Garmin Nuvi 2599LMTHD pt.1 (Overview)

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“I. Am wondering one and this is my review of the garmin. Nuvi. 2599.

Lmt lmt hd. Might be a bit of a mouthful. But each of those numbers and designates. A particular form factor and function of the gps.

So the lm t is lifetime traffic and maps and hd is something special for the 2599. Here meaning that it has hd traffic that s going to get you a traffic signal every 30 seconds as opposed to the standard that you would have with other models. But we ll get into that a little later. I m going to break this up into several different videos.

If you ve seen any of the gps videos. I ve done before i break it up to try and keep it so that if you are looking for particular information you can check that out in one video instead of having to scrub through an entire video so right now you re looking at the overview of the garmin nuvi. 2599. Lmt so i m going to go over the general specifications and you know the items that you would be considering purchasing this particular one for i will be doing a lot of comparison to the garmin nuvi 2555 lmt.

Which is the gps that i previously had so just note that i ll be throwing in a lot of comparisons with that i ll put in an annotation or a card or whatever google comes up with next so you can see that older gps. If you want the playlist. I created for that so right now. I guess i m going to give you like the home shopping.

Network overview of the. 2599 lmt. Hd. Right.

Now so what you are looking at is. A 55 inch wide 33. Inch high and has a depth of 07..


Now that is the device and its. Entirety. However the screen is a little smaller giving you a width of. 44 a height of 25.

And that is your visible screen as you can see there is this black border around the screen. That s going to give you an indication of how much screen space you actually get now i don t mind the size of the screen myself. It s kind of what i prefer i don t like a larger screen blocking my view. But for some they want bigger screens.

They do have other models out there with bigger screens. But this is the five inch version and the five inch version is the device itself not actually the screen size. But one of the major differences with the screen from previous models. At least in the two to three years that i haven t purchased a new gps is this is now a capacitive touchscreen.

So you can pinch to zoom. Which i ll show you later on the user interface video and you know swipe gestures. Unlike the previous generation where it was more of a you know touch bit it didn t have this glass screen similar to your smartphone. One downfall is like your smartphones.

If you re wearing gloves. It cannot be used with capacitive touchscreen. Unless you have special gloves. However.

This model does have voice commands. Which is rather nicer. You don t have to take your hands off the wheel and you can just navigate using your voice but again later video it comes with the internal lithium ion battery and it says it has 2 hours of battery life i m going to tell you right now. There s no way it s 2 hours of battery life.

Even at 50 of screen brightness it did not last me 2 hours. But you do have a charging cable that comes with the device. I should mention that it is lifetime traffic..


But the traffic receiver is actually built into the gps itself so you only need a charger as opposed to in the past. Where you actually needed the traffic receiver. And this little dangly bit here always concerned me about possibly weighing down the gps as it was mounted to the car. So we re going to bring this up a little bit.

And i ve explained to you what the front here you know screen waze looks like you ll notice on the front. There is a microphone. There as i stated before that is because it does come with voice commands. If we look at the sides.

There s nothing really special going on here. They did change the shape and design of it it s kind of it s definitely more streamlined. It s got the odd wave shape to it top front and bottom are all going to be lawsy plastic. Which will except for the front.

Which is glass will catch fingerprints on the underside here. There s a spot for a microsd card you use that to expand the storage for the maps because you can update the maps because it s lifetime maps four times a year for the usable duration of the device. Meaning. When garmin thinks that this device is too old it will stop supporting maps.

Like i said. The 2555 lmg that i have is about three years old four years old now. And it still receives lifetime map. No problem with the internal storage you re looking at a solid state drive that is seven gigabytes in size so even though the maps keep getting larger.

You re not going to have a problem for a little bit of time you ll notice here this is your usb charging port. Which is slightly protruding in the back. Which i thought was a little odd at first and concerned me. But it sits in there really good it doesn t wiggle around or anything like that the position of the button has been moved to the back as opposed to in the past where it was a sliver at the top of the device.

Which was difficult to push and i ve got this big round button on the back. Which makes it easier to press. You ll notice..


The speaker. Here is also nice and big haven t had any problems with it sounds really good the back of it is a matte plastic. Which you know can catch fingerprints a little bit. But it s not like the rubber textured ones that were like on the 2555 where that would just pick up dust and it got all gross and nasty after a while they also change the the mounting in the past speaking of the past 25 55.

Had this clip that went around the entire device. And then attached to the ball joint which would then be mounted to your window. This one is a very different. It s just a little push and this comes loose.

And it s just a disc and there s hollow cutout in the back of the gps. Which the disc just slips into and locks into place and it is pretty secure. I have not had any issues with this falling out in the two three months that i ve been staying and using this gps. So the last bit of the quick little overview of this particular gps recovered voice commands.

It is bluetooth compatible. So you can pair it with a cell phone. It also has a garmin app that you can download called smart link. If you have a smart phone you can use that again.

I will break out the bluetooth and smart link into their own. Little thing. As well as the voice commands so that if you re using a gps. That does not have those features.

You know you don t look at that particular video. This device also has the garmin real directions. So not only do you get these these spoken street names. Such as turn left on main streets that have turned left in four hundred feet you get real directions.

Which are turn left at the upcoming street light or turn right at mcdonald s now. I ve had the device like i said for like three months and those type of directions come up sporadically. I m not sure what triggers them and when they do come up it s like okay..


It s a nice feature. But not really necessary it does have four square integration. But i ll get into that in the ui and us stuff. So the last.

Bit that i ll leave you with for the overall. You know overview of the gps. Here is i m gonna give credit where credit is due gps city has a nice breakdown of all the model numbers. And what specifications pertain to what number and so forth so as i said i keep referencing other videos and to help people who may be looking at the 2599.

And wondering what features is this have as opposed to some of the other model numbers i ll link to gps cities video. So you can take a look at that but i will also let you know that as long as you re not looking for the hd. Traffic which is special to the 2599. Here.

The 2589 twenty six eighty. Nine and twenty seven eighty nine are going to be exactly the same feature set as this the hd traffic so that means it will have voice commands and blue tooth integration and the 25 39. And 26 39. Similar feature set.

Except no hd traffic no bluetooth. And no voice. Commands aside from that if you want to know. 25.

Indicates. The screen size so the 26 is a 6 inch screen the 27 is a 7 inch screen. But there you re kind of getting into tablet sizes and not really quite what i would want for a gps size. But with that said thanks for watching the.

Overview if you are looking to find out more information about the 2599 card or annotation or whatever google has happening now and you ll see the rest of the video set that i have for this ” ..

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