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“What i am gonna keep and open right now are these. 14 mystery wands. The the goal is to get every single one of the nine possible options in these packages so fingers crossed and if i get all nine. I m going to give two ones away and they ll be your choice.

Too so hope that i get all nine wands. Right now hey harry potter fans peter kenneth here. Welcome back to the potter collector channel. Where we are a community of collectors.

I am on my way to walmart. They released some new harry potter mystery wands and there are nine different ones that you can randomly get one of these packages. So i m gonna go to walmart and see if they have any in stock and pick up a bunch of them and then do a mystery opening and see which ones we get so sad because it s like rainy and stormy outside so i can t put my top two alright let s head over to toys. And see what we can find oh that s right there on the end cap.

They also have the new harry potter dolls in stock. Think. It made by the same company that makes it barbies mattel. It does kind of look like jinny of course.

No dumbledore. Which is the one that i would have gotten alright. So there are nine different ones. That you can get from movies packs.

So i m thinking maybe we should get nine packs try our luck. I don t know what you guys think yeah. Some of these five star figures. Let s see what other harry potter stuff we can find i don t know if there is anything actually.

But let s take a look they have no harry potter books what alright guys. So i decided not to get nine of the wands. I got twelve that way if i get doubles of one. I have three more chances to get all nine of these wands and also it s sunny out now.

It s fine all right walmart number two looking for dumbledore no dumbledore for me there s one more walmart..

I m gonna go to there s actually two i could go to but i m gonna just go to one but before that i m gonna go get a drink at sonic third time s the charm hopefully. These are very cute. These are plushies from funko hedwig. When they are 888 toothpicks all right so this walmart had harry potter stuff.

But they were out of dumbledore. But i got two more ones so that works all right guys so did not find dumbledore got mcgonagall. I might return mcgonagall because i don t want mcgonagall without dumbledore. I could order dumbledore online.

But the whole point of getting mcgonagall and dumbledore was for this video and since i m filming this video right now i don t know if i want them i ll decide later. But i m not going to review mcgonigle. I m not gonna pull her out of the package. Just yet.

This is going to be insane. I have 14 mystery wands from walmart you can get a fedora tax lloyd voldemort and get your lines harry potter hermione granger ronnie s like draco malfoy about a cadaver now here is the deal if i get all nine ones in these 14 packages. I am going to give two ones away to you guys. I m sure you guys are as excited as i am for me to open these.

But i do want to go through the packaging. A little bit it says collect all nine mystery. Wands and then the wand chooses the wizard. Mr.

Potter on the back it shows. You what wands you could receive in this mystery pack all right here we go ready okay so inside is a cardboard box dump adama lee blee blee alright the first wand is the death eater wands the death eater wand is the first wand that was pulled from this mystery wand pack this is very cool so it s like a branch. That was carved and still has the thorns on it inside is a 3d bookmark and this is how the wands are stored next package. I m really hoping for all of them oh we got luna lovegood x.

wand lunas wand is great it s like a flower petal at the end and it s very very nice wand and here is the luna lovegood bookmark. These wands are not the noble collection wads not the same material. It s not the same mold. They are smaller than the noble collection ones and a little bit safer for example.

The pointed tips are less pointy..

Then the noble collection was because those are protecting really they re not really for for playing around roughly with i mean you should play around roughly with these anyway. But they are still nice ones. They are a great less expensive alternative to the noble collection. Wands and they re fun.

It s a mystery. All right here we go number three. I m gonna guess this is harry s wand guess along with me okay now gary s wand. But it s harry s twins one it s harry s wands twin it s the twin of harry s wand lord voldemort s wand.

Very sturdy. It s a sturdy wand and here is the lord voldemort s bookmark. I can touch. We re kind of do all ready for a double so let s hope that doesn t happen i am going to say hermione.

It s ron weasley s wand all right we are four for four awesome sauce here s ron s wand and the run bookmark alright. We have five more to pull from these last ten packs. We go number five oh guys we got our first double. We got another death eater bond.

Another ron wand here we go here we go here. We go. It s weird. They don t have the elder wand in this mystery series come on hermione come on hermione.

We have neville longbottom wand. All right that is another one that we needed here is neville s bookmark alright. So we need four more wands and we have seven more packages. Now i don t think that any one wand is more rare than the other it doesn t have any odds on the packaging come on come on settle wands yes.

We got hurt my knees wands hermione s wand right here we got it we have two of the golden trio. We just need harry to have all three and we only need three more wands nymphadora tonks harry potter and draco malfoy those are the last remaining ones. We need and six packages left and we let you guys see first. We got drake.

Oh yeah..

Two more ones. Okay we got this we got this we got this we got this here is draco s wand here is the draco bookmark harry potter and nymphadora tonks. Don t call me nymphadora two wants to pull five left two wants to pull another hermione four left. Oh draco malfoy here.

We go here we go here we go here we go we got harry s wand guys harry s wand. One more one nymphadora tonks two more packages. I m getting so nervous. I m freaking out here s harry s bookmark.

Oh. My goodness. I m freaking out last two come on hawks come on send lots of magic through your screen tux dang. It draco last one tux.

My gosh. The last box well i m in shock here s her postcard or not even. I don t even know. It s called her bookmark.

Oh. My gosh ah and it s a beautiful one. Too. It was all that magic you guys sent look at this it s so beautiful too we got all of the ones.

And that means giveaway. I m giving two of these wands away let s take a look at the wands that you have the potential to win. I m gonna give two of these five extra ones away so i have two draco wands. I have one deck eager wand.

One hermione wand and one ron wand. So these are the five wands that you couldn t win you could both get a draco watch because i ve got two of them check out the description down below for how to win one of these wands your wand will come with the box. It will come with the bookmark. It s open to anyone in the world so international shipping included what a fun collection of wands.

But that s not all i got three more things at walmart today these super cute plushies that s what they re called super cute plushies that s actually their name made by funko so i got the hedwig harry and dobby..

These are actually really super cute. It s not really something i collect. But hedwig is super soft super fluffy. I love birds dobby is also super cute he has his stained pillowcase on floppy ears.

He s actually um. He has like a flat hard surface on the bottom of his feet. So i m guessing that s for ya kind of you like so you can set him on a table. And he would stand up so we wouldn t like fall over or something and rick is a tail.

So so that helps hedwig balance and last. But not least. Harry potter here s harry s box. And these are made by funko here is the super cute harry and harry also has something hard on the bottom of his feet to help him stand his glasses are a nice little addition as well as his robe.

There s the hood in the back. Awkward sweater and tie and then that hard surface to help him stand. If you have any questions about harry potter books. Harry potter.

Collecting or anything. You saw. In this video. Please.

Let me know in the comments below write me an email or you can contact me on instagram at the pottered collector. Now it s time to like comment subscribe. Don t forget to enter the giveaway and until next time keep collecting thank you so much for watching if you re new here welcome you can subscribe right up. Here you can also look at some previously posted content down here.

If you have any questions about harry potter books are collecting please feel free to contact me. I m always happy to help. But for now i must go see you next time ” ..


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