Garmin Nuvicam In-Car Sat Nav Review – GPS With Built-In Dash Cam & Bluetooth

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“If you liked the video please remember to subscribe this my friends is the garmin garmin newbie cam in car. Gps sat nav. Which also has a built in dash and offers free map. Updates.

Her life in europe. Life. Track. Info.

Speed. Camera. Warnings. A touch screen display voice control hands free.

Phone. Operation. Forward collision. Warning and lane.

Departure. Warning and i love it now. I know you re thinking wait a minute haven t i got a great dps set up on my phone. And isn t it free well.

Sure you have and that works fine for a lot of the time. But if you ever had it crash just before you got to a critical junction or you lost your data. Connection or your phone are gone flats before you d reach your destination. You ll know that a smart phone gps solution is good but flawed whereas this garmin nuvi camp specializes in getting you where you need to go.

And it doesn t rely on data connection or your phone s small battery garmin. If you didn t already know specialize in gps navigation solutions for cars bikes boats planes hikers and helicopters so trust me when i say they know how to make good reliable products with great maps and good user interfaces so that s enough of an introduction. Let s take a quick look at the unit on the front is the gorgeous six inch touchscreen display then on the top. We ve got the button to tell the dash cam to save a particular segment of video remember.

It s constantly recording on a loop. If we turn the unit over we can see the power button. Here s the dash cam and as you can see it is articulated. So you can line it up precisely on the road on the underside is the micro sd slot.

Where. Your dash cam videos are stored. And the usb. Connector for map.

Update. And the like this is the windscreen mount and as as usual. It s up to garmin s excellent quality. It s a really strong suction type.

And the newbie cam fixes onto it with super strong magnets..

Which is very easy. And it s impossible to put it on wrong. It just snaps into the right place. This is the 12 volt power.

Lead to plug into your cigar. Lighter. And this is the antenna for receiving your traffic information. So now let s see how you can enter a destination and get started with a garmin nuvi camp.

So let s look at some of the ways that you can enter destinations into the garmin nuvi camp. Nice and easy so get on the touchscreen where to and we could put go home and you enter your home address. We could look at categories petrol stations food parking events or stuff. Our favorite places that we can say we look at the history.

But let s put an address and i guess postcode is probably one of the most common ways so into the post goes. So po3 press. The space and you see it s only it s only leaving kind of letters that we could put in five e f. And then want to get a say to 77 down pops up.

Ask me press. That and looks are you press. It and they say go and we could start as a new route. I ve got the gps simulator on a 27.

So then that s the sat nav would then start taking us there. But let s stop that so that s so really easy isn t it so where to and which we need to find the nearest petrol station. We can press that ban and oh then come up with a nearest petrol station. We can choose the one we want and then we just say go and you can see how quick you want a quarter miles take.

The exit on the left to a two five nine toward n. Is what a really really simple way of putting in where you need to go history tend to use a lot as well and because obviously you tend to if you re going like to and from places. You can have that there as well because remember you don t just use this as a gps sat nav you also use it you know as a speed camera detector. And to warn you that you re going over spirit speed.

So let s have a look at some pos and points of interest. So let s hit the categories. Where do we want to go say we need to find newest cash point to get some cash out together. The natwest and emsworth.

Let s go dude. Oh. And a quarter miles take. The exit on the left to a two five nine toward emsworth.

Very very simple to order let s do where lets go into the history. Let s say we were going to i don t know there let s go let s get it to simulate the route continued on a 27. Let s say. We then wanted to add to find a petrol station.

We can then say we want to go to there and i ll say do we want to spit it in so add as a next stop..

So. What that then do is it then takers. 3 4. Miles.

To the petrol station. It on the left to a 2 5. 9. Toward emsworth and then you can then carry on with your route.

Nice and easy what on the kind of subject of multiple places. One of the things i really like is you can also go into ooh remember it is now sorry. It s not there you go into apps. We can go into trip planner now with the trip planner what you can now do is you can create a number of destinations in a row to take you from one to the next really good say if you re on holiday.

You want to go from places to go so start from where i am now just select that we re in and then we re going to go to where should we go to next let s go to let s find the nearest shopping. You want to go shopping. And when you want to go shopping for computers. So she s got a curry s let s add that and then where do you want to go next.

We probably want something to get something to eat then with me. Which would be a bit hungry have like the restaurants. What type of restaurants do we want a tan. I fancy what do i fancy how about a bit of italian fancy some spaghetti.

So let s go to kelly knees and emsworth let s select that and then to be honest. We re probably ready to go home. Then so we just go to the finish select destination and then we re going to go home select. And then the garmin will then calculate the route and then we ll be off and you can see we ve got the route.

There we can then save that we can say add a shopping trip man that s good and then we can edit if we want to or we can just go and we re off how great is that you can if you were a courier or something like you could put in multiple destinations and then you could save that the night before and then jump in the jump in their van. And then go for that and go through really nice and simple so that s you re basically entering destinations. Let s do a little bit of voice control. Next.

Voice command. Find a category find. Category. Petrol station.

Yes. Stop. That has exit stop. Add.

As next stop in also fun enter the roundabout. Take exit 11 on the left 27. Then enter. The roundabout okay so let s have a quick look at the voice activated commands using the newbie cam so rather let me just share this so if we get all you have to do is you can.

And i think you can change..

This phrase. Actually. Say yeah. Voice command voice command second command.

Find category. Find. Category. So.

Your category. Petrol station. Searching for petrol. Stations.

Select a line number two would you like to begin navigation. Navigate yes. In one. And a half miles take.

The exit on the left to a two five nine toward ends. Well okay. So you can see it is pretty good you know when you re driving in the car. It does hear things above the above the noise of the thing above the traffic.

So let s try another one. So when voice command second command. Find address say an address in united kingdom. 140.

Elson road. Gosport did you say 1 4 0. Else and road gosport yes would you like to begin navigation. Yes continue on 827 so you can see you know it s pretty good sometimes we got to repeat yourself and whether it connects you pick up road names really does depend on the road name and how complicated is but you know it s there it s enabled using unit having to touch it and up you know i think.

It s it s pretty good so one of the things that the newbie cam. Does as well is it has the dash cam on it. Which also means that it can warn you and not only of speed cameras and chain years in the speed on a road using its built in database. But using the camera.

What it can also do is warn you about front potential collisions so what what happens with that one of the quarter miles is the exit as you re driving along um. Let s just use this sort of simulated one as an example when you reach a certain speed as you re driving along if someone becomes too close in front. All you get too close to someone in front. You ll get a warning on the screen similarly.

If you drift out of your lane. Especially to the left and go start going over to the hard shoulder again you ll get a warning on the screen. Which can be quite useful i wouldn t rely on it because it s not going to apply the brakes for you or anything like that. But it s a real nice feature just to have just maybe to save you in the situation.

Especially if you re falling asleep on the motorway and the cast that s the drift..

You go into the hard showroom. And it would warn you now i didn t get it to warn me as i was drifting over to the right. But it probably depends on the light lane markings and in fact in the older literature cap that come to the nuvi edge or and looking all this stuff. It does warn you that the effectiveness of the lane change and the morning to the front really does depend on lots of external conditions.

I let my sponsor fill yeah so we re gonna taste testes on the air. Oh my god is this our cola gummy yes. Lauren lauren. I need you to have yeah.

I need just try one of those they were very masterfully delivered. So i m gonna have yes first i m actually partnering up as i look at them. I want you to describe. These are using the newbie cam has a very good dash cam.

And it s constantly recording. While it s on looping around. But if there s a specific scene you ll to save just tap the button on the top left of the unit in the event of an accident. The nuba cam will permantly record.

What has happened without you having to worry about it. And it uses motion sensors inside the unit to do that extra features that the newbie cam has are a bluetooth hands free kit to connect your phone. The ability to use live traffic announcements to change your route if you want to there s the garmin smartphone link app for your phone and you can even enter your car s mpg details on the new week at work at work out the most efficient route to take which is pretty amazing one thing that amazed me was how good the voice activated commands are on the garmin nuvi cam. Once you ve activated you can basically do anything with the unit by working your way through the voice activated on screen menus well i guess the killer part for me was being able to with my voice.

Ask the device to find the nearest petrol station. And then then add that as a waypoint to my route without ever having to touch the unit. It s also really cool that you can ask the garment to take a detour say if there s some traffic up ahead again without having to touch the screen. Okay so we ve covered a lot of ground in this review.

And hopefully. I ve convinced you how much better than new v. Cam. Is then the free navigation software.

That came with your phone. Because the garmin has maps built in and dedicated software. That s been developed over many years. It s pretty much a seamless experience and above all a reliable and accurate run.

If you re serious about your gps sat nav. I want a piece of technology. That is built for the job. You can t go far wrong with the garmin nuvi camp.

So it s recommended from me ok. Thanks for watching put any questions or comments down below subscribe. If you liked the video and ” ..


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