Great Lakes Brewing Co Cloud Cutter Ale

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“Kids you were in company here today. We are going to try a special beer beer that i really love and i i didn t want to do a video. It i just haven t it is great lakes brewing company. Cloud cutter ale.

There s your bottle. Three about this. Real quick from cleveland ohio established in 1988 ohio s first craft beer company i believe like a micro brewery burst of juicy citrus zips across friendly lightly filtered wheat skies in our high flying tribute to the historic cleveland air. Races it doesn t really give you a there it is 40.


51. Cloud cutter ale. Now i ll show you the cap mission as a little cap. It says great lakes established 31st.

I was in 1988. So it s a 30 year cap that s pretty cool. I ll try to bite light cutter colored and aaron reimer paint in this light colored last time. But i was drinking out of the bottle so so you can smell like that citrusy almost like a grapefruit scent yeah like a grapefruit zest type of scent it has like at first taste is like ipa which i m typically not a fan of but then it settles down into like more of a lager or like a american classic light color or taste.

So it would it would go into like a giggling or something like that so it comes off strong..

But then it s real subtle. It s like it s a pretty sharp drop off actually. It s pretty good you can taste the citrus in it you can taste this the citrusy you can see the color of it it d be a like a golden color. So the odor.

I ll give a a high citrus taste. The smell and the taste. I would give a like a high hop taste. But then it calms down like super fast.

It s pretty mean..

It s a unique drink. It s not one of my favorites from great lakes. But anything they ve been putting out lately. I ve been snatching out i think they re awesome company.

I ve never been up there i am from the southern part of ohio and we usually don t go north unless. We absolutely have to but uh one day. I will one day. I will so great lakes in the comments.

Below tell me what is your favorite great..

Lakes beer also have you tried clog cutter ale. Leave a comment and that s how i get my feedback try something you haven t done tried before go to a brewery. I ve been before you get out of your comfort zone and drive to northern ohio. ” .


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