Garrys Mod How to upload to the Gmod Workshop SLOW PACE

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“This is a video that was made of a request from the guy named ninja ninja of the three he is a level he was like yo my dude. Why you wait the six of the months and to make this video and now. I m here to make that video. The video is out uh well do that thing that some people don t know how to do do you ever feel dumb or uh.

Well you know want to learn new things ha. I thought so well you ready to learn some new things. Thank you low budget. All right well you ll find this link in the description.

Because well i might remember to post. It there i don t know. But it ll be this little folder well it ll be zipped up maybe looking like let it compress. It might look like it like that right it ll be like this you just open it up with winrar.

Which you should have if you don t have it go find it it s good you go inside it ll be like that you just plop. It onto your desktop like like good. That it like so ah there you go look like that right. There that s how you do that all right and we re gonna do okay is you gonna run it you know right so first start up and you re gonna go off because.

This is what you do you re going to go up and mine might look a little bit different than yours shouldn t but it might deal with it you re gonna go oh uh since all c drives you re going to program files. 86. Then you re going to go in scroll scroll scroll to the right this is the sucky little bar you re going to find steam oop then steam apps. Common garry s mod and then you re just going to click on bin right there alright and then you re gonna literally do the exact same thing right here you re going to actually go back to the start you know i know that does it click open again.

It s raw. Don t do it program files. 86. And then the steam and then the apps of steam.

Then the common the garry s mod..

It and then the bin so that s that that s that and you click okay and then it s going to be like boop there we go for me. I have many many add ons like a lot. So that that s that that s i use a gmp you 22. For the first time.

Which will be pretty dang easy cuz. It s going to be in a zip in you re going to be like day look i get to follow along and it s going to be easy alright what you going to do with your add on that you like to upload maybe specifically a sounds web maybe or maybe a remake or server content package or you know whatever you think you re going to be doing today you re going to go off in click on it this little button is folder don t click file. Unless you have a gma top load. But that s more specifically for maps.

But even your to go into folder. You re going to go like os installed and you re going to go program files or wherever. You put it i just have something sitting. In my add ons folder.

So i m just going to navigate on over to there. It doesn t have to be the same spot. It could literally be in your pictures. Place or maybe.

In a obscure. Folder covered and surrounded by a not so great images. All right. So.

I ve got tf a a dragon equals. This is something i ve uploaded in the past and i m just going to really up load. It i ve done literally nothing different to it so it s easy peasy unplanned. I don t know what s going on your end.

But just make sure that the following files are not inside of it a dot txt file everything else just needs to be lowercase..

If you want to make sure that it goes lowercase all on its own. Even if you have hundreds of capitals. Go up here and be like there convert file names to lowercase and then then you just click. This this is good this is good that you just hit ok is that that makes it pretty dang easy.

Am. I right i i am okay. Now you re going to kick load. Because this is going to be your icon.

This is right here you get a click load all right cool easy peasy you re going to go fine an image that you pre created at the exact dimensions of 512 by 512 and you notice that right now. It s got a files of type because that s how you save things. It s going to have to be a jpeg or jpeg depending on what part of the nation. You re from stupid or otherwise.

I have many set up already so i m just going to navigate to my desktop. Because i ve got many the folder. There dududududu. I just have to navigate to the p because this is phenomenal and if you have a problem with this it s going to sometimes spew out in error.

It ll be like a little god that s not it doesn t work open it up in like paint or paint. Met andria save it maybe even try a different name sometimes that can be an issue. Me. New challenge is it okay very close i get down alright.

Then you go into the title. You re going to choose your title doesn t really have to matter. I recommend choosing something that makes sense like hey. This is illegal or maybe something better winky face.

That s not okay get the winky face..

There you go alright and under gmod rules. You got to make sure they use one of these and if it s going to be complete crap or you don t want other people to use it or it s a reload of someone else s contents and you don t plan to clean that content as your own. But you do plan to use it for your server or personal use slap server content on there otherwise trying to categorize it correctly so this is a weapon we re going to put it in weapon because it s really just all fun. I m going to put fun.

And because this is a real video and reality. I m going to click realism awesome that s it alright next step is to make sure that we can get it up into the universe. We re going to add the cue. I had to use a great little thing that allows it to flip it right up here.

You ll notice that it s already gonna have a little details right here. If i scroll it up it s just right here. That s that s that s what this was all about you know as you were going through it you ll notice that hey didn t have any problem say. It s good yeah cool all right awesome.

I m going to execute. Now execute means not the cutting off of the head of that guy when you first enter solitude this actually means. It s going to start to the process. We re going to hit execute right now loop and you ll see it starting do things the files will flip out this is usually when you start seeing errors or something complaining.

Oh. There s the model because i m not logged in there s a problem. Oh that s okay we can go other ways to check. Because i have a massive list of things here it makes it a little bit harder for me to just scroll on up.

But as you can see it uploaded huzzah that s right here. It s it s telling its marked it s marked to private. So we re gonna we re gonna go find where it s set so we re going to go into a content workshop items and as shablam means. It s up in the universe.

For this little thing right here at images with videos you can literally add anything you want as long as it pertains to the add on or otherwise..

It doesn t actually they don t they don t seem to care about this stuff as long as you know it s it s not like porn or something you know don t don t put porn in your descriptions here otherwise that ll get you banned from steam and trust me. It s it s pretty hard to get dick it back for him originally. We re gonna put that that gift right there yes you can do gifts or just depending on how you how you live on that part of the part of the video. Okay and then we re going to edit the title of the description you can even change.

The title that you set maybe make it a little bit more serious or not and then you re going to take the description. And maybe maybe do something good for it or just try something i it s up to you then you go back to your item. Because that s how you you can t just have a normal back up button and steam that s just ludicrous and then if you had someone else that worked on it with you you just click on that nice little button and you can scroll on through try to find someone that might might feel appreciative being added to those so i m going to see. If i could find a certain someone that wanted me to do this or maybe it ll take too long and i ll click on someone random shablam there they are except hey.

I don t like that person. I m going to remove it so that s how you remove and add to a thing now let s say you want the whole universe to use your add on or not and you re going to make it so it s public right here or you just want your friends to be able to use it you know. But you don t have to do that you can do whatever you want because. This is a very simple part the final thing that sometimes comes into play.

Is the requirement required items type. Shenanigans. If you require an item for your add on to work you have to do some stuff you re gonna. It s going to check three lists one things that you published another the things that you favorited and things that you ve subscribed to subscribe to its it s literally.

This is by far the shittiest list system in the universe. So i recommend favoriting it i have less favorited. Then i have published or subscribed. So i favor.

It a few things i know for a fact that my add on currently requires a tfa bus base not a bus wrong. I m going to save and continue and then shablam writes right there because i haven t downloaded it s checked if anybody says oh god mother your add ons about working and you have a required item they re like oh god yeah. What what do i do be like did do download that dump and that s that s that s how you upload upload an add on i hope the video helped you and yeah cool awesome ” ..


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