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” s up guys so i ve looked at a couple easy smx products and we we re gonna continue to do so today with a gps. I don t look gps is very often so let s find out if this one s worth anything and i ll tell you right now it s no truck or gps. That s for sure but if you re looking for something recreational and affordable and you don t want to spend the money on a 300 garmin or tomtom. Maybe something like this is good for you there are some drawbacks to it.

But we ll go over that real quick. What s up guys this man won 8 6 gaming. We ll be taking a look at this gps bye. Easy smx for about the 70 price range.

We re looking at something that s pretty decent and well. I say that but there were some drawbacks to it it wasn t everything i wanted in a gps. But it worked out good for what it is now we ll go over a few things real quick entering navigation is pretty simple when we bring it up we ll see the i go my way primo app. Kind of launched and that s the gps.

The actual app. They use for navigating you this i go my way primo is pretty much in every car. That you ll buy off a lot that comes with an integrated gps. So that s something to consider if you ve ever had experience with that then that ll sort of tell you a thing or two about it you can do a couple of things with it including its exit real quick you can do a couple of things.

Including put your photos on it things like this it all uses a micro sd card. I don t know if you can read that icon up there. But i have one in there at the moment and you can do neat stuff with it and while it s pretty much just a tablet. It s fairly responsive while still feeling sort of like a budget tablet with a gps navigation system on it.

So. We ll go over this real. Quick right here..


Fm fm is pretty cool because we can connect it to fm by turning the fm settings on finding a station that doesn t have something and being able to play the sounds of the gps itself over it. While also being able to play things like music over it so if we wanted to launch wherever music went. We want to launch music. I put just one song on here.

When i ve used in a video before i ll be sure to give credit for you ll hear it start playing in a minute hitting back will close that so you want to hit home. So it continues to play now we re playing music and i ll turn it down the station is a little bit of interference. We re playing some music over it right now and we ll go ahead and launch the navigation app. When we bring up the navigation app.

The music continues to play as well as the gps. Which will speak through the speakers as we re going there are different features with the gps. That are something i m not necessarily a fan of like if we were to go to more settings. You can do sound warnings.

Which is let s see if we tells tts pro tts pro. Is the one that will read out every street that you re going to be going on and it s horrible mispronunciations that just driving me up the wall like nails on a chalkboard. But verbosity. We got anything of that speed warning was something that was driving me crazy.

But you can go in here. And you can kind of change. How you re going above the speed limit before it actually warns you because as soon as you hit that speed limit. It starts.

Telling you you re going too fast. Making you want to cuss at it things like that let s see fuel consumption calculator is pretty straightforward you can actually access the music player from inside. I go my way primo and that s interesting as well i haven t tried it that way because there was really no need to show map will bring up the big map you re on and you can kind of get an idea for where things are move around a little bit you see it s a little bit catchy..


It s not as fluid as you d probably like it to be as well as you can set little waypoints on your way and things like that one of the things that was difficult for me at first was when you wanted to get out of the app to get back to the main tablet itself you you click the screen and you see all this stuff pop up and you re like well i don t see how to exit that and just in case. Anybody s got this and is wondering you actually have to hit the speed limit button right down. There and then the power button to exit out of the i go my way app. So i don t know if that s helpful to somebody hopefully.

It is it took me a minute to kind of figure that out. But you can do a several neat little things on here which most of it requires you having a micro sd card. And taking the time to preload it so back in the day. Where we used to use a cd player to load our roadtrip mixes well now you do it on a micro sd card.

And then you just throw that sucker in there and you listen to music. While you drive down the road one of the problems with the fm. Though if you guys have ever driven. You know anywhere for long distances.

You ll notice you ll come in and out of fm frequency ranges making this really frustrating. Some problems. We had with this out of the box is when we opened it up it was at about 54. And it lasted us about 15 minutes.

I think so 15 minutes of drive time with it not charging was kind of a pain in the butt. It takes a little while for it to charge. It s still not quite at a hundred and i ve had it plugged in while i m driving for the last few days. But just so you know the fm frequency.

Thing is gonna go in and out on you it could be worth it it might not be worth. It if you re not going anywhere far and you want to listen to your own jams. Then if you find a station around town that works for you there but long trips..


It s going to be kind of a hit or miss thing. A little bit of a pain of the but gimmicky things like gains. I mean if you want to sit there and play games on your gps tablet and there you go a nice seven inch screen. It s a pretty decent tft panel.

But again it s a tft panel so your viewing angles will be somewhat skewed at certain ways that you look at it not necessarily my favorite way to look at something. But it kind of works i kept getting a rare dumb error that would pop up and i had i feel like i had something to do with when the battery was low. It was very microsoft very microsoft s. Even though it s not microsoft or anything microsoft related on here.

You pretty much just hit ok. And it closes. Now that s inconvenient for people driving. If you re driving down the road you lose your gps signal or something.

And you got a low battery. And this error signal pops up it s a little bit irritating because then you have to reach over close it make sure you get back into your map. And you re driving. It could be a safety issue.

I m not a hundred percent on that it s not necessarily my favorite thing comparing this to a three hundred dollar garmin. We re looking at something that s definitely lower in price. And maybe a little bit lower in quality you can do things like. Change your icons you can go in there and kind of set up.

If you want to be a tank or a dirt bike or an atv. But i couldn t find any real things about updates anywhere. When it says to go to the navi extra is in order to get updates..


I go there i couldn t find anything related to this product. I couldn t find anything related to i go my way i couldn t find anything to really update. The system itself whether it was paid or free. There was just nothing on there i could find i emailed them about that to see if hey where can i actually get these updates.

So we can look at something. But i haven t heard back from them yet which i thought was strange because i was hoping they would be able to tell me a little bit of something about that so anyways we re looking at a 7 inch gps. And it s it s pretty nice it does the job. I did a write up on it if you want to know a little bit more about it there are some issues where it just doesn t see the roads that google or siri will see.

And it ll kind of take you these janky roundabout ways in order to get there at the end of the day. I don t know for about 60 70 bucks. It s probably worth it if you need one now if you re a truck driver that depends on the most accurate and the truck updates and truck information then this isn t for you this is more of just a recreational one it s no random mcnally five hundred dollar gps. It s no garmin three hundred dollar gps it s no tomtom two hundred dollar gps.

It s just the gps that ll do the job and get you around where you need to be and it works great especially if you want to throw on that microsd you just jam out to your own tunes by plugging it in the wireless fm transmitter seems to work great but again on long distances you ll probably suffer a little bit there anyways guys. I hope this was somewhat informative and helpful. I hope you were able to take something out of this and if not you know let me know and i ll try to figure out if i can answer. Some questions for you have a great day night.

Whatever. It is i ll see you in the next video that i do ” ..

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