GOLD SECRET MAGIC RING FOUND! – Waltz of the Wizard Gameplay – HTC Vive Pro Gameplay

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“Put in my finger. Does it go on there like that oh it does oh oh what just happened oh man. The wizard on the last video. I ve got lot of comments saying that i missed a secret in the prison area.

So i m gonna try and get back in there again. Because if you can find the secret ring. That s apparently stuck in the wall. We re gonna have a look and see if we can find some other stuff as well now i found last time.

I played this game this skull could tell you a lot of stuff. So if we just grab this doll bang it on there. A simple mannequin cool. So this skull.

Can tell us what everything is does you know what trumpet is do you know that it s a beautiful instrument. No i do not what about this what s this one oh he doesn t know what that is he doesn t know what a marble is all right. I ll throw that over there not put a rejection spell on this pondmaster yes. You would have exploded.

I doubt it ooh. There s a glowing chess piece right here. He doesn t know it doesn t know about chess can you eat it can you eat this i can t eat it okay what about these wants do you know what this is i ve already played this one before though i m not gonna bother playing this one do you know what money is it looks like a cylindrical piece of metal. Okay.

Let s put that there. Let s see if we can get the dragons egg back down. Again and see. If he knows what that is oh god oh.

God oops can i that can i d the dragons egg. Where s our pal from down. There what what just happened i wonder if there s a way that we can change. Where this door goes through so last time shush lost them all went through that door.

I went to the maze area which i beat that term that maze. But i wonder if there s a way you can make it go somewhere else i don t know maybe you can t where s the skull. Do you know this is tell me say it s a dragon s egg. You idiot no you won t say it let s try some of these so i haven t i haven t tried this one here was that if a eg.


Oh. God okay. Yep let s try this no shut up. Okay.

If a e g c. G. C. Hey.

What what oh god what oh god oh. I think i might need do i need this in these i m gonna grab them just in case. I do i regret this what is it oh. It s fine.

Okay. Oh. God what is the thing. There s something over there.

I m worried. It s gonna come up behind me. I was a kid huh. Hey.

Can t oh cats running away. There s a shield of a lion. There can we go back here. I think we can man that was freaky well we re this i can like balance stuff on the end of the sword.

Let s try that again whoo. I m not very good at that i can flip it and fling it ramp all this space as well okay let s go back man. That is so creepy. There s something you can do with this this guy over here this tin man could we do something with you champ can i grab your foot are you ticklish give me old tickle on the metal boot.

He s got his thumb up. Though he s like a goes to thumbs up about these barrels. I can pick up the explody barrels. They don t blow up if you throw them.


Though oh is there anything else over here. Oh there s some stuff what about these can i use these in the potions like all sorts of books and things all right. I m gonna go a joint for a minute. How do i i like that okay i am a giant.

I m already a giant okay can i grab that birdcage no i can t because that s inside my computer at the moment. Okay i can grab these whoa. What is it alright get out of it get out of it dude. I want to have a look out there hang on let s have a look outside where s he going right so this is what s outside the tower.

Oh. So there s actually there s like nothing down there there s nothing down that hall okay just trying to find all the secrets in this place man. I m just having a look around i was hoping. There was actually something down that trapdoor that d be awesome.

So what was in that cage. I don t know what that is it s a glowy thing can i have that okay let s take this back to my desk and study. It okay does the skull man know what this is do you do you have any idea. What this thing is i don t think he does can we open the cage.

I don t think we can open the cage. There s not a lot of stuff you can actually do things with i found oh. There s a skull on the back of his head. As well do you know what this is it s a magical magical stalling all right yes.

I love how it actually slices the stuff in half. It feels like beat saber okay well let s do it let s go back to the the prison level. I m just gonna see if i can actually guess what thing was i think it was something like something like it wasn t that no no i can t remember. But go on i can t hear that at all nope.

Oh hang on a if see ii there it is i worked in here. We go let s go to prison. Oh cool all right so what there it is there s the secret ring. How do i get it though how it s it s like outside my thing.

I can t move. What who is dangerous there s no one out there just put my hands through and there s definitely no one out there. Okay. I m gonna try and get the ring out with this leg barn here we go it s gonna jam it in there it s really hard to do it okay maybe i can just reach in.


I can t all right i had to actually adjust my vr positioning. So i could reach this ring. I don t know whether this game expects you to have like a really big room or something. But my room s like regular bedroom size.

So i don t have a lot of space. But we got this ring. I don t know what this ring does is it like a secret. This is something we do with it can we take this skull back as well or at least a pelvis.

I can t reach the skull. Let s try this hey i got the i got the ring. Okay. What do we do with the ring is it magic.

What s the ring for any do you know our skull man. Where s the skull here. It is you know what this is no do you know what this is he doesn t know what this thing is either that s the slow mo thing yeah. Don t do that to me finn don t throw my head round like that dude that s disrespectful.

There s got to be something we have to do with this right can we drop it in here no thanks. I put on my finger. Does it go on there like that oh it does oh what just happened oh man you can lift stuff up. And i want to put it on my other finger.

Wait let s put it on in nice okay you can knock things over awesome. What are this that is really weird oh. What d i do what d i just do can i do anything to the tin guy. I don t think so it s like it s for throwing stuff around at a distance.

It looks like you basically just make a mess of the place tin. Man. Why is it tin man breathing at me um. What d i just do well.

I just do that was weird and really spooky and what if you shoot this thing is that supposed to do something it feels like this so many things in this game. That you can interact with i feel like i m missing out on something. Oh is that money up there. So i can just use my hand now to get everything off the walls.


Like this just gonna rip everything down. I just broke a really fancy thing. I m sorry i broke some stuff so i wonder if this ring then works in tandem with any of these other spells. So like it s a lot like well.

It s a little bit like the weightless spell. Okay all right yeah weiss. Nothing s weightless those illicit maybe. I have to touch.

It. Oh yeah. So you can grab stuff like this. And then throw it around all right the transmute.

What does transmute do is that the thing that oh turn stuff into a butterfly come on butterfly oh shush shut up dude. I m waiting for the butterfly here accounts. He comes. A butterfly.

Oh isn t that awesome can i grab him can i switch spells like if i grab the fireball spell. Oh. He disappears. What was that what was that noise.

I think the guy tried to climb back up. But he fell down again hey i think my rings gone my ring has disappeared off my head. Oh that sucks. I think it was because i chose the fireball spell and then it disappeared all right i m gonna leave the video here though this would be the last time i play this game.

I just wanted to find that ring into anything else that i could find in this just to make sure that i didn t miss out on anything hopefully. I haven t but thank you very much bruce in this video. If you liked it give us one of these ones. And i ll see you guys next time ” .


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