Galaxy Tab 4 with Folio Backlit Keyboard

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” s up everybody i got this folio here. It s a little keyboard. That s s compatible with the galaxy tab. Four this is the 10 inch model that i and there s the galaxy tab.

And then here s the actual keyboard the way that it looks and i ll just adjust it outside and put the actual tablet in there with the keyboard. It s a little heavy and well heavier than what i expected it to be. But i like the build of the keyboard. Oh little challenge getting that open alright.

So all you do is place..

The keyboard. I m sorry the tablet and the little opening here and it kind of just snaps in there alright and it should be good to go now a lot of people say they re having issues with getting this connector actually not a lot a few people so i m going to show you guys how to do this we re having issues with getting disconnected and bear bear with me i m recording this with the iphone 6 plus. So what you ll do you ll bring under menu click on the settings icon. Now if blizzards not turned on you ll want to turn that on and then you ll click on bluetooth and then on your actual keyboard you re going to press the power button for that to come on once that s on you re going to hold fn and you re going to hold next to where it shows the power button a little bluetooth button both of those at the same time so it s going to be hard for me to do this holding the camera.

But that s what i m holding those two together now once you do that it lights up blue starts blinking. So what you ll do up here. You re going to click scan. Then once you do that and you click on the keyboard.

And it s connected and that s all there is to it and so now what i m going to do i m going to actually show you the keyboard itself..

Which is one thing. I like about it so let me go ahead. And what i m going to do i m going to actually pull up let s see here we go well we want the keyboard to stay. But when you pray actually let me turn it back on when you press.

The i believe is fn and the little icon. Here. It s like a little kind of like a little light bulb of arrows going around it. When you press that those two together.

It actually changes the backlit keyboard..

So i ll show you that oh well it used to and a little work now oh there it goes alright. So i press. It again it s red right now which i know it s a little hard to see right now. But if it s not this trust me.

It s a lot better than what it looks like it s a lot brighter. It s just this camera isn t good at dark at all. But if you press it again then it lights up pinkish purplish press. It again for the two then it lights up like this and again.

I m sorry about the quality that it looks like it s in but it looks much better in person..

There it is in green here it is in a yellowish color and back to red. I ll see how they have about six different colors there and so that s a quick review of the galaxy tab. 4 what s the folio keyboard backlit keyboard and the backlit keyboard is 9999 in the galaxy tab 4. I actually popped purchase at certified pre owned for two hundred and thirty dollars and that s my review.

” ..

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