Galaxy S6 Black Screen

samsung galaxy s6 black screen This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Galaxy S6 Black Screen. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys welcome to another blog tech tips today. I ll be showing you how to to fix the black screen issue here today i have the samsung galaxy s6 as can see the edges alright this is the non edge edition now the issue that i m trying to fix our shush be showing you how to fix today. With this device is a black screen issue no so that maybe this device. I m only using it for demonstration purposes are so let s pretend you are having the black screen issue on the screen is blocked as you re seen here first thing.

I wanted to try is still first you re gonna over down the power button. So you know all on the phone. While the device is seems to be off and then you re going to eat the volume up button alright and you re going to hold both of these at the same time and what should happen is that the phone should vibrate and then it should power on when you re having the black screen issue alright now that does not work..


What you want to do next is you want actually all the power button. So you can hold a callable again and this time instead of the volume up you re gonna need the volume. Don t know by doing that the screen should vibrate and the phone should come on and disappear should start working again alright now that feels to you can basically try anything that i m telling you here by switching to your usb. Here will connect your computer try the volume of unknown trick again.

And i ll simply connect me ticket your computer. The usb hub and then try the volume up with the powerball trick once again and see if it works now sometimes it works. While it s plugged out or while it s plugged inside of the very and tryna know some other things you can track those are feel is that you can hit me for you oh you can hit the power..


And you can actually basically all the home button. Now basically works that the phone will power on and it divides your reboot. Right. And the black screen issue should be fixed.

Now that feels you can basically try same thing. Again using the volume up the power button right all the all button and then you ll come to a screen with the android on screen want to see the android on screen you ll be ethically go down to reboot my feelings try it again and then go down to wipe cache. Right sometimes eat up those options works alright last thing..


I can do is you can either go back again you can eat or volume down. Which is the variation or power or the all button right and you re gonna hold them and the black screen will be on screen and then suddenly you ll go to a screen that says one right in a hit volume down alright i m gonna eat reboot and that in most cases has helped to actually fix the lockscreen issue alright. So as i said guys before this is a common issue with the samsung galaxy s6 this is an on edge variant it can also work with the edge variant. You can also work with the the plus additions.

Which is a larger versions with the edge right now all you have to do is just be patient try all out told you try it with the usb here it will plug in and without alright. I just don t give up some time to not work on the first try so you ll have to try it over and over several times until you get it right all right guys. This is ricardo gardner put another blog tech tips tutorial..


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Ricardo garner from block tech tips saying goodbye and thank you for tuning. ” ..

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