Google Pixel XL vs OnePlus 3 Camera Comparison – Surprising!

google pixel vs oneplus 3 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Google Pixel XL vs OnePlus 3 Camera Comparison – Surprising!. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys ashiya from safari tech and in today s video. Let s compare. The cameras cameras in the google. Pixel xl with the ones on the one plus.

Three let start with the hardware that we re dealing with and let s not jump into the samples and a good light image is shot with both cameras turned out great. The pixel xl has an edge with color reproduction and dynamic range. Given the similar aperture the depth of field also remains identical indoors and the artificial lights. The axial grabs the lead well there is some noise.

It doesn t really affect the quality of the image and the software processing helps enhance the quality and a low light though well the image is shot with a pixel excel are considerably brighter. The noise levels get a little too high for my liking. But unlike with the s7 edge and the iphone 7 plus as seen in the last two videos one plus does not trust the optical image stabilization on the 1 plus. 3 and expose longer here let me explain with the s7 or the iphone 7 plus due to the presence of oas.

The camera exposes for a longer time under low light. Usually a quarter of a second this means light is being latent for longer and the iso doesn t have to be cranked up resulting in cleaner images lower noise. Why can t the peaks will do the same since there s no os. The longer the exposure higher the chance of the image getting blurred.

But what s weird is that despite having au is the 1 3..

Just like the pixel accel. That lacks or is settles for 115 of a second exposure and cranks up the iso instead given the smaller pixel size the images appear much darker. Though the noises lesser. You could call it either way here give this round to the pixel accel due to the brighter.

Images or the 1 3. Due to lesser noise. Neither has the optimal way to go. So.

What s your choice. Here s apple let me know anyway. Blowing on both phones are capable of shooting. 4k video.

And let s start with your focus. If you ve watched my other pixel camera comparisons you know where i m going with this. But if you haven t the pixel excel has a laser assist for autofocus and that helps only when the subject is a close range. So when you focus on something that s close the pixel excel is much faster to focus.

But if you re focusing on something further away the excel is slower..

So there s not much between these two phones when it comes to focus speeds. So let s now move to quality of the videos. And then squared k. The color reproduction and dynamic range are comparable.

The stabilization is much smoother with a pixel excel. But as i ve pointed out in the past software stabilization causes. Some jitter here let me switch to full screen look at this pan in particular. Let s rewind.

If you can see. The pan. Is much smoother with one plus three with the heavy software stabilization on the pixel xl. There is some noticeable cheetah with movement it s better visible.

When you crop in 100 anyway. The detailed result is similar and despite the cheetah. The stabilization is quite exceptional and i m going to have to give this one to the pixel excel. So yes.

This is being shot via different facing cameras of both phones..

The audio is also being captured. We are the internal microphones. So this is so far been on the 1 3. And of the audience.

I m switching over the pixel xl. So hope you guys can notice a change now i m gonna quickly cut into my voiceover and i m also going to check out the footages and let you know my dots here the pixel excel has a wider angle lens. But the 1 3. Does capture more details and reproduces better skin tones.

The audio levels are also higher and stereo audio on the 1 3. Comparative mono on the excel means. The 1 3. Takes this one next.

We get a selfies here the excel does have the larger field of view and captures more detail. So despite the better colors with the 1 3. I d end up going with the pixel exhale so now guys. I m surprised by how competitive the 1 3.

Was here the camera on it is still good the pixel excel does manage to outperform..

It under a lot of scenarios. So if price wasn t an issue and you were looking to choose between these. Two based on the camera alone then the pixel excel should be the pick. But if price to performance ratio is what you re looking for it s the 1 3.

All the way even months after release. It still offers excellent value. So that s it for this. Quick video give it a thumbs up if you found it useful vote it down.

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Please use my affiliate links you can find them in the description. Below. And that s it thanks a lot for watching til next time this is ashe here from c4 e. Tech signing off you guys have a great day bye now ” .


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