God of War – All Wayward Spirit Locations & Favors (Unfinished Business Trophy Guide)

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“Are you okay no sir my goods are underwater. They men are drowned and yet yet their bodies continue to walk the beaches hell walkers. They played these lands. I the captain they died because of me these abominations sully their memories.

I will find a way to free them from their tortured state in this i am determined thunder stored scattered all three of my ships across the lake. I know not what i did that anger for boys judgment was swift boy what a sad story. We re all those guys part of us crew that s a tough crew seriously. I don t this one captain lead so many men you have their loyalty they follow that was the wash.

It i hope the captain will be satisfied. Now he was determined to put these men to rest himself my my bed. All right. That s right we killed uh.

We laid them all to rest. Let s see so even then death. I am a failure. But in life you were honorable.

Strong willed and you inspired loyalty these are good qualities aren t a boy. Yeah. I couldn t believe how many men followed. You here.


Hey thank you for your kind words may your journey have a more pleasant end than mine well you re right you didn t seem very satisfied your challenges mean nothing to the gods spirit very do not listen do not mock my pursuit of vengeance though my family devoted their lives to worshiping for i ve devoted mine to his downfall and i will start with that statue over my father s grave unlikely. You are dead is there something we can do for a reward of course. If you bring down the statue you have my blessing to loot my father s grave he rests on an island to the east. Why do you hate thor.

So much my father passed well here it is it s got to have a weak point somewhere gods do not fall this easily boy. There have you destroyed the statue the statue stands no longer spirit and my bond of this realms. Severed and i am off to find a real god of thunder. He will no retribution my deepest gratitude off he goes brave guy what to look for throwing his own you who walks among the living my beloved ghoul.

He calls to me she yearns for peace. Yet her remains lie in pieces. I beg of you make my guru vague whole again he wants to collect her bones gross go big sailor magic knows no bounds. She can reunite you with those who ve lost really how boy i can smell your grief child rest assured her magic is strong enough to create bridges between life and death.

If only for a short while boy. We are leaving. They ve taken three of sweet ghoul zeke s bones and spread them across the lake. These bones pulse with magic.

It must be govi could we can we just hold on to me oh these bones. What will you say to her to go be your mother. What have you left the final bone. Yeah.


We have collected the rest of your woman s corpse spirit show us this magic you have promised my sweet gourevitch hole. Again rise. Dear convict awaken hope powerful kovac. Oh yes.

She says you on our request fuck. No reunite us all right say. It i told you so. I told you so you are naive foolish boy.

This is true as well look here. Sir kavika. They were pretty weak. Now you re very perceptive and reckless take caution.

When lighting. These braziers sailor and hell walkers will swarm to the flames like moss. I assume we have you to thank for freeing us from a watery grave earth other spirits. The lake of nine is full of most are able to move on from this realm.

But we lucky few are stuck here in midgard until. Our affairs are in order. Perhaps you can help them as well we have no desire to help you spirit ah but you already have i only wished to see the sky again farewell quebec. I don t believe it i can t remember the last time i saw something walk these islands that wasn t dead or corrupted.


What do you mean the distillation shine flakes. The sled growing more severe with each passing winter do you know its cause and not for certain. But i suspect the appearance of the world serpent along with the great flood that followed many were drowned myself among them they began to walk not long after do you need anything from us boy. Now.

I only wish to speak to someone again a wish you have just granted. Thank you kavita well done boys never thought i d see a scrap what do you want to thank you these dead rivers drowned. Me many witters ago and i ve been itching to see them get theirs useless. Well.

We can t expect them all to know something use the last one might as well right fine kavita. I m speak with you what s wrong i came to this lake with a group of tradesmen seeking refuge from the desolation. But how could we know it was even worse at the lake of nine. We cannot undo your mistake spirit.

I know but i fear for my captain and crew. I believe they are still under the water will you find them for me is there anything you can offer us in return. I yeah. I have little to offer oh well i m not sure wait.

I died wearing a valuable family heirloom. It s yours if you promise to find my crew neal thank you you are learning why didn t your mom ever tell me about the desolation. I won t speak for your mother. But it was never my concern nor should it be yours boy yes.


Sir. There s a scroll here it belonged to the sun wow. This goes on and on father. Forgive me.

Filled with remorse. We ve got my actions had he thought before taking action. There would be no need for regret yes yeah maybe we should bring this to his father back at the story. What are you fools doing back.

We found your son. He used the trade and we found part of his journal. It sounded like he regretted killing it fat lot of good that does me how did he go out he died fighting we found four corpses new years they were decapitated nah van rijn always did keep his sword nice and sharp a lesson he picked up for me. He s a backstabbing bastard.

But no one he s into hollis that s me at ease thanks. We did a good thing. I m glad we came back here that thief did not deserve the piece of gave him maybe so still it feels good to help people even the dead ones so much like your ” ..


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