Gundam Target in sight [Playstation 3/PS3 Game Review

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“Target insight was a launch game for the ps3. It was met with quite poor poor reviews. I mean. This is meant to be the start of a new generation consoles and games over this game.

Mr. Mark for a lot of people let s just talk about the elephant in the room right out of the gate. The friend race in this game is total shit. There s no denying it it runs like garbage.

It reminds me of my younger self when i tried to get gaming on my old pc. That my pc had no business running. I would just be happy that the game would come on you moved in single 2d frames. Honestly if this game was released now with the likes of digital foundry around etc.

You ll get ripped apart even worse than it did back then this is what happens. When you rush a game out to meet a launch date. So yeah target in sight had probably the worst frame which you re going to see on the ps3. But does that make it a crash game.

Though well. Let s discuss that further the first plus against the crappy framerate is that target in sight. Isn t that a fast action packed game like the gundam vc series or devil may cry. It s a slow paced game involving you controlling giant clunky robots that doesn t make the poor frame.

Where it s okay. But it does somewhat work in its favor this game. Actually has its own time zone. So if you re waiting on repairs to your mobile suit you can skip some days until the actual mission date arrives this will give you some time to rebuild your heavily damaged mobile suits target in sight is a mix simulator or as close as you can get to a mix simulator featuring giant robots.

It s sitting the universal century era in the one year war and features mobile suits from that time line. You want to rise in the ranks quickly because it gives you more command over your cpu pilots when i first started that enemy would often target. My cpu comrades. I m not sure if the ai for them is too bright or it was just the fact that they got ganged up on.

But they didn t last long in battle. It felt great when i got an s rank successfully defending a bunch of earth federation cargo unit. They thanked me by saying the federation has some tough mobile suits. I thought yeah i might be a grunt and not a new type.

But i still brought it to the table. Even the mysterious unknown comes lady that gives constant updates to you our missions. Gave me. Praise it might be on my anything.

But little subtype touches like that and in game accomplishments. Really add to your overall experience. I wasn t sure if i should keep my reward points for requesting more new mobile suits and soldiers. But if i should just put points into making my geometry force to be reckoned with after a couple of missions.

I figured i ll just start grading. My gm. I went with uploading the weapons stock first because that gives you more ammo which i found myself running dangerously low..


Adding. Some early missions. It also unlocks new weapons eventually so that was another plus once you ve chosen the stat to upgrade you will have to wait an in game day or. However long it may be before we can choose another part to upgrade.

It was annoying. I could have upgrade attack and weapon at the same time. I understand if you could you probably get strong too soon because what kind of mobile suit. Engineer can work that first guy through resupplies like going for a pit stop you have to time it.

When there s a short break in enemy waves or did that far away from the target. That you will have enough time to recover your ammo in time the game won t go on pause. Why are you doing this so it s possible to further the mission if you re not careful. It s great how your mob boss who actually solves battle damage depending on how you re doing believe me you will look like you just came off the battlefield.

When a mission is over especially the tougher ones. The type of missions barry if you played any decent mech whole army game you know the drill different cargo trucks troops destroy enemies timely missions that kind of stuff if your mobile suit who s in the hangar getting modifications. Then you might be able to select it for missions either. I made the mistake of having two of my main mobile suits in the hangar at the same time so had to make deal with what was available.

Damn the mission destroyed. The british should have been so simple because i screwed up with what i had in the hangar. It was a tough ride. This is before you have any control over your cpu partners.

I found that if i left them they wouldn t last. Very long giving them out of hong kong as young forces. I needed some kind of backup. I found out i had to babysit the cpu while trying to juggle going back for supplies.

It s funny because during the last moment things went to pot and i almost failed the mission. But the cpu actually saved me and finished the job believe me you want to keep your supplier base alive. Because you ll be going back and forth to restore your arm or during any given mission. Which might last longer than you think if it gets destroyed you may find yourself relying solely on melee be multiple enemy units firing at you from different places on the map you re going to find it very difficult to end.

The mission successfully. I m not sure what to make with the mobile suits themselves. They don t feel like they re way enough as in their fill half loyalty i wanted to blend about frame rates at first. But i don t think that s the issue.

They were most likely still feel that way even with good frame rates. What is good about the mobile suits is the level of destruction. They have you can actually lose body parts like your arms. And your legs and your top of your head.

You should actually adds to the gameplay and i don t really see it in many games. And never mind a good name game. So it s pretty good that in here. I found myself actually spending a lot of time in that hangar start building with my platoon of grunt warriors in mobile suit.

I won t be building up my unit with lots of gm s and gun tanks and then upgrading those to their max level. I did this because i was always waiting on repairs after missions. So i scratched out other mobile suits ready to go of course you have to try and spread your game points..


As far as you can find the most costly mobile suit is great. But what happens when they re all damaged you could be forced to miss out on missions. So it s a real juggling act just like a real commander you have to make the decisions based on what you think is best to win the one year war. I would have preferred if the hangar menu is more organized when you start to build up your army of mob boss suit.

It s hard to keep track of them more in one long list. There should have been some kind of tab system at the top to group certain mobile suits. Together so all gems in one tab or contacts in one tab and so on same thing for different rank pilots you can even request rap superstar master p as one of your pilot s seriously i think someone at bandai western branch. We re having some fun coming up with pilot names or something so what mobile suits.

Do you get to pick from we re all from earth federation point of view. You ll be getting a ton of gm. Variants premium title shell units like the rx 78 are off the books you should know grunt soldiers. Don t get to power such units.

However you will unlock the rx 79. Made famous by the show a famous team. This thing is a beast compared to the gym as you begin up until that point even though upgrading it it still with an impressive mobile suit to play with of course it comes at a huge reward point cost. So you might not have many i recommend you get at least one for those tougher admissions.

Another mobile suit are like using what i am striker. Which is pretty much a mere lie type m s. Equipped with the twin beam spear. It has a long reach and devastating damage on enemies.

His only other weapon being a grenade is pretty much he used this unless you want to clear a group of annoying tanks or destroy building etc. So there s the on side of things you have many different zaku s. I really pushed our suits as far as i could to save up on reward points. Once i had enough i got myself some gifts.

Namely rambarose goof. Equipped with a machine gun finger gun and heat. Sword. As you d imagine.

It was a big step up from using zaku s the gif custom was and probably is my favourite mobile suit in the game. I used this for almost every mission that it wasn t reckful again this is well known to those that watched the fmx team condemn shell. It has everything the original goof has amro having a very fierce gatling gun and machine gun means dual wielding them or see you rip enemy units apart if that wasn t enough you have a heat sword and he trod the heat rod is great for swinging your enemies. But my god sometimes it takes a lifetime for it to come out to the point.

Where you pressed the button multiple times thinking. It hasn t worked it s just really slow it does actually have a long reach once you ve upgraded the weapons to max level. As you get higher around you ll have more control over your cpu allies. You can issue commands like attack enemies close to you it s down.

Still at current location charge at enemies etc. You do this by pushing a certain direction on the d pad. That s cool that you can do that. But what ruins it is the fact that it s not on the user interface you can only know what command you ll escape by either looking at the map or seeing what the cpu is actually doing by being near them.

When you re in the heat of battle. It s hard to remember what command you let s put them on in pretty much every gundam game. And most games way every cpu character under your control that back to the user interface..


It s just bizarre to me that they left this out it just makes it needlessly. Annoying commanding your platoon. The lock on system will drive you up the wall so many times. It will target the wrong enemy you can be studying right next to your intended target.

And it will still pick three others before it gets to the one you actually wanted. But then you ve probably eaten the giant missile in your back. And lost. The key part of your mobile suit like one of your arms with a key weapon.

Which is so frustrating. When you beat the game you get to start again this time with all the reward points. You have left along with whatever rank you re first playthrough. Any bid on top of keeping all the mobile since you acquired this ria s reaper value.

As one playthrough is not enough to get a chance to play with all the mobile suits. The game has to offer even more so as you want to make modifications in the hangar to their fullest extent graphically. This is one bad looking game. I get the more realism style.

They were going for but it falls on its backside trying to pull it off the texture work on the train is prettier. If ik especially when you get up close most pstu games look better than this absolutely mobile suits themself. I guess they re okay this game has one of the wastewater graphics. I ve ever seen.

It is truly laughable how bad it is games on the mig drive and super nintendo have better water graphics in this it looks like one giant floating piece of junk. I just couldn t get my head around how they couldn t mess it up so badly. Luckily there are too many missions where you have to go over venturing into that muck the level design of the maps are ok. I guess if not a bit bland for many of them the quite small confined areas your 14 city ruins.

Jungles and deserts for the most part regardless. Or whether you pick the air federation or zeon in fact maps are repeated for each faction you ll become quite familiar with the maps. If you choose to play the game with both factions or battles take place on earth. So there are no space battles.

Which while disappointing is probably for the best considering how poor the game runs. I found myself enjoying my playthrough more with this young faction. The missions were still the same type defending destroy escort time limit machines etc. But the way they were executed.

Just made them more interesting to me to still refuse young missions. Where you could actually fail them. And the story would still carry on you simply failed your mission. And there was no going back so might find that annoying.

But it only added more tension to the missions. The voiceover work in the game is fine mostly. He returned the mission briefings the in game stuff wire on the battlefield is short. We pilots usually screaming how much they hate whatever opposing faction you re on the story is based on the original condemn show about the one year war.

So if you ve seen that then you would have a good idea of what s going on if not then it s not a big deal as you re not playing as any significant character from the show you re just someone long grunt involved in the one year war. There aren t any cutscenes storage room by what you reading the mission briefings and written ops you get from arrow officials in whatever faction. You re playing in the sad thing about gundam target..


Insight is that if you look through the many cracks. The game has you d see there s a good game underneath it unfortunately. Not many people are willing to work where the mooc that covers the game to see the goodness i actually found myself having fun especially under xeon campaign. I wish i could go back and pick to play certain missions again that happy to go through the whole game again that would have been a good feature.

But the game is a game of ifs or buts for every good. It does there s two or more things to negate that fighting with the camera sloppy control feedback. Massive framerate issues. This makes it a hard game to recommend i ve also had for only two types of people die hog gun.

Damn fans and players who just love giant robot games no matter how bad they are it s a very wolf for cheap these days so it s worth the risk if you re on the fence about it such a shame. How it turned out there s a bit more working time. This could have been easily one of the best condom games. Instead it will always be in the mediocre to awful camp coming through the trees in like 20 frames per second or something i don t know anyway.

Yeah. Let s finish this guy off. Where is he shooting easy shots just way off target. Oh.

He just lost something i don t know what that was but something came off him coughing. So mirre. Oh. Oh.

What that took off both my arms. Are you kidding. Me oh. Down.

Two legs in both got no arms. This is ridiculous. Oh. My god this game this game is trash.

But you know it s entertaining trash. I gotta say i see my we go man let s finish this run away from me let s end this men are beating with just feet. Oh. My god honestly okay just go across here what whoa whoa.

Why is this oh my god okay for real. Oh. My god this is supposed to be water. Oh i just well i don t even know what my my god this is war graphics.

I mean i got checked something what year this game come out let me see something let me look at the box. Here 2007. 2007. How is that even possible what oh my god oh my god the tools you use are not even that bad how what i don t know what to say i m just i don t understand well i would just seen.

I don t get it ” ..

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