Googling My Crush **REVEALED HER SECRET** Gavin Magnus ft. Coco Quinn

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“Quinn boyfriend 2019 daddy history and exes. I know are you kidding me got my my i know are you joking you haven t an adult. How many x s you serious stuck inside sound girl. You knew what s a good fit.

It s yo gavin here today. We re doing another awesome video. But before we get started make sure to like comment subscribe until notification or upload guys. Today.

We re doing a very very very interesting video um a very investigating video you know we re gonna go deep searching surf deep into the web. The dark web. The dark web. We are going to be googling coco so coco s on her way and i m gonna have to break the news.

Sir so uh. I guess we just wait until she gets here. Yeah something like that so it s been a while and she hasn t really she hasn t showed up um. I should probably text her maybe.

But yeah. I ll just text right now. Oh. Wait is that what are you doing.

You made. It. What oh wow. Welcome welcome welcome wait.

Nice necklace well you re actually going to decide what video. We re doing today yeah so pause right there okay in order to do a video. I need starbucks so let me pick the video and then we ll go to a starbucks if you need energy. Okay.

I mean actually you seem pretty hyper now okay. I like the wheels ken you got to pick the video. So there s two video ideas on these boards. So you have to flip.

One board and that s the order. I mean this one s more cover the lemon color..

Bit. Some are a little bit alright let s see what it is but in order to flip. It god has got to do flip just kidding okay no i m just kidding google. I don t know what s on google of me so we can t again so we have a google coco by doing with a starbucks first in order to do this video.

I can eat starbucks let s go then so i m logging in at shaky. This is okay guys so coco thought the camera was heavy. But it s really not so we re on our way to starbucks ryan arlie. Yes.

We are going to starbucks. What are your thoughts and banking toiling away breathe. It s trying doesn t have oxygen in this car. Yeah.

Can i get a be hard studios um can i get a bagel bites. I m really know i m gonna find on coco. You know like could be anything like her old boyfriends or outer. If she s satiny.

But like maybe i ll find something about that or like i don t know i just might you know you never know what you could find so it s just i don t know it s kind of scary. But i m willing to do it and maybe i want some something out like that i should know so i think you just like wasted half days. Right no i did yeah we re just we ll see i m scared. Because i don t know what s on the internet of me like there could be really ugly baby photos of me there could be dance.

Videos. Oh don t want to see those there could be like a lot you know and i m kind of scared. So hope for the best and pray for me please pray for you guys please i m begging please cross thanks brian. I hope you guys today you guys are real ones.

But um yeah so basically i think we re gonna find like really embarrassing pictures of her as a baby like ones. Where she s on like a motorcycle going like this or maybe. Like big forehead pictures as a baby you sound like you googled them before oh. No what no one has done that i think that they re gonna find really embarrassing stuff of coco and she s gonna get really mad.

But it ll be fun to see everything you sound like a googler in the past. What what uh maybe sort of yeah kind of stop stop hmm. We re gonna go on our youtube channel first well that s not bad. It s not bad whoa.

Wait. What are your oldest videos..

Let s go um. Gavin. There s a really bad one that you can see which one oh. Here we go i want that seeing that she looks like she didn t well.

And we re just gonna go to like articles and sub images. No stop okay stop haha looks a lot like you he doesn t like me. He looks awake here you know now we re gonna go to like the articles and stuff scroll down and we just see like baby photos. I mean that s not i m not trying to see baby photos.

Okay. Coco quin biofacts family famous birthdays okay it wouldn t hold a little boost. Okay born in june 7. 2008.

Birthplace california age 11 birth sign gemini about coco quinn. Young dancers was trained with her sisters at dance precision s i used to like when i was five. She s also been a member of a mini elite competition team molly s monsters in 2018. She began appearing in the webseries benign manny people saved you years old when she started rhythmic gymnastics.

No she anyway. Wow. So she she posted a photo as her fellow music. And friend.

Tsunami family life. She has a brother named tyler quit for to wear jewelry. Honor yes. Yeah.

He s tweeting party. She s just running or when are also dancers now we re going to school down woman and we re gonna wanna. See let s see let s see look at my old dance video search up coco quinn in this okay so please can i click on video. Please hmm go go go in i odb let s look at your imdb.

Let s see what you ve done what s that coco quit. So you ve done about like three or four shows and actors chicken girls mini. Crazy ex girlfriend. The halo project see units in y anita thanks peers wanna.

Know julia my resume can take too long to read. We can t pull the video..

I wasn t the one you like that s it like let s watch. This one. Oh. Coco quinn.

Broadway baby. Oh. My gosh no this one that was like four. Oh.

My god turns oh she s she be she do be sliding like a walrus bill laughter laughter the forehead energy is real. My god the forehead is big beautiful let s see. Okay. Photos.

News videos in the gallery. I ve never seen this boyfriend. Actually. It s okay she s from california.

I m not from california. Gavin yeah. Age weight height that s all right on floor. Ten and five now you re four done i m taller than gavin.

I just realized that today like before no love and affairs. Girlfriend and partner. Gavin has two brothers named jacob and justin magnus. What is my it doesn t say my net worth.

Though unsure british okay i m trying to find where it says. If there s anything that says. My network. Coco quentin going.

Together. Posture check. Quinn. Baby.

Baby. Photos..

Oh. That s that s jacob. Wait. Was this look.

So. Much. She kind of looks like danny devito. Wait is that yes definitely coco.

Oh. My god i think. It is oh we got highlights new baby baby baby baby big shoes. Me.

What s up new post. Coco will your new couple more thanks guys coco quit i mean this time we re gonna deep like we re gonna dive deep in here okay. Coco clean you english coco quinn writer director producer no that s not her that s definitely not coco. Coco quinn instagram.

My house and videos i play here at 500 ek. I just do not check your profile. Go to a very snapchat. Very very very bottom wow.

Whoa. Wow. Whoa whoa. Hey guys oh work the runway.

Oh yeah. Oh no no i can skip yah yah. Okay. So i think we found everything out about coco guys let me drive the bus laughter.

” ..

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