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“Won t go too much in depth on the features of the garmin unit itself. Itself. Except for a few of them that i haven t really seen. It s pretty cool unit.

There s not really a lot you can do with it and you can research more about that online. However i will talk a little bit about the voices here it has several different voices that you can choose you can choose between male and female american. You know british australian and stuff like that even it even has like chinese french you know different voices like that one thing to note. Though is not all voices will speak the actual street names.

Only the ones that say tts after it on the voice list will speak the actual names. So for instance. If i choose american english without the tts after it it ll just say you know turn right in however many feet or whatever like that it won t actually speak the street name whereas. If i have a tts one it will it ll say turn right on harrison street.

So let me show you an example of how it sounds. I m on american english now with the dts. One called jill so i go back to my map. Okay and then i can press this bottom to see what my next step is gonna be and it ll speak it this bottom right area here okay.

So i ve got it routed back to me to my home right now already so that s programmed in there you can always see on the top right here. What you re supposed to do southeast to harrison street on the very top in green. But if you want to get your next step you can press here the bottom right you can also press the bottom left komachi as you can see here on the bottom left. It says what my estimated time of arrival is but if you press that you can get more detailed information such as how many miles per hour.

You re going your your total time of your trip and stuff like that a lot of you know a fairly detailed statistics about your current trip this is the menu button here to take you back to the menu. You know you can view the map. Here and then you can also press these buttons here to zoom in and out. You can zoom in you know.

The map. In and out to get a closer or further view let me change..

The voice. So you can get an idea of how different voices sound. I ll go ahead and turn it to i ll turn it to british english then go back to my map. And then i ll make it make make it so you can hear that straight.

So you can see has a british accent also has you know as i mentioned it has foreign languages to its furniture since let s change it to cantonese for instance say okay go back to my mouth. And then i ll get it to speak okay. So of course that one doesn t speak the language. Because it yeah doesn t turn out it doesn t have the tts on it just i mean it speaks.

The language. It doesn t speak the street name. Sorry. Let s chant let s try one more let s try.

I say french is french even has french canadian see this one will because it has tts so this one will actually speak. The language. Let s choose the male felix let s go back and get it to speak. Okay.

So my preferred one my preferred language is the american english just because it s a little bit easier to understand. It s not going to speaks especially if you have it all if you have one that s speaking. The names of the streets. It just it s a little bit easier to understand on the fly.

It s not going to it s not going to speak. It with an accent. You know so if you re in an unknown area. It just makes it a little bit easier and easier to understand at least as far as i m concerned.

So i have it on american english. Jill tts..

That s the voice that i prefer so i ve put it to that and now i m going to go back to my map play that again. So you can hear okay so that s my next step here also it s an mp3 player. So i ve pressed this right here it brings up an mp3 player and i can plug this into my stereo. There s a stereo mini jack right here if i want and when i m playing music.

If there s a something that it needs to speak. It ll just pause the music speak. It and then bring up the music again. So that s pretty nice.

I don t use it that often i don t plug it into my stereo. That often because it s a little bit of a hassle to have to do with the extra plug. I mean i do have the plug you know as part of my stereo. But in general.

It s just a little bit of a house. So we have you have to have an extra wire hanging out down here and stuff like that um. So i don t you don t do that that much but um you know it works fairly well so here s the mp3 player mp3 player works pretty well has a whole bunch of other features too i can t really go into all of them. Here.

Since this review is starting to get pretty long already. But you know it has a whole bunch of stuff here you can search by address food and lodging. You know when you go into food and lodging. There s a whole bunch of stuff here you fuel you know shopping entertainment parking banks and atms attraction recreation.

Hospitals auto services. There s a whole lot of stuff that you can do and with this thing you can type in a name like let s say i want to find a certain restaurant. I can either spell the name of the restaurant or i can go by a type of food like american food asian food barbecue. You know whatever so it s pretty versatile.

There s really a lot of stuff that that you can do with this and anyway. Yes..

That s pretty much all i wanted to cover in this review hope you enjoyed it feel free to leave any comments or questions and this is tristan elle. jor issues. It s just that let s put it this way about two out of ten times. It may miss your double tap or your triple tap.

But when it comes to schooling. It s i ve not noticed any skipping or you know missing the you know the movement so it s actually not that bad when it comes to scrolling. Very bang on right so that s pretty good now. I d like to talk a little bit more about the screen itself.

It s extremely gorgeous. I mean you re looking at near perfect colors. If i i ll give you a quick example. Let me quickly load up a 1080p.

Hd. Wallpaper. Just to give you a feel of what the colors look like very very accurate colors as you can see there s a bunch of colors being displayed on the monitor. And i don t see any dead colors at all whatsoever.

What i mean by saying that is you know there s no dim areas. There s no too bright areas. It s very nicely and evenly distributed across the screen. So i ll open this image up it s it s a really nice image.

It gives a good feel of what and the different colors look like on the display. Now obviously. The camera is not doing justice here. You won t necessarily be able to truly visualize a hundred percent as to what it looks like but it may give you a little bit of a feel and like i said.

It s not it s not a regular tn panel. It looks more like an ips panel and i mean..

That s why you have such great colors here and and the viewing angles are excellent like look at the viewing angles. Here. I m going to move the monitor a little bit to the right or to my left. So there s no skewing of the colors whatsoever right no color ships.

I like at least to my eyes. I don t see any color shifting whatsoever and this is just a horizontal pan let s do a vertical pan same thing so from the top. There let s go to the bottom so excellent excellent viewing angles. And again in the past four weeks.

I had you know my group member sitting next to me and they were able to see the monitor from almost 160 degree angle. Without any issues whatsoever so definitely a huge plus point they re moving along here. I d like to talk about the cooling. The cooling is actually very very good.

It s excellent. I was playing games for about i remember one day. I was just playing games for about 4 hours. And i ll see the bottom got a little bit hot.

But you know you can see that there s some vents here. There s a an intake fan down here. I hope that s clear enough enough put some lights up here. Actually there we go you could see the cooling fan over there.

There s a the exhaust vent we quickly show that again there we go. And it s it s doing a very very good job. I mean i wasn t i didn t have any issues with ” ..


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