Google Pixel 3/3a/4 : How to Use Split Screen (My Favorite Feature!)

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“What is going on guys. So you have a pixel three three eight with the the pixel four. I m going to show you how to use the split screen basically. It s a multitasking feature.

Where we can use two apps at the same time. Very very simple so let s just say for instance. One of the apps. That we want to use is google chrome okay so first you got to do is open up google chrome and then you want to go ahead and close it then go ahead and close it and now you now it s going to be in a recent menus app.

So if i just slide up like this and you can see these are the recent apps. That are currently open okay. So here s google chrome here now if i want a google chrome to be one of the windows..


I would simply tap on the icon right here press and hold and then this will pop up here. And you simply tap on split screen. Okay if i want it one of the windows to be like youtube. I would press and hold and i ll tap on split screen.

Okay anyways let s go to the google chrome here let me press. That and we re going to go to split screen. So the google chrome now is up here now we can pick another window or another app here okay. We can go ahead and pick it from the recent menu here or we can choose one of these apps down here.

We can go you can go with photos app or if we wanted to choose another app. That s not on there we can swipe up and we can choose any one of these apps here as well let s just go ahead and choose a youtube here so. Now i have two apps here okay..


I have the google chrome on top and i have the the youtube app on the bottom. And you can see you can rotate. It as well. I can go ahead and press on play here and then let me go and raise the volume up.

So you have this one window over here. The other window here you can help open up google chrome. You can go ahead and browse. We can open up you can have emails over here you can have maps over here.

And you can multi task search. Things if you wish and then even over here. Too what we can do is we can go ahead and minimize a little bit smaller and now we can go ahead and scroll down..


You can go ahead. Pick another video you can go ahead. And read the comments down here. We can even go ahead and choose another video right from here.

Let s just choose that one wait for this ad to skip another thing you can do too is if you have auto rotate on i mean you re gonna able to rotate. It and you can see this middle window here the line right there we can go ahead and move this up and down. If we want to go ahead. And the youtube video a little bit longer here.

So we can go ahead and see what s going on down. Here. We can go ahead you can go ahead and loop..


It down like that and then we can go ahead and do our shopping or check our emails whatever you want to do if you want to go ahead and just go back to one window like let s say if i only wanted the google chrome. I would just slide. All the way down down here like that i wanted the youtube app. Only i would just swipe all the way up so i ll do the only the chrome app.

So i swipe all the way down oops swipe. All the way down just like that and now we re using. Just google chrome here so pretty simple you guys have any questions or anything just comment below guys thanks for watching and i will see ” ..


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