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“Man same energy wanna make monsieur back with another video. So if you missed it it in my recent videos make sure go watch them you know the one featuring make sure i ll go watch. It the links competing scriptures in the comma. So louie games one game each.

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In a video with that being said make sure watch the whole entire video. And if you do to my channel. Subscribe click the button on all applications. But another thing used to be tweaking.

So if you don t get notifications follow me on all my social medias as your money or on my desk or link in the descriptions. And if you play for tonight. Use wine critic o22 tube and make sure posts with us your instagram story. Taking a journey.

I will repost it and more videos coming so and like i said make sure watch those music videos the link committed descriptions am. I large from all my backup a channel with the rajani peace and joy fuck. The dumb ass girl. It s time to go home well fuck.

You don t be sneaking a bushy takata that must be a boyfriend. I mean infinity no relationships around here. Hey carla. You don t know what the fuck time.

It is time for us to go home. So get your we re so low go buddy. I come mario get something fuck with you later come on imagine you missing me though well i got i got a way. I said let s go hey ronnie what that s my boyfriend s house.

No fuck no you want your where straight home dumb. You say you don t want to know boy. He not finna fuck that i know babies. None today suit.

No go no detention. You better go to the tip nigga. How many decisions have you had this past week fat bitch one you had a detention for eating snacks in a fuckin classroom. Then one you fell asleep.

If i see fuck you thought you for taking a back seat this ain t no uber dumbass girl bitch no we don t even fuck with y all. We re like you lame is his fat ass. Didn t i say shut up about that boyfriend shit cuz. If he fuck you put some okay okay like i said you re not going outside.

What bitch fish market get the fuck off this market..

What is gone oh muffin get your fat ass. Out the way fat bitch. All the way to the car pass. No.

I m going first fat bitch move fat fuck boy yo. Where s suck one man. I m beating a fucking okay what please can i check the bathroom. Everything you say you clean up i don t mean look where does the kitchen look clean and the kitchen look decent let me let me check my wrong seedez now love boy from the uk the boy that beat up chopping the band dude.

I don t want to look like you that little boy you know camelot tomorrow. The kumari boy. I mean let me go let me finish no she walk in a fucking fucker boy drop me off no i m just i m just shut up oh like in fish market pookie smell it check it out bro check. It out no you re not going you re not going.

Eight pookie you go home or whatever. She s staying at house you fucking state. No go get that go get the fuck over breathe mother good night. Because that s your fat ass.

Out gonna get that ass good. Oh. Yeah bitch. What d i just say what d i just.

Say you think i didn t see you all classes go your ass back in every room. No go back in there fucking walk like shit okay you can leave now you can leave out the dough dick dick yours manjit this a motherfucking bullshit the guy he s standing this fucking house. I m about to go get myself some fucking dick. I check it this nigga what cuz he ll know that he can control me all the time.

I don t think so let s go grab myself some dick nigga. I m not standing this fucking house. I m not no you cannot tell you so overdramatic like my clothes not even. Let s go i m gone all day come on come on full people.

With your maddy brew. What the fuck is this go at bro can i get him through. I m telling him huh. Telling give it a date real quick bro.

He s not hurry the fuck up take him too long. I all right hey. Carlo cream. Yeah.

You know what that low fat ass. My money back if you want a snitch you know how many things hey are you for you ain t nobody not me today don t call him we gonna tell when we get to the house. No been waning this month. House for 30 minutes.

Waiting my bitch come here motherfucker fucking special fuck efforts my like great fish in that bitch stinky ass. No person if i get the better gear. No i apologize mushy. I m not though beat the fuck out you you better watch.

I m off little girl..

I m not playing with you fuck dumbass stop. Oh mom oh nothing you do enough yes. I must ace of the bed. No fucking pregnant just oh fuck you know i m nice lady hey.

Me with the big ass booty man like damn try to see some shit like come on all right brah. What uh. Huh lobby. Their whole.

Pregnant. Wait hold on. What. Ha ha ha ha.

You know well she fucking. Dough. No. No halo girl little girl yeah you got that fucking bathroom hold on i need to clean up real quick.

I don t got all day. What the fuck it oh my god oh my god. Oh my god let me get out this room. Let me got this room.

Oh nothing was cooked this morning. So why you lime you pregnant ok if you sick. We said we still a hospital. See what s wrong with you dumbass come on sure fat ass hold on this show new car.

Yeah. Why you dick right now is copy naqada. I got the garage. What the fuck are we i m tweaking this a hold get in the backseat fuck.

You thought this was are you talking to i mean hey close your legs. It s more like a fucking fish market. He said. I was fuckin assumption that will happen more like three weeks ago.

But in the hospital. You know the fucking eyes for a fat ass shut your fat ass. Up herpy take this fucker off you re going in this bro. Why are you taking a long way you driving a ross house you know what somebody you re fair.

That s a ticket. Don t say no fat fuck. You can t park right in a race bike keep driving fat bitch bitch fuck you swing get it come on fat bitch. Come here come here bitch fuck.

Come on let s go you better stop fucking. Go your fat ass. Also where we are called uber back fat lame. No bitch bitch.

We don t even know yeah shut the fuck up fat ass..

This motherfucker thought back did you let him know was hello. Hello. Who s it it s carlos naked number saved. What do you want yeah.

This is just stupid anson house yo ass is retarded you pregnant dumbass drop drop faster. Michigan abortion abortion. Call that boy phone now call this way come here that fucking moves before we get your bitch ass over tobacco. It look like your cup pack with bags will you sort of go you to leave you should show your support our duty as a father no stay right.

There you move you can usb get your fat ass back my back carla. When is asshole. He was for the leo stupid and you want to talk mouth star use for the leo stupid. Stupid bitch.

I don t even hit you hard bitch i pushed out the way bitch you re something fuck you in a baby. A motor combat this muhfucka too close no she not raise no baby in my house right now motherfucker. All we re gonna get a mother fucking angry shut them up your pussy fuck. You talking about bitch got a kick bricks.

We know get out you know you know you know hold on let me stop stop you fat bitch. Damn you all this shit you fat fuck alright. But that s what s in this video to do man jumper like man all my social medias in gamertag shit. I don t wanna if you play for it i use my criticals you want to hold on we cook you do not shoot me i do not shoot me do not shoot me you can hear.

But it i was in this motherfucking video to gamers heads are right there on the screen carlo pookie. Does capital. I even on his dumb as you got banned his account. Got banned.

He s fucking slow yes have a look my congo ban you know second time where she subscribe fuck up. Some. I did everything that you want to use my critical johnny x. Youtube.

I like games more videos coming so i buy you too you helping teamfight in mid before push. So they re pushing. See my shades are standing are leaving here cheston. Oh.

That was bad. I died to a shaman gank on their point. You go down one big one yeah well no one s gonna find me dead whoosh male ghost. I m coming oh i m being ganked again i m dead again fucking hell.

These rotations not a person. There should be rotating with this cock. I mean the best diversion should always be a rotator. I m like i don t know like this i can t go into a 1v1 doesn t work i m going for backups.

I guess being going on their home point. Now it s okay though chile s are can all see oh fuck. I was bad i was really bad i was doing well until. I played bad oh dude you with that no pictures back up again.

I can deal with whoever sunny..

I m rotating there so we can trade out the 1v1. If you like yep that s enough. I ll leave okay. Oh.

I could have thrown them. I need some help on the home. Yeah. I m coming.

I m soon bit and then i have fire flask. Very early so i can use it whenever got a shield for you in the meantime. I am here call. When you want support mangos as they keep hit my block.

Baby. Oh. Because here as well okay. Bog shaman.

Three people and see if you can make it last. I fire flask. I m coming oh was leaving why did that track i m so bad. I didn t block it for some reason.

Yeah i ve got catapult dude. I m already on the big. Place. Is that team fire blade runner.

2. Dozen. Me. Features of london on the back on the air contest.

Judy from lee. I m gonna come help a name. I m here. I d no idea how we gonna i fuckin white girl and of course.

My shit doesn t track just why would it oh he s far away can t one damn it i m gonna sit on the body and wait for you guys to to be one i ll just have attacks alright works it works make series alright. I have enough health to tank. All the hits of smart aren t used to playing against pong like no either being ganked or whatever cuz a lot of people just spam attacks into a button. Although my doing yes be good.

I need cook credit to have a normal kitty right i m fine unless. It s tag wears off you don t hit me just. Chillin bro and that s nice alright there we go baby gg. ” .


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