Galaxy S7 Headphone Jack Replacement How To

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“People around you are annoyed by the nfact that you can t use your headphones. Headphones. Don t worry i can help today. I m going nto show you how replace the headphone jack in your galaxy s7 for this repair you re going to need a heat gun a philips 00 screwdriver.

An isclack or suction cup opening picks. A spudger and tweezers just a warning nopening your galaxy s7 may reduce the water resistance capabilities of this ndevice before we begin understand this repair is on the difficult side due to nall the adhesive take caution and be patient as it s easy to break components. Nthat are adhered as always make sure that the phone is completely turned off nonce you ve turned off the phone..


We re going to try to remove the back panel nstart by taking out the sim card at the top of the phone. The s7 is unfortunately nheld together with adhesive. So you ll need to heat. And loosen.

The glue on the nback before moving on we are using a heat gun for this device. Please take ncaution not to overheat your device do this by staying in the lowest power and nnot getting too close heat up all sides of the phone. Then use your isclack or nsuction cups to lift up one edge of the panel..


Just enough to insert an opening npick this pick will ensure that the glue does not reset. As it cools. Now use an nadditional pick to cut the adhesive up the left side and another one for the nright. If you run into a lot of resistance just use more heat before ncutting with the picks once everything is cut.

You should be nable to lift the back panel from the phone time to remove the 12 phillips nscrews holding the antenna module. The nfc module and the speakers in place nonce. The screws are removed lift the modules out of the phone..


It s important to note that you should disconnect the battery as soon as the connector is naccessible no matter. What component you re going to replace to remove the nheadphone jack. You ll need to first remove the one phillips screw holding. It nin place.

Now you can disconnect the cable and gently lift the headphone jack nfrom. The phone you can find all the. Parts and tools you need for this and nmany more repairs at ifixitcom..


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