Getting a Smartphone with no Data Plan: The Tech Guy 1090

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“Is true hey leo um. Now whilst. I listen to you. But i had a a problem in it s like figure that you re sure holy listen.

When you a problem don t listen to any other tone. Oh no shipping out for the airforce soon. So okay. Hey.

Thank. You for your service and congratulations that s great all right. What can i do for you here s my problem. My dad is so i m 20 years old i m so my dad s cellphone contract yeah.

And he s very tech anti tech like i have this really dumb basic phone so i to run and just do stuff and take pictures so i have an ipod touch. But that is just the screens half dead and it s just it s time for it s time for you to get off dad s account get on your own account and get your own smartphone. How about that well here s a problem. I might as account for like another year and dad s willing to pay you by the phone.

Let dad pay for the account. He won t let me get a smartphone. Now. So why i gotta runs.

At one point..

Two megabits per second. So all right. It s really slow yeah so you live it you live with a luddite. But good news.

The air force is very techie so you ll be hey go get much better in internet. You know what you might want to get as a tablet at this point you can get them very inexpensively. My recommend that would oh all right notate say again it worked well i have a galaxy note. 8.

Okay. That s a good that s a good tablet except that that s huge and what i was wondering is there like a cheap smartphone. So i was looking at the new ipod touches and 300. I was a little bit oh there s some excellent inexpensive smartphones that are really great.

So dad s not against the idea of paying for the data plan is there what can get like just without the data plan. So i have the camera. The gps for running and then just all the music and stuff in the apps available you could get any smartphone and not get a phone account on it and it will be that it will they won t have a data plan. But it won t have phone calls either that s fun of me so i got my dumb phone for that yeah so what you re gonna want to do is get an unlock.

It basically is just like buying a tablet or an ipod touch the rate of the phone. The phones in there. But you re not going to put a sim card in it you re not going to use it you re just going to use it with wi fi. That s right yep yep.


That s correct there almost anything will do there are a lot of great choices. What s your budget. Oh well the ipod touch does look at 300. So anything under that would be great you don t want to buy an ipod touch.

It s 300 that it s sold too much because i ll probably the contacts up in year. So i ll probably gain my own smartphone then and paying for it myself so that s that s why i everyone some like cheaper that i can use for a year. So and then the problem on you when you look at prices and people in the chairman. Saying things like well the moto x.

Is only 50 now at best buy. When you see those prices. Those are what we call subsidized prices. They require two year contracts.

That s what you don t want so. What you re going to be getting is an unsubsidized or unlocked phone and you re probably not gonna get it from a phone store you could go to somewhere like best buy electronics torrance and explain that that s what you want. Mr. Mike says.

That s without a two year contract. If they i ll tell you what if they have the moto x. For 50 without a contract or the moto g. That would be a very good choice.

The moto g without contract..

I think is around 150 these are android devices much like your galaxy it s a small screen it s 47 inches. But it s it s a great device it s a full android device they do a lot of very cool things the key is to you know look for that little those little wiggle words to say with two month with two year activation that kind of thing because you don t want that okay a number of companies offer the they sometimes they call them unlocked or unsubsidized phones and the way it ll work is you ll be able to use it for now. Without getting a phone account and the bet and even better in two years. When you can get your own you could just put a sim card in it and it will be your phone.

And you won t have to do anything fresh or new or different. That s why i ask could i just yeah. You ll want to get one that is a gsm that works with either t mobile or at t. I think if you go to any probably if you go to any phone store you can say i want that the moto g is probably the one i would get that is that is motorola s low priced version of the moto x.

I think unlocked 150 bucks unsubsidized. 150 bucks. And that s an that s every bit as good as your ipod touch and a lot more modern alright um. So i could just pop a sim card into it and it ll become my phone.

So then actually raises another question is there lausanne someone cuz. Then i might just get more expensive one and just wait it out sure they re many samsung phones yeah i mean 300 bucks is the problem yeah if you re willing appendant spend more money you could get a samsung galaxy s3 the older one or galaxy s4 they re selling the s5 now and i bet you those would be less expensive as well if you are interested you want to stick with android samsung or with the ui alright yeah if you love samsung yeah absolutely visit a best buy a target and say i want to get an unsubsidized. Samsung and shop shop around that way you ll have some good choices. I think there are actually some very good choices you might something.

The chair i m saying and i agree with this go to playgooglecom. The google store and you can buy a unsubsidized unlocked nexus 5 phone that s a fabulous phone wonder what they re charging for the nexus 5. I think it s more like 350. But that s not completely out of your ballpark.

But if you want samsung you just shop around you can get those and their and the the older ones..

The s3 and the s 4. Because they re not a lot less expensive good luck in the airforce joshua thank you for your service. We appreciate it and stay in wide range of projects squarespace provides 24 7. Customer support via live chat and email.

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Which ” ..

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