Gamecube BIOS Corruptions

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“Uh that that that doesn t sound right. Oh. Mm urrh erh that sounds great great great. Oh ohh.

No he he he almost made it he he almost made back there blwhat what ehehehe someone s been smoking. The marijuanas hooohohohoho hohohohoho huhuhuhhh fuhuhuhu. Not a good menu ooohhh huhuhuhu. Why you doing this to me.

Gamecube. Where s the text. Where is it where s the cube. Oh hehehe o.

There. It is oh. That is heh heh heh. Heh.

Heh heh. That does that look like a music note to you that looks right to me. Eff. Yeah.

Eh you can t pf whe where s the cube it s omm pressing letters on keyboard this is the game selection okay so the menu still works but i can t go to sound sound. Doesn t work what what i ve. I think the cube turned into a flashlight or something fuhuhuhu okay whatever you say whatever you say gamecube dopf. Uh.


Is this the oh is this the the tetris gamecube. You got your uh. A. Nice tetris block here.

Oh heheh um. You re a bit bouncy you you you feelin . You feelin all right pffheheheheheheh hehehheheheheh you f. Ee.

You feelin all right eh umf eff heh ehehhehhhh dying inside ehhehhh uf. I think feh the cube just kinda kinda disappeared there it just it it just stopped wait what what it let me get into the setup whoa that s not supposed to happen. It s just thes then then it then it crashes that s not supposed to happen. It s supposed to it s supposed to play a game not not setup.

Muctheh feh. What camera guy change. The camera bob change. The camera bob that s not that s not where this is not where the camera goes whoaw.

What the fuck whoaw uhmm. This is not it s not right how am i supposed to work with it i can t work with this oof ow. My hand whoa whoa theh. It s not wh.

What the fuck was that this is not this is not normal. Oh. My god why are there so many tiles and and you crashed ohn the emulator. I love i love corrupting the someone s a bouncy boi.


My god thss it disappeared. What not normal calendar s having a bit of a. Oh oh oh. That s not no that s not how you gamecube.

That s not that s not how you gamecube. It s a bit flat. Oh is it s a bit slanted. It s a bit.

It s it s alright theh rave party. No 2 10. Twenty o. 70.

Someone someone forgot to tell the gamecube that you can h. You can t have 70 seconds on the time o theb. You you re a bit off center. It was a bit off centered there uhm.

The a button s uh. Having a good ol time down. There black and white text. It s i ll see anything wrong with it i don t got some good numbers.

Here uhhmh. No i want it. Forget the buttons. Oh ok.


What is with the camera guy. He just messes up fowwhahah theheheheh. It just it had a little seizure. It s all right we all we all just have seizures some times eehhh bfeh.

What s with the ca. What s up with the calendar. So we got we got all. The numbers here 0.

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 2. Fucking dots.

It s thef. It s tha. No you bet you better show. Me that again.

There we go that d be perfect for a tracking shot. This is creep whwhwhat brown fuhuhuhu goodbye gamecube. It just didn t want to be here. Anymore crying.

What is thaat..

Why is there a cube in the middle. He s dancin he s dancin i i don t know about you. But i would buy a gamecube just to see the cube dance around like that no matter. How many times.

I hit the button. It s just i mean i like that sound so i don t mind ohohoh the cube. It s flat. What was the cube it s not even a cube.

It s a square nintendo gamesquare tm coming coming in 1997 fh what ths eheheh the cube it s just kinda. It s just sitting there ok that didn t sound right pshh. I like uh. I i i don t like pfohohh.

The text just kinda kinda fell off the cube can someone get some glue in here. We need to put the words back. Oh. The it literally falls off.

Oh. It was right there okay. Whoaaaow the cu. The cube was there the whole time ” .


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