GameStop Expo 2017 Highlights

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” m kurt and i m here in las vegas the venetian hotel where the gamestop gamestop expo is currently avenue i just got done playing moss from poly art games it was a vr game. It was a puzzle vr platformer where you play as this dissing. This sort of spirit looking thing that you essentially shaped the world to let will run through you also controlled well as well and you can fight beetles and stuff quill communicates with a player using sign language. Which i found very fascinating and great.

I think will be a good step for for the asl community. They have a character in the game. That s actually communicating a sign. I think that s brilliant mics this is my first we are experienced and it was pretty smooth.


I didn t feel sick until i tried to shove my face through a wall just to test the limits of it and then i got a little queasy. But overall it was a really awesome experience and i m really looking forward to where this game is going to go that was a simpler play supermario odyssey and also skyrim on the switch as well as beeper super honesty. It was awesome. I didn t get the plate as much as i would like.

But it felt right and it s as good as it looks controls are intuitive. I wasn t really into the motion control thing. I m usually i m not one that hates on motion controls. I just felt like it was unnecessary.


I just felt like i was off early trying to do things that i couldn t so i avengers just moved over to pressing a button. So lastly was skyrim. They only had it available on handheld because it s pretty clear that they that s what they wanted the game to be seen. So i wasn t able to see in talk you keep her to handheld in dock mode.

However it looked beautiful on on the tablet it look great it plays very smooth the you can definitely tell it s not the hd. Remastered version some of the grabs are difficult looking dumb down or on and when it was first released all those years ago. But i think it actually may have weighed me over to wine a by a guy okay. So i m here at the best of booth.


And i just got done playing the eagle. Then and wolfenstein so to begin. I m not a huge fan of the eagle with them one i have very mixed feelings on it i think it captures the roots of really good scrabble board games. But i think it was a little bit more style over substance.

I can tell so far the evil within is more or less kind of the same thing so far. It has all the same mechanics and ideas that the first one has there s just a little bit more prettier power. We ll have to see when that one comes out we ll decide to however was awesome the demo opens up with you bound to a wheelchair wheeling your way around armed with a machine gun. I ll try it against nazis well jeff setting up these booby traps and all this other nonsense.


It is it was so much fun. I can t do this many people live here this is so hot it s like 106. I don t oh my god i gave a talk i gave it now i m done ” ..


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