Gigabyte 970A-UD3 Motherboard – unboxing and overview

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“Now i think i ll do the motherboard right now unbox that thing so you you guys can see because i know this one i have not seen any other on youtube other than some people posting an image from a site that sells it which is beyond me as to why they would put a video of an image. But for some reason. I don t know why but mine came from amazon and other than the fact that i didn t get a paper receipt. Which is odd.

I ll have to see if it s hitting some cutting somewhere that i don t know if this one comes with the plastic shrimper app or not but this one obviously didn t so i don t know if that s something to watch out for. But this there s a problem for amazon would be love would love to help so again. This is that 97 excuse. Me 970 a.

Don t forget that ud3 they got a lot of. Threes in. Here. Three you got three years.

Warranty 3. 3. 3 3. Am 3 way to go and three times usb power.

30 and santa 30. They even stuck a little 3 right there for 3 terabyte. I can t see any other hidden threes right now. But maybe they even stuck the word black in there kind of like a silly little little black edition.


At least that matches. My 430 black case anyways go open this up and inside. We have a couple different things we ve got our sata connectors lovely. I ll need those yeah.

It looks like hmm. I m honestly not sure why one has the element not the l. Socket rate. But a physical l shape right there and one is straight.

But in any ways you get four of them too l physical shape ones and two flat ones. And hopefully. The manual explained that goes to the best position here. But get it done okay here man all this thing s choclo look your eye.

Oh. Some cds and it s a nice little little baby badge. It s kind of cute right this is powered. I don t know gigabyte means.

But so the power down there you can t really see it mmm shiny. And you ve got your manuel. Manuel. Right.


There. You ve got another. Manuel. Oh.

No gigabyte keeps coming up in here. For some reason. Okay. Now let s see i know i need to be careful with the mother port.

Obviously like this we can see that it s quite big. I ve never had them on the board. This big before they re all those silly little micro atx crap. Not hating on my great case.

I looked at one myself. But i need some oh at least that s good we know the boxes. I considered open since it wasn t shrink wrap still taped so it s all good there. Now let s give it open hopefully.

I m not doing anything wrong by holding the motherboard upside down. Carefully cuz. I know i don t want to put some motherboard on top of the batting cage. There you go i got it out there for you so.


Now. Let me move. The camera a bit okay. So there you go feel your am3 socket for spots for memory.

And you can get up to 32 gigabytes of memory on this it s all ddr3 as an fyi ddr3 dual channel got some neat little pins right there watch what they do it s okay got those six six sata ports for all your hard drive needs um. Something that says ultra durable not quite sure but should be ultra durable. I m gonna move this a second. Oh that s all better and you ve got pci e express x16 slot.

Which is a good one for the graphics card. But i found out that that one is an x force lot. Which is downer because then you can t really do that sli stuff with crossfire or whatever the new kids call it these days. But i m okay with that cuz.

I only really want to run one graphics card rather spend the money on something else and you get all those are little white sweet ports. You don t need those wells s on here. Got your power. You ve got some other silly little plugs.

Probably don t need any of those you probably just glue them up. You know just extra stuff um mmm let me turn the motherboard around for ya. So you can see just. A.


Little bit more you got some audio stuff usb 30. 20. 49. Some blue some green yammer specified yeah that can t be good it s okay it s durable.

Some other thing over here. What that is and oh look at these little things they look like so there you have it hopefully you all enjoyed this cuz. You probably won t be getting another one sorry. But i ll zoom over a little bit more okay hopefully this fills the.

Void feels my. Void because now i ve seen this am 3. Board. Which is not the correct term for it atx 970.

A ud. 3. And now hopefully everyone else can enjoy it this thing got the 5 star review or whatever on the yeah. A new egg website.

So i decided hey the reviews aren t bad i like the options on the board. Heck. I m gonna go get it so i did and i don t see anything that s gonna be a problem that s so far ” ..


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