going on guys. I m going to show you really quickly how to to connect your samsung galaxy note 8 or note. 9. Directly to your tv or monitor even a projector.

Okay as long as it has a hdmi port. Like here s a projector. Here and you can see the hdmi port right here okay i m gonna show you how to connect it via usb cable. It s very very simple so first thing is you obviously have to have a tv or computer.

Monitor projector. That has a hdmi port okay. So you wouldn t you want to go ahead and connect one end of the hdmi cable into your device. Like i have it connected to my computer.

Monitor right here. It s not a tv just a computer monitor. And then you also have to get a adapter like this this is a hdmi to usb type c. And i ll put the link below where i got this this is a the cheapest one i think one of the cheapest ones.

They had and it works. Just as well has the more expensive brands. Anyway. So i ll put this in a link below simply go ahead and connect the other end of the hdmi into here and then go ahead and grab your note.

8. Or note. 9. Make sure the computer monitor or tv is on and just plug in as soon as you plug in give it a second and it should connect right away give it a second it s coming and there we go okay so they do it on your phone.

It s going to be relayed to over to the tv or monitor..

If i couldn t put my phone to sleep. It does the same thing okay so if you want to be able to surf the internet. If you want to go ahead into your browser. And do some searches and whatnot.

Then your phone needs to be connected to either the home wi fi network or you can use your mobile data on here. As well okay and of course. You can play games on here. You can watch youtube videos.

Netflix videos even photos. Here let me go ahead and bring up a. I ll bring up a camera here and i ll show you a photo in a video as well let me go ahead. And take a photo here let me uh oops.

Let me go back let me switch. The let me just go back the camera here and i ll take a photo. I ll take a quick video as well and let s see here so i ll take a photo right here. And i ll also take a video.

Okay testing one two three testing one two three. I ll turn that off and we ll go ahead and view. The photo as well as that video there let me go in the gallery. Here so here is the video and you can see that the volume and everything comes out from the tv.

Not the phone and we ll look at that photo. I just took as well you can see right there so pretty simple again you need hdmi cable and one of these adapters and there you guys go thanks for watching. bet to have 1080p. But somehow the j7 rarely made us miss.

It pixelation grain weren t issues for this device..

Enabling you to zoom in on a high resolution images with satisfactory results. The samsung experienced first introduced in the galaxy s 8 keeps the user interface clean and the settings well organized small touches like tapping an arrow icon to scroll to the top of the list make us happy to be on the samsung. We didn t mind using the proprietary apps for mail web browsing or messaging. We had to search between the main phone settings and apps contextual menu find all the settings for certain apps.

The omission of two main features though made us miss chrome in gmail the web browser inexplicably lacked swipe gestures for back and forward functions and notifications for email are only actionable if you want to reply. No delete option exists. Forcing us to clear messages. Which will have to go into the mail apple later to delete navigating the j7 is a swift and usually smooth experience.

Samsung s in house exynos 7870 processor. While not a speed demon still delivers impressive results in this configuration. 2. Gigs of ram.

Aided in multitasking. Which the j7 also does well opening apps quickly and switching them with usually a slight pause like most bid rangers gaming is doable. But less than optimal. This will be where you see the displays true colors so to speak and the 720p screen shows us how disappointing it can be on a 55.

Inch. Er you ll also be dropping a lot of frames. Encountering a persistent stutter opening the camera you re greeted with samsung s familiar controls among them is pro mode. A feature.

We recommend getting familiar with on to j7 while well lit. Photos. Taken on this. 8.

Megapixel camera..

Generally come out looking nice and properly coloured. A noticeable tendency to over expose the graces of depth and color range in images a problem that gets much worse and seems with either low light or varied brightness turning on the non automated hdr mode helps bring back some photos from the brink of complete washout. But doing so often softens the overall image further creating scenes that look airbrushed or painted of course. This issue is most prominent in low light conditions.

But well lit situations that require a dynamic range. Still suffered the same issues. Hdr pictures. Also took too long the snaps.

Almost always letting in movement during the time. It was processing a quicker and automated hdr mode as well as overall better imaging software are needed for this phone to remain competitive. In this category. Video production is similar in that it reproduces colors and images well in bright scenes.

But the lack of any image stabilization is an absence which you ll immediately be aware of autofocus also had quite a tough time getting home dinh often never even doing so calls on the j7 sound alright. The device is hd voice capable. But even then voices often came through with a bit of muffling and muddiness. The speakerphone is loud.

But also produces the same tinge of stuffiness packing a 3300 milliamp battery. The j7 lasted over 12 and a half hours in our custom tests and showed it could last deep into a second day on moderate usage and a lower brightness setting. It does take similarly long to charge back up. Though clocking in at 2 hours.

And 22 minutes. 18. Galaxy. J7 is a decent mid range smartphone.

It s just not simply bursting with value like others in its category..

Though consider the fact that right now you can get a 32 gig iphone se for 200 and gain a superior camera nicer materials a fingerprint scanner and generally better performance or if you prefer the 5 inch. Plus. Screen. Size you can move to the moto g.

5. 4. 2013. And gain a more competent camera.

A screen. That s more comfortable to look at a fingerprint scanner and for our tastes. A much better looking device. The same may be true of the nokia 6 with its stylish looks and favorable spec sheet stay tuned for our review on that shortly and you have the honor 6x from huawei.

Which offers you a taste of flagship level features like dual cameras. Three gigs of ram and of course. A fingerprint scanner. The list goes on truthfully bones.

The offer similar if not better performance. And more features that makes it hard for us to recommend this phone. It s not a bad phone. And if samsung is your panacea by all means grab a j7.

But with so many other solid options out there offering more value. There s never been a better time to try something new i m. Corey gaskin and phone arena thanks for watching and be sure to ” ..


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