Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. Presents: The Price Mining Group , Montana

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“Cory s gold. Our expeditions today we are out at the price group of mines mines outside of helena montana. This is a it s a large group we ve for a while and it just barely came up and we snagged it so now we re going to show you a little bit of what s going on around. Here.

Just a little bit of background in history on this this is a mine that shows you what some small miners with a little bit ambition can do we ran into a couple of guys that work this a few years ago. And they said they came up for about two weeks a year and they averaged maybe three four hundred ounces. But they are they have a plan of operations in place. They re using a little bit of heavy machinery.

And they re using a trommel now three four hundred ounces of gold is not a huge amount of gold but they re also not paying too terribly much to be out here. So what i m standing in front of right. Here. Is historic cabin that was part of the price group take a look right here you probably can t see.

But it says price group claims it says what the recorder number is deer lodge recorder it s got everybody s names on it kind of badass so we re gonna leave that as it is it s kind of locked up no need to get into it and as you know when you buy a mining claim you don t get ownership of this unless. You put a plan of operations and say hey i m using this in support of my mining operations. So let s take a look over here. So we re gonna walk here on this claim a little bit just kind of showing you little bits of interesting fun as you can see we re using this as part of a marker.

Here there s also markers and the trees and everything..

But when you ve got a mining claim you want to let people know that you re out. Here you want to let people know that s active that s kind of what this is spray painting andrews roo do number one and keep the offer else probably not the best way to make friends with your neighbors and the forest service. It just makes you look like a redneck kit. So take a look right behind me over here you can see where they ve started the placer operations.

It s kind of the top of the hill here and this is where they ve been out fishing you can see that s not stuff that you re going to do with a with a shovel and you re not going to get your buddy out here with a little scuba suit to go dredging you re going to actually dig dirt out your your trommel. You re gonna get gold out and you re gonna make money you re not just gonna waste money out here so let s take you around for some more of it as you can see we ve got some equipment here on the price group of claims now this isn t actually running at the very moment. But it hasn t been too long since it has as you can see everything here still moves. It still turns it hasn t frozen up which mining equipment that hasn t been used in a while will actually freeze up and you won t be able to move everything so.

The new claimant could come and get this running again and actually use it in support of the mining operation. So what was this tractor being used for that s a really good question up. Here you have a gulch and up this gulch is an abbot and the previous claimants were taking the dirt from what s been coming out of that added where the gold was scooping it up and dumping. It over here.

Let s take a look. So. The previous miners would take the dirt that they scooped up with this tractor back. Oh whatever.

It s actually called and they would drop it into this grisly right here..

Now this grizzly has a conveyor belt underneath it and the conveyor belt has been put on a nice little angle to drop up into here a little hopper. So the grizzly use the conveyor belt to drop the rock and the ore into this hopper. Now this hopper has a trommel attached to it so the rocks and the gold and everything that the tractor is scooped up is actually going to come into here. This is going to spin with a centrifugal force that it creates the gold.

Which is heavy is actually going to come to the outside of the barrel and the rock is going to stay inside then you come down here you can see that this trommel isn t perforated. The gold is going to come out of the perforations and the rock. Which is not as heavy as the gold is going to kind of topple out the other side here. Now what happens with the gold so you ve got the perforations.

The gold actually drops down. And it s going to come out this little chute right here and as you can see we ve got this nice chute that goes off down here. So what happens now is some of these have been taken out. But you ve got these carpets these carpets go inside here and as the gold is coming down.

You re actually going to get the gold caught in the little grooves of these carpets. Then you would stop your water you d take these carpets out and then you would wash them out and then you could pan out to separate the gold from whatever sediment is there but but this time. What you mostly have these carpets is just gold so this entire process the way that they do it does require water. If you look over here.

You will see that there is a water pipe..

Now it s being pumped from down below. So we probably will find a pump of some kind further down on the claim. But the water was being pumped up controlled here and when they were washing the gold through because they want the water to move it and then drop the gold to the bottom you would have had that entire system set up so as you can see this is pretty much a turnkey operation. If you have the ambition to come out here and start mining you could get your permit you could use equipment.

And you could start getting the gold that is just lying around all around us. We set the holding pond as you can see right here. This is a little section. So it looks like they also were reusing the water from up top.

So they would suck it up out of these little ponds push it up that pipe up to the trommel. You can t really see from here. But the water from that trommel fell back down into this little ravine and then got to collect it up again in these little collection ponds. So they were recycling the water that they were using in the trommel.

We also have over here the pump that i said we would probably find since we re downhill from where the trommel is they needed a pump to pump the water and then push it up to the actual trommel. So here. She is we re wrapping up at the price group of claims. Now let me tell you a little bit about what we found as i mentioned earlier.

They were pumping water to the site where the trommel was buried below me here is the retention pond..

Now this retention pond is actually getting its water from the adits that we found on the site. There are two adits in a head frame. Which tells us where was a shaft. Why is this good for you because the gold that is in the load is actually coming out into the water you re using that water to pump up to the trommel and that gold that is in the water is actually also going to flake out or nugget out.

However it s going to come out just like the rock that you re putting in there. So you re kind of getting two forms of gold from this particular site. Now they were also recycling the water up here above me. There is some retention ponds as well and what they were doing is having the water that was being used for the trommel trickle down into retention ponds.

They have a pump inside those retention ponds and then they were re cycling. It sucking it back up and pushing it back up to the trommel. So you re getting the gold from the placer operations from the dirt from the top layers of it plus you re getting the gold from the load. Which is in the adits that s gonna do it for the price property today for more pictures of the price mine go to our website wwwjfncojp toho.

We ll see you at the next site ” ..

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