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“Guys my name is scooby today. I m gonna be showing you how to do do family sharing on your steam account in 2019. This is gonna be a nice and easy tutorial. I m gonna be showing you step by step how to do everything before i get too fired today s video.

I want to give a little bit of information on how this works just so your expectations are accurate and you know exactly how this works. So you don t expect some miracle family sharing account. So how this works is you d have to get two or more than two users to log into a single computer. And then each user will have to set up settings that they will share their games for that one computer for multiple users.

It s what i mean by this is safe user. A and user b bowl log into the one computer. They bo enable family sharing for this computer. What users a and b.

Will have access to a and b s games for that one computer now steam allows up to ten computers. So you can do this on up to ten computers with multiple profiles. So keep this in mind. It s not that you share access to these games globally.

So you can t just log into a new computer anywhere and have access to those games. It s whatever computer bought users log into and set up so they won t have full access to your profile. They will only have access to your shared games and software that you have on your steam accounts so keep this in mind. It s not a miracle set up it s only for a single computer.

And you can do this on up to ten computers with different profiles and i ll be showing you step by step how to do it in today s video. So the first thing you need to do is be logged into your steam account and once this is open we re gonna be clicking on steam on the top left of our client. We re gonna be going to settings. And then this little pop up tab will show up we re gonna be selecting the family option here and we re gonna be looking for a checkbox to authorize library sharing on this computer.

What i need to do is make sure this box is selected. And this is gonna be the first step for the first user on this computer from this point. We re going to be coming up to the top right of our steam account. We re gonna be clicking on the user profile drop down and we re gonna be logging out now what we re gonna have to do is log in with the second user to our steam account in this case you can use any other profile.

You wish they ll have to log in and i will mention at this point. You are gonna have to have steam guard enabled or both profiles to be able to do this i don t think steam will allow you to do this otherwise once the second user has logged in we re gonna be following a similar process. We re gonna be coming up to steam on the top left. We re gonna be clicking on the settings option right here the little pop up is gonna show up again.

We re gonna be clicking the family options and then one more time we re going to be authorizing library sharing on this computer have to give it a second the small pop up will appear select. The other user you want to share your family sharing games. Wits and then you ll see it ll be accepted. You can click ok.

And this box will shut down from this point. If i hover over my library. You can see scobie s games. In this case.

Which is my games and this user has 8 extra games from my profile that they can use install while logged on to this computer. So say for example you want to share this with someone your family and you re in the same household. You basically set this up on multiple computers and then both people will have access to both other users games. So quick breakdown is if i m trying to play a game from user b.

But user b tries to load up one of their own games. While playing something i will get kicked off of their games. But i can still play my own games during this process and this will work vice versa. There is some small ways around this by playing offline depending on the game.

You re playing so you can work around the system a little bit but it still is pretty locked down on steam anyway guys it s as easy as that to set up family sharing on steam in 2019. If you guys enjoyed this tutorial be sure to drop a like subscribe if you re new check out the other videos on the channel..

I m gonna be leaving a link down below to my paypal found these videos. Helpful and you want to support me. Anyway. Guys.

Thank you so much for watching until next time. d stuff like this that s funny of a fully stocked bar. This is something really cool too. When you buy your office.

You can choose to purchase a gun locker and a safe. Which is about a million extra dollars right. This. Is where the gun locker is located in this in this office.

Right a lot of people asking me. Where s my gun locker. Where s my gun locker. It s hidden you have to kind of go up to it and then from here you can you can customize your weapon wheel.

I think it s kind of shitty you have to pay five hundred thousand and a office building that you spent three million on just to be able to customize your weapon wheel. But it s so be it right so that s it like i said i dropped twenty million dollars on this between all my vehicles. I bought i bought stuff. I didn t even need to buy but whatever you know you can customize your weapon will you basically go in there you tell what what you want it to show the weapon will show or hide you can hide something i could you can if you don t want it to show up at your weapon will it take extra time you can just have one weapon for each slot your favorite gun.

That s where i probably need to do this have one or two weapons per slot. But um. There you go so you can do that and then to the right of it on the other backside of this is your money vault. Which is boss.

I think it s so cool you tap on that and then it shows off all your money. I have a decent amount of money so it s the whole entire things filled up look at that it s just a whole wall of cash. It s all little areas it s awesome. But i m not sure if you have less if there s like less money in there or whatever.

But that s pretty cool at that i mean just bricks and bricks stacks and stacks of hundreds on there of you know benji s. So i thought that was pretty funny so there s a couple different little things inside your office. That are pretty cool. I like it like i said.

It is alive and it kind of like grows as you know you grow in the ceo. And if you have your your team in here. As well they ll all be walking around now. This is this is one thing.

I don t like about this update. This dlc this game mode this money making method. It is terrible for your friends. No one s going to want to help you because they re not going to make any money you know i m selling stuff for hundreds of thousands they re making like seven thousand nine thousand ten thousand tops the most i ve seen so it s it s basically a way to do get money by yourself.

But you re fighting everybody so anyways you sit at your computer log in you want to become a ceo. You ll make your name all that stuff. This is the the main webpage right here shows all the different stats. How you know how much you have filled up you know what your total earnings are altogether.

I got eighty four percent free space in my warehouse. And if you want to find if you want to buy a warehouse you just click on the warehouse map right here. Okay you want to click that little red dot or that little red tab. I had i had trouble finding out where to order new contraband and it s also three here as well so you have tabs up top these are these are all the different like filters you can have all the warehouses you can show all of them.

The small sized ones and the difference in the size is how much contraband you can carry for example. A small one can only carry sixteen crates..

But it s only four hundred grand well i say only four hundred grand. But that s that s a lot this dlc is expensive. I m telling you if you want to be a ceo. You re going to drop at least five.

The cheapest stuff for to be paid about five million dollars for alright so expect to have about five lean on hand to get all this done and get it going all right so you got different locations. It all depends on where you want to work out of all right cuz. I don t think you can just deliver. I only got one warehouse.

I don t think you can drop it off at any one of your warehouses. You might be able to i haven t gotten that far yet. But as of right now because you you order your contraband out of each warehouse. And i ll show you that in just a second to at on the back end of the video.

So stick with me stay with me. I know it s a long one me stick with me so these that s a medium sized. A mediums hold 42. Crates.

So you have opportunity to get a bit more audible. Awesome. They cost more as well. So it s a million dollars for that one in the central part of the state nine.

Hundred thousand out there on the west side 925 you know and so forth. They re around a million dollar range and you go to a large ones. See the green one that s mine that s one that i purchased i don t know why that one was 35. Million.

So but i bought that it tells you how much you have filled up in there and then you get one up north. That s two point one three five and they hold 111 crates. So a pretty good jump. I mean it may be worth it to to buy a whole bunch.

More i don t know but you know that that s up to you. But you want to get a good location. Everything is central roundel dos santos. So it really depends on your lobby.

As well your public lobby. The less people you have in there less asshole you have you re good to go so anyways this is how you order your contraband all right click on your warehouse in this page and then this pops up right here you can buy medical supplies that will be tobacco to be are two thousand eight thousand and eighteen thousand you have one crate to create three crates alright. So just for the video mister. Just buy the one crate for two grand alright.

Now. This is out of your money. As you see in the top right corner. It takes it away from your money.

If you lose this crate you lose its it that s it there s no you don t get that money back or whatever. So you know you have to go you have to go get it pretty quick now the the lobby won t see it until it s on your delivery back to your warehouse. Okay so i accept the mission i pay for it i m going to go to my concierge you can order a buzzer to tack shopper pay three grand so now i m five grand into it right so you don t have to do if you already have a chopper you can order through a vip thing your ceo abilities. Allow you to get a chopper.

2. For free. So i just wanted to show you the cool animation you lift off right there and now she ll call you on your phone. And she ll give you an idea of what s going on on this on every missions would be different right so on this mission.

I believe i have to assassinate somebody or something like that but when you do when you complete the assassination right now. She s telling me that i owe them a favor..

So usually that means killing somebody. So i have to go to the vantage point. Which we re about to go to flew over there had to climb down go to this vantage point. Then you go to the next one and we climb up the ladder.

Here so they can take like a little mini thing and all this time you cannot go to passive all right. And you may be fighting out with people so that s kind of a painting as you may be getting killed. So you have to find a good lobby. It s good to have a lot of your friends in you re helping you out too doing their own thing go to that vantage point.

Then you get another checkpoint ago. This bench point over here. And if you don t already have a sniper rifle. There s one waiting for you and then when you you ll get a text message she s telling me that the seller got me a text message and it says the target is hobo so obviously it s a porpora it s terrible.

It s a bum maybe. It s some guy in this guy. That s really a bad dude. So anyways.

I picked my own sniper rifle. And then i just looked kind of scope. I see this guy right here obviously and he s just chilling. I feel bad and make it clean and quick and bam.

So now my crates if you look on the map. There s now green box on on the map. Alright look on your map. Down.

There. And you ll have a green box. That s where you want to get i know there s a lot of blips on there now alright. There s so many different things on there.

But get back to your chopper or whatever vehicle. You have and you want to go towards that green box. Now they can see the the lobby can see you they can t see your crate. Yet alright not that i know of they can t see that crate yet.

I don t think i go and usually the crates they re like a it s like a van you have to drive out or it might be an actual physical crate it might be a plane you know it might be a person you have to protect or something go ahead get your armor hovered out look at that timer in the bottom global signal that in 30 seconds. The whole entire lobby is going to see where i met alright. So never went and they can get you get paid like 2 grand for taking somebody out it s and that s nothing so i hover over my armor in case. It gets crazy i make it back to my warehouse.

So where i was willing that far away. That s why it s a good idea to have a good you know warehouse location and now my cargo has been delivered and well it brings you to your warehouse. This is your warehouse mine s pretty empty. I just had a really big sale that i did i sold a whole bunch of stuff got several hundred thousand for it so.

But you know as you get more crates and more product and stuff it grows a guy you know elephant tusks jewels. Furs. You know gold bullion and stuff like that you know gold bars and stuff. And you know this crates in your warehouse starts to fill up that s pretty cool scene kinda you can kind of see your inventories.

It s a live animation. Almost where it grows as you grow and get you know more contraband. This is very important. I forgot to mention this in the video bye here we go anyways this red toolbox.

Right there right in front of your warehouse office. That s where you can add armor to your kuban..

You re playing your titan or your brigade alright. If you buy a pegasus vehicle and then armor it right there your are your armored vehicle is not the pegasus vehicle it s the vehicle that you re allowed to use in game. In this little ceo mission alright and i ll show you which one that is just a minute. I m about to actually i m now i m going to show you how to make money alright.

We ve got the product let s sell it and get rid of it so as you see this is my lifetime earnings seven forty eight thousand i have about four hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of crates in my warehouse. I could sell the fox and ones for 285 the testee for 145 or this the the smaller one for four crates for 52000. Just for you know shits and giggles. Let s do that one because it won t take as much time plus.

If i get killed or are you know blown up. I won t lose as much money alright. So you sure you want to sell this special cargo from the warehouse. Confirm and then it brings me into the next mission.

Now say i armored the brigade. It would be this brigade right here that s armored not your pegasus vehicle. Okay so. Before you go spend a couple million on the brigade from pegasus.

I would recommend you don t do that because that s not the one you could put armor on it s this one right here inside the ceo mission. Which i have not done yet you don t even get bulletproof tires with this thing. It s like a hundred and eighty thousand right so that s pretty lame to get both per charge on this vehicle. So you re going to spend about five million at the minimum to become a ceo and be fully ready to go because people can be coming in blowing you up look at the timer on the bottom.

I got 30 minutes to complete this in 15 seconds. The whole world in lo santos is about to see my truck right so. It s good to have air cover with your buddies. It s good to have like aromas or insurgents with you but like i said.

They don t get paid anything so. It s really hard to get people unless. I just want to help out with you and be cool you know that s great. But they don t get paid.

Oh ho. Much why not when i would deliver this they d probably get paid like 9. Grand you know and that s i d rather just do missions you know i mean by myself so it kind of makes it to where it s hard for it to be a group thing. I think the vip stuff is more better for the group still.

I think high sting is the best overall you know to get a good amount of money and you can have a group. But this is a way to get heist type money by yourself. But it s a lot harder. Because you ll have people trying to kill you you even have npcs trying to kill you as well so it s not an easy task.

And i mean you ll have cops on you and stuff like that you have to find a good lobby you have to the road the right equipment everything armored you know to improve your success rate. And so it s but it been there you go drive my my brigade in that location. I made 61 grand even though it said it would sell for 50 something it gave me 61. Because there s more people in the lobby.

And it was you know stuff like that but this is a pretty chill lobby. I actually did get killed a couple times right after this moment here but then that was really it so anyways. I hope this that helped out i hope you guys you know make a lot of money on this i have a little seat here in my war room. Put my pistol out a little comfortable sitting down with that python there.

But i hope you guys enjoyed the video let me know if you get any questions in the comments. You know good luck with this once again please show your support for the video subscribe to my channel for the ilis realz content of game show your support by throwing me a like and i mean you guys know what to do stay dangerous alright so subscribe to the channel smash. I mean smash that like button show your support. And yeah let me know if you ” .


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