Garmin HR Strap Battery Replacement

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“Drops wrong aunt welcome to the back office tear down lab now i do a a little bit of running and today. I did a spirited run and i was forward to getting my heart rate and cadence data from here. But alas. There was no and these garmin chest straps now bit sweaty.

Because he s a bit wet and sway. They are kind of waterproof because the they don t like come apart like they used to so. This is all like one piece that stays together forever. So you hopefully won t wear out too much so.

When you see this there s no discernible way of removing it doesn t pop off like the old ones did. But if you remove that there is a little wee plastic cover on it and you can see the sensor..

There. So all you got to do to change the batteries and do these screws you d be very careful of course because they are waterproof and i think goman just made the decision to make them all the same kind of design and all waterproof because they were trying to sell their heart rate. Things before you know triathlon people. So you just have it on the whole time nobody wants to be taking these on and off during the race and actually.

There is a tiny bit of thread lock on those so they are put in not to come out easily. And there. You are it s just a panasonic cr 2. O.

3. 2..

Now we have a look at my box were very lucky. Indeed. Because you can see i ve just got the last one here so i m gonna replace this panasonic one with a max l1. How do we do this so exceed there s two retaining doodads.

There mmm interesting enough there s a keyway screw hole. There too you can see that one s actually protruding. But i digest right it s the battery just seemed to pop out quite easy. That s how a bit of fur like looks like a grease on there hmm new one in guessing.

That s all you have to do really. There s not much there smells a bit sweaty to be fair probably worth chucking..

It in the washing machine. But take care that when you put this on let s have a look at that seal. So you ve got this orange seal. There if that s any way shape or form damaged.

Probably best speak to garmin for a new one and if they say they don t have a seal go to pound land on those places. And you can get big like container full of loads of different size gaskets. I know they re gonna be black gaskets. You should be able to find all our ings rather you should be able to find an o ring.

That s gonna replace that one okay so that was our protruding one it s off well they ve got that i don t know why the covers keyed in that way. But maybe..

It s just so the garmin logo pops up the right way now be a bit cautious here. I don t have a means of measuring the torque. So i m just doing it by hand. But it would be easy to overtalk these the last thing you want to do is pull the metal insert out of the plastic body because that will be a bad day for you and that should be that i don t think you ll even have to repair it to your phone to be honest with you this seems to go on either way you could there s actually a cutout here you can see there s a little notch.

There and the knotch. There that s a notch for that screw specifically for that screw done done for another like couple of years. I do think as ever thanks for watching. ” .


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