Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch Review The TRUTH Revealed

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“And i are visiting a company. Called emotiv emotiv wants to build technology that can can channel our brain waves into real world commands. I think we re on the of a type of brain augmentation that will transform the way that we are as humans tan le is the founder of emotiv and the way she describes her company s goal is kind of science fictiony. We re applying science to make the f orce come alive.

What emotiv is doing is an extremely long way off from any of this stuff. But it s the very beginning of something big with the promise that one day our thoughts could control the objects around us can i put it on your head. Yeah ok here we go so we can see here. What parts of your brain are most excited are most active emotiv s headset works by first learning a pattern of your brain waves.

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And the most powerful thing is all you re using is your brain you can do all of that simply by thinking emotiv s goal is a world where headsets like this are everywhere maybe embedded in a hat or a pair of glasses. But it s crucial to understand the limits of where this technology currently is it s not the force. Some of the claims are overblown. It s different than the force in that your brain thoughts by themselves are not causing a physical interaction with an object.

Virginia. De sa is a cognitive science professor at uc san diego she s an expert in brain computer. Ninterfaces. She says the technology is promising but still in its infancy.

What you can t do right now is you can t say i think i want light on and turn the light on or think i want the tv on to turn the tv on or think i want the dishwasher on and turn the dishwasher on she also says the technology is easily overhyped last year emotiv released a video of a paraplegic man driving a formula 1 car using just his brain and an emotiv headset the video went viral partly because of how impressive. It made the technology seem. But de sa says. We should be skeptical of what we re seeing here.

You can t drive a car with your brain. And the driver in this video was probably only controlling certain elements likely in the case of the car. The car is taking care of maintaining speed staying in the lane avoiding hitting anything and emotiv s headsets actually have a long way to go in just recording brain signals accurately think of how jerky the movement was when david tried to move that block specific brain signals can be really difficult to capture and even with the latest eeg technology..


We can t see them quite clearly. It s like looking at something through the shower glass. Where it s frosted glass. And it s blurring everything out.

Still. The capabilities are enough that companies are developing systems to allow so called neurogamers to compete with their thoughts and similar tech developed in other labs allows people to control artificial limbs with their minds. And maybe. There s more ahead people like elon musk mark.

Zuckerberg. And the entrepreneur. Brian johnson are developing brain control technology. Facebook is talking about a system.

Where we will type with our thoughts it sounds impossible. But it s closer than you may realize these are big names with big money. But remember right now what the technology actually does is still pretty basic well there you go still the potential for harnessing the power of human thought is definitely exciting. And if the technology improves one day it could be big.

I think that this moment. It s an extremely exciting frontier that can truly transform our understanding of ourselves and also change the way we perceive. course. I personally normally go to in my area is on this device here so it scores good in that category.

So i m pretty sure unless you re golfing in some completely you know on the middle of nowhere location um. It s the course is gonna be on this thing. So that was pretty cool. So is it easy to use so it is a similar size to most watches and the screen is about one inch in this case.

So it is you know it s not it s not too big. It s not too small so it s a pretty good size um. It is lightweight. But it s pretty durable has a rubber and like a plastic body so obviously you wouldn t want to like throw the thing around or be it up.

But it is pretty durable um. You know definitely didn t have any problems that way as light wasn t too heavy wasn t too big all kind of stuff kate and it uses both touch screen. And there s physical buttons on it so it might take a little bit of time getting used to like the touch screen or the buttons or how to use that stuff..


But there are instructions and it is pretty easy setting up and just you can have to play around with it for a little bit. But it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it i mean it could be a bit tricky at first for some people. But overall. It wasn t too about what the instructions case so how about the performance of this.

Obviously. If it doesn t perform well. There s no use for it right it could you know put out false numbers. And it s not gonna be any help to anyone.

But it did perform you know pretty well and it was accurate to about plus or minus four yards. So it wasn t bad at all as pretty is pretty darn good compared to other gps s i ve used other ones in the past and they were like way off right so this one was pretty pretty accurate. So i was definitely pleased with that it has overhead a whole map so you can basically see the whole from above. Which makes it real easy to read and pretty much navigate around the core.

Seeing different hazards distant distances and all myself. So i was a pretty cool thing as well and you can actually mark up to five spots per hole and input stuff about location you can you know you could put in like different bunkers different creeks you can put like little notes about you know how far. It is all kind of stuff. So that was a pretty cool thing you know definitely helpful for some courses in my area especially where you need to know kinda you know the distance to different like creeks or you know whether you re going for or laying up or all that kind of stuff.

So it was a big help being able to put in that information. So let s talk about some pros. So it does come with an overhead hole view. So that was a pretty cool thing being able to see you know the holes.

The bunkers and all kinds of them above all most definitely add weight. But easier and better way of reading it so what does a bunch of statues can help you on the app actually so it s going to um. You know it s gonna track stuff like you know whether you hit it left or right you know fairways and regulation greens. All that kind of starts gonna track that and send that to the app.

So you can be a secure back. And i m kind of look at your stats and all accounts out that was a pretty cool thing. And it has a lot of courses on it so within thirty eight thousand on they re probably always adding new courses as well so chances are they re gonna have all the courses that you generally go to which is it pretty cool okay. And it does have handicaps core as well so if you do want to know that you can basically put in your handicap and i m track scores that way i don t personally use that myself.

But it is a good thing for some people how about the cons so it is pretty expensive compared to other models obviously that s one con and if you are on a budget. Um. It s probably not the best option for you..


But that s just probably because of it is a high end model and doesn t have a lot of additional features that other ones don t have so it is a top of the line. So that s kind of what i would generally use it for is if you are wanting some of the you know more advanced features. You don t really have a budget problem. It s definitely a good option for that.

But you can t actually view scores or stats on the watch itself. You actually have to either use your phone with the app um you know if you have data on your phone all kind of stuff or you simply use your computer and log in after year round. But you can actually view your scores or stats on the watch itself so though there s kind of two cons. Obviously not not you know huge doing anything like that.

But it s definitely just two things to know so is it actually worth buying take into account. All the pros. All the cons. If you are looking for a premium golf watch that comes with all the bells and whistles.

I would definitely recommend this one we definitely liked it we didn t really see too many things around with it other than you know it is a bit pricey. But with all the different features we definitely like this and we definitely think that is one of the most premium watches out there. So what is one of the most expensive that s stupid because of all the awesome features that comes with that other you know models don t really have so um. That was definitely our opinion on it and we did definitely liked it so the cheapest place that i could find this product is in the link down the description.

So we looked at multiple different websites to find the cheapest and best place to buy it and at the time of this video. That was the best place. So. If you want to go ahead and look at the price you can go ahead.

And do so so. If you go ahead and buy the product down below. I ll give you a free copy of the consistent report ebook here. It s conditionally seven shortcuts you can use to drastically improve your scores and ball striking overnight so it is simply seven quick adjustments they re really gonna help you improve your game they really helped improve my game.

And i definitely think they can do the same for you. But so be i like to do is purchase to the link down below send me an email with a screenshot of your receipt and i ll send you over a free copy of this book here. So that s pretty much going to be for this video hope you enjoyed let me know if you have any questions down below and we will see ” ..


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