Galaxy S7 Active vs Edge: What s the difference?

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“Samsung galaxy s7 has spawned two spin offs the galaxy s7 edge and the galaxy galaxy seven active one rent for beauty. While the other one for toughness. Let s a look at the differences between these two devices the most obvious thing you re gonna notice is that these two devices look nothing alike. No one s ever going to confuse them one looks like a piece of fine jewelry.

While the other is more like a tank. The edge is made of glass and a metal frame. While the active is primarily plastic. Now people gave samsung a hard time in the past.

We re using plastic. But that was because it was more like an oily fingerprint magnet plastic the active is a hard plastic. It s smooth and there s a nice grippy pattern on the back. The two devices are very similar in size even.

Though. The edge is a bigger display that s because there s a lot more bezel around the active because it s basically in a case. Which also makes it a lot thicker and the thickness actually really feels nice in the hand. And there s another benefit.

Which is the bigger battery. But we ll touch on that later speaking of the display size they active is 51. Inch. Like the standard galaxy s7 has the same screen resolution and it s super amoled.

But there s one big difference. And that is the display is shatter resistant. But notice. I didn t say shatterproof the active display will still be cracked.

But if you get a crack. It s not gonna spiderweb throughout the entire display. It s gonna be isolated to one crack. Which is very nice so obviously the active isn t more rugged of these devices.

But not as much as you might think so they both have the ip68 rating for dust and water. Which means you can get them wet and dust is not gonna really get inside. Now you re still not gonna want to keep these submerge for a long period of time just for fun. But if you re stuck in the rain.


It should be fine. But well puts the active above the edge is the military std 810g standard. So this is some serious military stuff. It s rated for low pressure.

Altitude testing exposure to high and low temperatures. Humidity fungus. Salt. Fog.

Rust. Dust exposure. Explosive atmosphere. Shock.

And even gun fire vibration that s something that you re not gonna find in a lot of phones on the spec sheet. These two phones have a lot in common their own most identical. But one difference is battery size. So the edge has 3600 milliamp hour battery while the active is 4000 milliamp hour battery you can easily make it through a day in nearly 2 days.

If you d really try to stretch it and you could probably actually get it to close to 3 or 4 days. If you re really stretching it using doze mode and power saving and that s important because if you re using a rugged phone you might find yourself in a situation such as in the wilderness out on a hike or something. And you don t have any power. You need to make your phone last for multiple days with the active you can do that most of the differences that i ve talked about have been in favor of the active.

But there s one thing that it doesn t have going for and that s availability so in terms of pricing. The edge and the active are the same price 100 more than regular galaxy s7. But when you re going to buy one you only have one place to go for the active and that s at t. Once again 18t has an exclusive on the active line.

They always have the active line. It s unfortunate. It seems like rugged phones. Always seem up exclusive on some carrier.

So if you want the active you re gonna have to go to at t or buy an otterbox case and put it on your galaxy. S7. So that s the main differences between these two phones. One is a little bit more rugged than the other one and one can only be bought on at t.


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