Gaming on an Alienware m14x R1 in 2019

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“I was looking for a small lightweight performance. A laptop for school on my last last term and i sold my original laptop for various reasons. And i didn t to spend too much money. And i wanted something that was good enough to get me through school now.

I was originally thinking of getting a macbook. But then i found out that we can t even run mac or linux for our last term. So that really narrowed down my options for me i would looked at a lenovo x2 20 with an i7 processor. But they re going for anywhere between 200 and 300 dollars and i thought for what you get it s not really a lot so then i just decided to say screw it what s the best laptop.

We can get for 300 or less. And what i found was an alienware em 14x r1. So 300 got me a laptop from. 2011 that has a i7 2860.

Qm my belief it s up to 36. Gigahertz four cores hyper threaded so eight eight cores. I guess eight gigs of ddr3 ram. A 650 gig.

Wd black. Which was swapped for a 500 gig kingston ssd and an nvidia gt 555 m. With three gigs of gddr3 ram. And honestly the three gigs is way over the top you re never gonna fill that up or get to use any of that really the gpu is really not that good jumping straight into the games.

Here s call duty black ops were running zombies on shi. No numa creating about 40 fps. Everything is maxed out entirely the frame rates will dip a little bit..


Sometimes under the high 30s overall. Very very playable on this laptop. You ll notice. A reoccurring theme.

Here at the cpu is being used way less than the gpu and i think that the gpu really holds his laptop back unfortunately need for speed. Most wanted came out in 2005. Yet if you max out all the settings. It is still very very demanding.

I didn t have anti aliasing turned on. But everything else was maxed out and you can tell that it s under 30fps. Most of the time. It s not very playable you could definitely play it if you did turn down the settings.

Though but yeah. The laptop really struggled with this one still won the race though taking it back to around when this laptop would have been. Relevant we have minecraft beta. 130.

One java 64. Bit installed. And all the settings maxed out. Here.

You can see i m going to turn it down to normal the render distance because on far. We re getting like 30 fps. Which is really i don t know i don t find it that that playable..


I notice it so i set it down to normal after letting the world render a bit and we were getting about 50 60 fps. Which is perfectly playable. We also have a couple mods installed. But that doesn t really affect the game and its performance now we re moving on to some tf2 do you keep in mind tf2.

Has changed a lot over the years and it s even the best computers will lag. So here i m playing on ask i ll community server on to fort. There s about like i think. 13 people including myself on this server.

We re sitting at about 30 ish. 40 ish fps all settings maxed out relatively playable. But when things get super super. Hectic.

It will drop into the low 30s. Sometimes high 20s here we have half life 2 this game runs perfectly fine. Everything s maxed out once again native resolution. Not really a whole lot to say here you can see that i m gonna die in a few seconds overall very playable and very fun so if you were looking to play half life 2.

Then play it on his laptop. I guess moving on with source games. We have garry s mod. I was having difficulties connecting to online servers so in order to replicate a typical garry s mod server experience.

I took one of the biggest dupes i could find on the workshop and i spun it in a really large map you can see our frame weights not really that good. Once. Again..


All settings are maxed out native resolution. Everything we re getting about like 27 30. Ish fps. So when there s a lot going on the laptop.

Really can t take it that well. But i meant it if you turn down the settings. It should be a lot better next up from 2011 is cry of fear now this game was very spotty even on newer computers. It s very spotty.

This game is as far as i know a single core game. Only so it runs like shit on some of the best computers as well even on my mac pro run it s pretty shitty sometimes. It was relatively playable you can see we re in the little mental hospital in the forest. You know framerate usually in the 30s sometimes 40s depending on where you are but i would say this relatively playable in some parts.

It was a little bit unplayable. Though nice trainer jump into killing floor. Msi afterburner was not working with this application like it didn t in my last video with the mac pro so not sure what s going on here. But it was a very very very smooth 60fps all the settings maxed out we re playing here on ko farms.

Single player and very happy with this is very very playable. But it is an older game so if you can t tell by now a reoccurring theme is that i ve been playing some older games. That s because you really shouldn t expect a laptop of this era to be able to handle things. Like gta.

5. Or borderlands. 2..


Or something like that it s just not good enough. But i was curious anyways and i wanted to try black mesa source the steam version not the source mod. I have a mixture of settings going on right here. And it s okay.

It s i m kind of surprised. But it s very glitchy you can tell have a look here some of the props. The static props. There s black.

I could not fix this i don t know what causes this. But it was okay i would say it was borderline unplayable. Though maybe if you turn down the settings. It would run better.

But i m not sure so for 300 can i recommend this alienware m14 xr one from 2011 as a regular computer. Absolutely this is gonna blow any 300 computer from 2019 out of the water for gaming. It s a bit of a different story you have to be ready to turn down your graphics settings. And don t expect to play new titles on here honestly.

It s it s a decent laptop and it looks really cool for a gaming. Though i m gonna have to say give yourself another 100 bucks 150. Bucks you ll find something way better than this but i m not really using it for gaming. Anyway so for me it works ” .


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