Goodwill Find: Polaroid DVD Player PDV-0821T

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“Guys so i recently picked up this portable dvd player i got this last week. Week. I think it was last wednesday. So i ve never had a portable dvd before i ve never really had the need for one because portable dvd players they re really good like if you have kids or you have a large family and you re going on long road trips and you know they can obviously keep the kids entertained by you know watching dvd movies on the road so that s pretty cool.

But i don t have kids. I don t have a family of my own. So i ve never really had the need to have one of these because you know when i drive. I m driving so i can t you know watch a movie while i m driving.

But i found this at a goodwill and this was only six dollars and i decided to pick that because not only did have the player. But it also had dac adapter and it even had the remote so i m like this is a pretty good deal because it included everything and it also included the berry. Which is underneath the player. So i thought that it s not that was pretty good so even though.

I wasn t certain if it wouldn t work. I still decided to pick it up and try it out so so this is a polaroid. I just like look at the player first here this is a polaroid. It s a polaroid dvd player is a mound.

Number right. There. Which is pdv. 0.

8. 1. T. And according to the power supply.

Here. It was manufactured in october of 2004. So this is like nearly 15 years old now so on the front. You have your power switch.

You have an led light right here for power. And this is the infrared receiver for the remote. This is a button here to release the screen on the side here you have all your jacks. You have your volume control you have an earphone jack.

You have an audio jack which i think goes in and out. And you also have a video in jack as well as a video out jack and you select those using this switch right here..

If you have in this position. These are outputs. If you have in this position. These are inputs so not bad so you can hook.

This up you can hook a console up to this a game console or you can use this as a record dv player and hook up to your tv or something. So. That s pretty cool now. I don t have the actual wires for this.

But that s alright and of course. You have your power as well and on the other side. Here. You also have a second headphone.

Jack. So you can actually have two people listen in privately using earphones. So you press this button right here. And this opens up the lid.

So want to raise the camera up a little bit here so here it is and i did not measure the screen. I m assuming it s like maybe like five inches or something oh man why that it could be like 10 inches. Could be like 10 inches. So you have buttons here on the screen itself this is for like controlling your picture.

Your brightness and your color. And down. Here. You also have some buttons for like you know your menu your play stop.

Pause you know and all that good stuff. You have your controls down here for arrows and entering the previous and next. And this also what i use of course. It plays dvds.

It also is a cd player. It s also an mp3 player also plays put your cds and cd ours and cd. Rws. Now the player does work the battery.

Even host charge as well we re turning it on now and that s like you sure how long the battery lasts. But does take a long time to charge so hopefully this does still hold enough charge to watch a full length movie and i really don t collect dvds..

Anymore i don t buy them anymore. But i still sometimes buy blu rays and when you buy blu rays. A lot of times. You will you will actually get a dvd included with the blu ray anyway like for example.

This be here of inside out. This also so of course. This has the blu ray inside. This is the feature movie and it s the bonus material.

But up. But it also has a dvd copy of the movie. So that s pretty handy so then we ll just test this out real quick or open it up put that in there. The dvd drive is a little loud of course if you re on the road listening to this you know you won t be able to notice.

It and of course. The remote works the least it was working there we go because the receivers down here. It s i have it pointed directly at it okay here we go now of course. I cannot actually show you the movie.

But we ll just just prove the it here. But it does work if the volume may be down. So here we are on the menu screen of the dvd so again we can choose a different settings here using the remote. There you go so so there you go like i said it does work it works fine.

And there are different settings here like i said for picture. So you can choose the color here that changes the cover a little bit. I d be kind of hard to see on camera. But that is kind of like making the colors a little it s probably saturation and you also have brightness settings.

So that s making the picture darker. If you hold this button down it makes the picture brighter. So not bad. So you can also turn the player off using the remote and then that shuts it down and this light here continues to shine orange.

So i guess. It s actually in standby mode. Now there is one other thing i want to demonstrate so obviously movies work but but there are a few interactive dvd games you can play using dvds. And i m stopping to have one of those this is a deal or no deal dvd game.

And we will pop this in and we will try to play this real quick and we ll turn it back on of course. You get typical warnings with most dvds..

There s no way to skip this either all right there we go so. We re gonna go with the one player game brightness a little bit there now on this dvd game. I noticed that the the load times are definitely more noticeable because it has to load every time you choose a case. Yeah you can hear it reading every time.

You choose a case. You know so that s a little annoying we ll just choose 21. We gonna choose six cases here and again we have to manually you know choose a case using the arrow keys. You can also do this.

Using the buttons on the player itself. So most most tv drivers read it like 16x that s like the speed. They read at this is probably not sixteen accesses. Probably like eight x maybe even slower than that okay.

That s a good. Choice and it always starts with your. Case so oh that s 200000. That s not good.

But the million is still in play of course. I don t know if familiar with deal or no deal and how it. Works it s very. Simple but and that case had 500000.

So you re trying you know you re trying to pick the case that has. 1000000. In it and then you choose cases after that and whatever s in those cases are obviously not in the case. You chose so you want to pick low.

Numbers there you go so that s good so 1000. Was not in my case. I m just just picking numbers at random here so this is definitely playable. But you have to put the load times.

Though because the load times are very. Frequent he s never gonna get an offer from the banker 19000. Well so then of course you choose if you want to deal with no deal. Now now normally most people would not take the first offer.

But for the sake of time. Though we are going to take this offer because i just want to demonstrate you know what it s like to play this game..

Using this player. So we re going to deal so it was in my. Case the whole time let s find out. Wow i had 300000.

In that case well. Obviously i did not make a good. Deal but still i had 19000. So so that s still not bad all right so we ll just press.

The stop button right here. And that should take us back to the you know just the polar screen. So anyway how guys that s just just a little quick video. I thought i would do go ahead upload a video in a little while i started to thought i d show you guys this except.

It was a pretty good fine for only six dollars and you know and i m also you know i also like this kind of retro tech. Oh this isn t too retro. But it s still kind of an older thing and it s still pretty cool to have and i m still pretty impressed that the battery still holds a charge and and the screen is in fairly good shape. And it s like everything seems to work fine.

Now the battery. The battery will light up aid. Because the berry itself is down here to close this i don t turn it off as well. But the battery is down here.

So this is the entire battery right here and this light here will light up red. When you have it plugged in charging. Now i let this charge for like several hours and the light was still red. So i don t know if it just takes a long time to charge or if maybe it just continues to light up even when it s charged.

But hopefully this does still hold a charge though for you know from watching entire full length movie. But anyway. Though i m still not bad i sound pretty happy with this and maybe one day. I will find a use for it maybe in my vehicle or maybe somebody else can use it so sweaty huh guys.

I thank you guys for watching. And i will have more videos coming up here soon so stay tuned for those. But for now. Though thank you guys for watching and i ” .


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