Garmin vivomove HR Unboxing and Setup

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“Everyone and welcome to another video today. I wanted to do a quick. Unboxing and and setup here of this garmin vivo achar. So i got this from my wife and we re gonna set it up today here so again.

It s pretty simple box just got a little bit of instructions here it s got some specs here on one side. And yeah pretty standard. So let s go ahead and pop. This guy open and take a look at what s inside and think about getting it set up alright.

So if you pop it out. Here. Here is the actual watch here so the watch comes in a couple of different colors. Here this is the she liked the white and rose gold version.

But there s also ones that come in like gold with a leather band and slate with a black silicon band here so again this has the white silicon band with the rose gold face so again it s got a nice little plastic there to keep it nice and pristine here. So here s the watch again. It s really nice here. Because it does have heart rate here.

And it looks like a pretty normal watch. It s it s kind of different doesn t look exactly like a fitness. Tracker here alright. Let s see what else comes in it alright.

Nothing much here. Just a bunch of styrofoam here. And just another little box thing not too important. What else is here in the box.

Nothing ok let s set the box off to the side. We don t need that anymore okay so we ve got here. Yeah. Their proprietary little charger.

So let s open this up..

So. It s usb on one side. Here and then their proprietary little clip here on the other so you see you got actually got to pinch this to open it up it s got four prongs here. Which actually attached to the back here of the watch.

So that s actually nice okay and then here we go we got some instructions here. I don t think. This is anything terribly exciting. Yeah.

So we got a quickstart manual. What s in the quick start manual. You know just instructions on how to get this thing set up here. Some of the basic features here of the watch and a bunch of blank pages.

I guess for taking notes or something like that i guess. And then here s your oh yes very important safety information for the watch. And really small font. Let s let s forget about that okay.

We don t need any of these boxes. Or what not yes. So that s the set the the system here let s see why do we go ahead and get it plugged in here. So we ll plug it in to get to start charging.

I believe that s one of the first things that you need to do if you read the instruction manual. So i m just going to go ahead. And we got usb on one side so let s just go grab ourselves. A usb charger here plug that in and then we are gonna have to go ahead and just clip this on to the back of it so open this up and clip.

This and then as soon as you do that you look here on the front. And it should we get a little bit of a symbol there come on clip. Okay so let s give this a couple of minutes to get charged a little bit. Yes you got some greens.


And says hello there in the front. I don t know if you can kind of see that there it is yep. It says hello okay. So that s the the display here looks like it s working okay.

So let s let s set this down here. And we ll get moving along with the the setup here so next step in the setup process is well that s charging here is we re gonna have to get the garmin connect app. So i m gonna go ahead and grab her phone here and we re just gonna come here to the app store and we re just going to search for garmin garmin connect ceo and and other does garmin connect mobile app okay so here it is here s the garmin connect app. So we re going to need this guy to talk to the phone here so let s go ahead and download that and maybe.

What we ll do here is give this a second there he goes we re starting to download alright. Let s set this off to the side let it download. While it s doing that maybe i ll just show you for comparison s sake here. So i ve got the garmin vivoactive hr and i really love it here.

But as you can kind of see it definitely looks like a like a sport watch here right. It s perfectly square. It s a little bit clunky. She really liked this veto move hr you can kind of see size wise.

It s it s definitely wider here. But it s about the same height here. But it s a little bit thinner profile here so it slides on a little bit easier over clothing and whatnot and again the most important thing for her it was that it just looks a little bit more like a normal watch here. So you can wear this to work here as opposed to something like a garmin vivoactive hr.

But you know i love this watch. I m gonna have to do another video on that later here. So okay while this is charging here and getting set up. Why don t i go ahead.

And pause. The video here and we ll come back once this is installed alright so while we re waiting for that app to install on the mobile device let s go ahead and create a garmin connect account i like to do this through a desktop interface so i m just gonna come here to my computer fire up an internet browser and type in garmin. Connect and this should take you to yeah here it is connect carmen comm. This is the one we want here.

And what you re going to need to do here is go ahead and click on sign in and go ahead and create an account here so i ll click on create account and go ahead and just fill in all of this information and create your account and then once the app is installed on the mold of a mobile device..

We ll use this account that we just made to sign in alright. We re back. And it looks like the install of garmin connect completed here so before we actually open that up let s come here to the phone and settings. And let s just make sure that bluetooth is actually turned on and yes.

We see it is enabled on the phone. So i think we should be ready to go so let s go ahead and find our garmin. Connect app. Here it is newly installed let s open it up here.

And we are gonna now go ahead and sign in using the account that we just set up so i ll go ahead and pause. The video sign in and then we ll be right back alright. So we just signed in here and during the sign in process it looks like garmin connect would like to write a lot of information to health. So i guess sure let s turn them all on and allow and it also needs to know your location.

So yeah let s go ahead and hit yes and here we go so this is now getting our device ready to get set up so. While this is going here. Let s go ahead unplug. The watch now it should be ready to go.

It s on so what we need to do here is let s go ahead and we can just basically follow the on screen instructions on the app. Here so yap here it is looks like it s ready to connect your vivo move hr that s exactly right so let s go ahead and connect it and hopefully they re talking and yep we see that on the vivo move a six digit code shows up here so i just need to put that into the app here so let me see you for eight five six three pair. Okay. And now hopefully.

These two should be getting set up to talk pairing yep and set this as your preferred activity. Tracker yeah. So actually so she used to have an old activity tracker. Which is probably the old ones.

So we want to use this new one so let s hit replace down here. And hopefully. This is getting all set up and give this a second and yeah alright here it goes. It is connecting here.

And hopefully you you give this a couple of seconds..

And now the phone should be talking to the watch so we should be able to get text messages and other notifications pushed to the watch and should show up here and this kind of very it s kind of difficult to see down there. But you can kind of see that there s go to this little touchscreen display right underneath. The the center of the of the watch face here. Okay.

Oh. We re back here so allow connect to access your location. Um. Yeah.

Sure alright let s allow alright looks. Like it says well done. Let s looks like we re working alright. So it looks like we can share you know privacy settings.

All that kind of stuff here. We ll leave the default settings. Here okay. So i guess now is you need to add in a couple of the use this information and we ll be ready to go so i m gonna pause the video enter.

Some of this and we ll be right back alright and we re back. And it looks like yeah. These two are connected here. So you can see on the connect app.

We got a green dot here and it s actually talking it s got 26 steps as when i was putting this watch on it and walking it around here. So i think we re pretty much set up here for initial use of course. You re gonna probably have to change. A couple of notification settings to allow text and calendar.

Events and all that other stuff to show up on the watch here. But that s probably the topic of another video here so this is pretty good for i think just unboxing the the watch here and getting it initially set up so i hope you enjoy the video and i ll catch you at another one in the future. ” ..


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